Pneuma Respiratory and Leads Biolabs, Inc. Announce Partnership

维立志博宣布与美国Pneuma Respiratory公司建立合作关系

2019-05-15 07:20:36 CISION


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Pneuma Respiratory, Inc., developer of a proprietary breath-activated digital inhaler , and Leads Biolabs Inc. announce an agreement granting Pneuma an exclusive license to develop Leads Biolabs' panel of immuno-oncology monoclonal antibodies and fusion protein molecules for the pulmonary delivery of Leads' antibodies and molecules.  Using Pneuma's digital inhaler platform, the agreement provides access to the untapped potential of pulmonary delivery of Leads' immuno-oncology therapies in the treatment of oncologic or immune-mediated lung diseases.  In a recent publication, Pneuma announced the completion of a study demonstrating the feasibility of antibody delivery to the lungs via its digital inhaler platform.  This study, conducted in an animal model, indicates that the Pneuma digital inhaler platform may provide a method for the pulmonary delivery of monoclonal antibody therapies, enabling the targeted treatment of oncologic or immune-mediated lung diseases. "This collaboration is an exciting development for the field of immuno-oncology," said Ronald Bukowski, MD, physician emeritus, Cleveland Clinic Foundation.  "Approaches utilizing the regional administration of novel checkpoint inhibitors may provide new treatment opportunities for patients with a variety of malignancies." "We are pleased to enter into a license agreement for Leads Biolabs monoclonal antibody portfolio," said Pneuma Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Eric Hunter. "We look forward to working with their team to conduct studies that may lead to positive change in the future treatment of non-small cell lung cancer." Dr. Xiaoqiang Kang, Chairman and CEO of Leads Biolabs, said: "We are very excited to have this license agreement with Pneuma Respiratory. The commitment by a leader in digital pulmonary delivery of drugs is an endorsement of the value of our portfolio. We believe that Pneuma's digital inhaler technology combined with our antibody drugs will create very exciting new opportunities for both companies. We look forward to working with Pneuma to move our candidates into the clinic as quickly as possible."
Pneuma 呼吸机, Inc .,一家自主呼吸激活的数字吸入器的开发商, Leads Biolabs Inc .宣布一项协议,授予 Pneuma 独家许可,用于开发 Leads Biolabs 的免疫肿瘤单克隆抗体和融合蛋白分子面板,用于 Leads 的抗体和分子的肺交付。使用肺炎的数字吸入平台,该协议提供了在治疗肿瘤或免疫介导的肺部疾病时, Leads 的免疫肿瘤治疗的肺输送尚未开发的潜力。 在最近的一份出版物中,肺炎宣布完成一项研究,证明通过其数字吸入平台将抗体运送到肺部的可行性。在动物模型中进行的这项研究表明,肺炎数字吸入平台可以为肺部提供单克隆抗体疗法提供一种方法,从而能够有针对性地治疗肿瘤或免疫介导的肺部疾病。 “这一合作是免疫肿瘤领域一个令人兴奋的发展,” RonaldBukowski 医学博士说,退休医生,克利夫兰诊所基金会。利用新的检查点抑制剂的区域给各种恶性肿瘤患者提供新的治疗机会。 “我们很高兴能就 Leads Biolabs 单克隆抗体产品达成许可协议,” Pneuma 首席执行官兼联合创始人 Eric Hunter 说。“我们期待着与他们的团队合作,进行可能导致未来非小细胞肺癌治疗的积极变化的研究。” Leads Biolabs 董事长兼首席执行官 Dr . Xiaoqiang 说:“我们很高兴与 Pneuma 呼吸机达成许可协议。一个领导在数字肺给药方面的承诺是对我们产品组合价值的认可。我们相信,肺炎的数字吸入技术与我们的抗体药物将为两家公司创造非常令人兴奋的新机会。我们期待着与肺炎合作,尽快将我们的候选人送进诊所。”