Report: Walmart and Target Want to Sell CBD Products


2019-05-15 21:34:00 Investing News Network


According to a Sunday  report from the New York Post, retail giants Walmart and Target are studying the potential of selling cannabidiol products. Since the passing of the farm bill in 2018, which legalized the US hemp market, hemp-derived CBD products have gained steam as novelty items outside traditional marijuana shops in the country. This move would represent another set of major retailers with wide networks of stores across the US entering the CBD market. On the potential for Walmart and Target stores to start offering these products, the New York Post wrote: “Like many companies, we know there is consumer interest in CBD products, and the conversation is evolving quickly,” a Target spokesperson told the New York Post, but did not expand. Shelf space for these novelty CBD products has risen in the US thanks to the entry of established pharmacy players. In March, Walgreens Boots Alliance (NASDAQ:WBA) announced that its pharmacy chain would begin selling these products in the US. This announcement came on the heels of CVS Pharmacy (NYSE:CVS) also confirming the start of sales for these products. The new came during a quarterly update conference call from multi-state operator (MSO) Curaleaf Holdings (CSE:CURA,OTCQX:CURLF). The MSO explained to investors that its line of CBD products aimed at the health and wellness market would be part of the sales launch from CVS pharmacies. “I think that, in anticipation of the farm bill last year, many retailers were trying to come to a strategy for how they were going to address hemp,” Joseph Lusardi, CEO of Curaleaf, said in the call. The race for CBD products seems to be adding players by the day, with burger chain Carl’s Jr. announcing it would release a CBD-infused burger for 420, and even the Oreo cookies manufacturer saying that it wants some form of CBD-infused product on shelves.
据《纽约邮报》周日报道,零售巨头沃尔玛(Walmart)和 Target 正在研究销售大麻产品的潜力。 自2018年美国大麻市场合法化的农业法案通过以来,大麻衍生的 CBD 产品在美国传统大麻商店以外的新鲜事物中获得了发展。 此举将代表另一批在美国拥有广泛门店网络的大型零售商进入 CBD 市场。 关于沃尔玛( Walmart )和塔吉特( Target )门店开始提供这些产品的可能性,《纽约邮报》( New York Post )写道: “与许多公司一样,我们知道消费者对 CBD 产品感兴趣,对话正在迅速演变,” Target 的一位发言人对《纽约邮报》表示,但没有扩大。 由于老牌制药公司的进入,这些新奇的 CBD 产品的货架空间在美国有所增加。 今年3月, Walgreens Boots Alliance ( NASDAQ : WBA )宣布其药房连锁将开始在美国销售这些产品。 此前, CVS 药房( NYSE : CVS )也确认了这些产品的销售开始。这一新产品是在多国运营商 Curaleaf Holdings ( CSE : CURA , OTCQX : CURLF )的季度更新电话会议上发布的。 MSO 向投资者解释说,其针对健康和健康市场的 CBD 产品系列将是 CVS 药店销售启动的一部分。 Curaleaf 首席执行官约瑟夫•鲁萨里迪( Joseph Lusardi )在电话会议上表示:“我认为,由于预计去年将出台农业法案,许多零售商正试图制定一项战略,说明他们将如何应对大麻问题。” CBD 产品的竞争似乎每天都在增加玩家,汉堡连锁店 Carl ’ s Jr 宣布将推出一款 CBD 注入的汉堡,售价420英镑,甚至奥利奥饼干制造商也表示,希望在货架上推出某种形式的 CBD 注入产品。