Andrew Pecora, MD, FACP, CPE named CEO of Outcomes Matter Innovations, LLC

医学博士Andrew Pecora被任命为生物制药公司OMI的首席执行官

2019-05-16 01:15:00 CISION


 Andrew Pecora, MD, FACP, CPE, has been named chief executive officer of Outcomes Matter Innovations, LLC, it was announced today.  Dr. Pecora, a nationally recognized expert in care transformation, will begin his duties with OMI effective immediately. "As a proven navigator and leader within a very complex healthcare system, Dr. Pecora is the ultimate chief executive for OMI," said Andrew Jennis, MD, board member, OMI. "As a world-class researcher, he understands what it takes to identify and bring forward medicines that will save lives, and as former Chief Innovation Officer in one of America's largest and best healthcare systems, he is a proven leader in transforming patient care. We are thrilled that he will lead us forward." Dr. Pecora comes to OMI from Hackensack Meridian Health, where he was President, Physician Enterprise and Chief Innovation Officer.  While there, he helped create and led development of the John Theurer Cancer Center and played a key role in the success of many of Hackensack Meridian strategic partnerships, including those with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Georgetown Lombardi Cancer Center. He has also been a champion in engaging physician leaders to innovate and transform health care delivery since 1990.  "It is absolutely critical that we innovate in the delivery and quality of patient care, in order to improve outcomes for individual patients and reduce total cost of care for populations." said Dr. Pecora.  "If our healthcare systems are not geared toward patient need, patients suffer ultimately.  Working with organizations to put patients front and center in their planning and organizational efforts, instituting proven approaches to driving better care and outcomes, have been driving forces in my life and career, and I look forward to championing these efforts with healthcare clients through OMI." When Dr. Pecora began working with the John Theurer Center, he elevated cancer care to the department level.  His accomplishments there include the recruitment of leading oncologists from around the U.S., the addition of innovative research and clinical trials, expansion of patient care services and introduction of new, state-of-the-art technology, all of which helped make John Theurer Center one of the top 50 cancer centers in the country – and the only one in New Jersey with this designation. "Whether through partnerships with healthcare systems, engaging physicians or work with corporate boards, I've gained a lifetime of insights into administration, finance and effective delivery of healthcare," continued Pecora. "What is apparent is that many regard growth of a medical institution and the provision of the highest standard of excellence in care as separate goals.  They are intertwined and depend upon each other. That synthesis of goals and the paths to them presents healthcare providers with an immense opportunity for improvement and success." Dr. Pecora is one of the world's experts in blood and marrow stem-cell transplantation, cellular medicine, and immunology research. He has led award-winning research funded by the National Cancer Institute and the AHEPA Research Foundation and has been involved in clinical evaluation of novel agents including cancer vaccines, replication competent viruses and targeted therapies. He has also been involved in laboratory and clinical development of engineered blood and marrow stem-cell grafts for autologous and allogeneic transplantation, as well as cell therapy for regenerative medicine.  Dr. Pecora's award-winning research has been published in many prestigious medical journals and has been funded by organizations including the National Cancer Institute, Amgen, Merck and the AHEPA Research Foundation.  He is a Professor of Medicine at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) – New Jersey Medical School, at which he earned his medical degree as well as a Professor of Medicine and Oncology at Georgetown University. He completed his residency at The New York Hospital in internal medicine and conducted his fellowship training at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in hematology/oncology. Dr. Pecora's awards and honors include America's Top Doctors, Who's Who in the World, the ASCO Cancer Foundation Research Award and the Gallo Award for outstanding cancer research.
AndrewPecora , MD , FACP , CPE ,已被任命为首席执行官的成果物质创新,有限责任公司,今天宣布。佩科拉博士,全国公认的护理转型专家,将开始他的职责与 OMI 立即生效。 OMI 董事会成员安德鲁·詹尼斯( AndrewJennis )说:“作为一个非常复杂的医疗保健系统的领航者和领导者, Pecora 博士是 OMI 的最终首席执行官。”作为一名世界级的研究人员,他了解识别和提出能拯救生命的药物需要什么,并且作为美国最大和最好的医疗系统之一的前首席创新官,他在转变病人护理方面是公认的领导者。我们很高兴他能带领我们前进。” Pecora 博士从 Hackensack Meridian Health 来到 OMI ,在那里他是医学企业总裁兼首席创新官。在那里,他帮助创建并领导了 John Theurer 癌症中心的发展,并在 Hackensack Meridian 战略伙伴关系的许多成功中发挥了关键作用,其中包括与纪念 Sloan Kettering 癌症中心和乔治敦 Lombardi 癌症中心的伙伴关系。自1990年以来,他也一直是医生领导创新和转变医疗服务方式的倡导者。 “我们必须在病人护理的提供和质量方面进行创新,以改善单个病人的结果,并降低人口护理的总成本。”佩科拉博士说。“如果我们的医疗系统不能满足病人的需求,病人最终会受到影响。与组织合作,将患者置于他们的计划和组织努力的中心位置,建立行之有效的方法来推动更好的护理和结果,一直是我的生活和事业的驱动力,我期待通过 OMI 与医疗保健客户支持这些努力。” 当 Pecora 博士开始与 John Theurer 中心合作时,他将癌症护理提升到了部门级别。他在那里取得的成就包括从美国各地招募了顶尖的肿瘤学家,增加了创新的研究和临床试验,扩大了病人护理服务,引进了最新的先进技术,所有这些都帮助 John Theurer 中心成为美国最大的50个癌症中心之一,也是新泽西唯一一个拥有这一称号的癌症中心。 “无论是通过与医疗系统的合作伙伴关系,聘请医生还是与公司董事会合作,我在医疗管理、财务和有效提供方面都获得了终生的洞察力,” Pecora 继续说。“显而易见的是,许多人把医疗机构的发展和提供最高标准的卓越护理作为单独的目标。它们相互交织,相互依存.这些目标和通往它们的道路的综合为医疗保健提供者提供了巨大的改进和成功的机会。” Pecora 博士是全球血液和骨髓干细胞移植、细胞医学和免疫学研究方面的专家之一。他领导了由国家癌症研究所和 AHEPA 研究基金会资助的获奖研究,并参与包括癌症疫苗、复制合格病毒和靶向治疗的新型药物的临床评价。他还参与了自体和异体移植的工程化血液和骨髓干细胞移植的实验室和临床开发,以及再生医学的细胞治疗。 Pecora 博士获奖的研究成果已经发表在许多著名的医学杂志上,并由包括国家癌症研究所、安进(Amgen)、默克(Merck)和 AHEPA 研究基金会在内的组织资助。他是新泽西医学和牙科大学( UMDNJ )——新泽西医学院的医学教授,在那里他获得了医学学位以及乔治城大学的医学和肿瘤学教授。他在纽约医院完成了内科住院,并在斯隆-凯特林纪念癌症中心进行血液学/肿瘤学的研究金培训。 佩科拉博士的奖项和荣誉包括美国的顶级医生,谁在世界上, ASCO 癌症基金会研究奖和加洛杰出癌症研究奖。