Omega Healthcare closes Medequities Realty Trust purchase


2019-05-20 11:54:00 seekingalpha


Omega Healthcare Investors and MedEquities Realty Trust announced the completion of Omega’s acquisition of all of the outstanding shares of MedEquities. The transaction represents an enterprise value of ~$600M for MedEquities. MedEquities stock automatically was converted into the right to receive 0.235 of a share of Omega common stock plus $2 in cash, which represents a value of $10.85/MedEquities share based on the $37.67 closing price for Omega common stock on May 16, 2019. MedEquities also declared a special cash dividend of $0.21/share which will be paid together with the cash consideration.
Omega Healthcare Investors 和 MedEquities Realty Trust 宣布完成对 MedEquities 所有流通股的收购。 这笔交易代表 MedEquities 的企业价值为6亿美元。 MedEquities 股票自动转换为收取 Omega 普通股的0.235股加上2美元现金的权利,这代表根据 Omega 普通股在2019年5月16日的37.67美元收盘价计算的10.85美元/ MedEquities 股票的价值。 MedEquities 亦宣布派发特别现金股息每股0.21美元,连同现金代价一并支付。