Canopy Growth investment arm Canopy Rivers appoints new CEO

Canopy Growth 大麻投资部门 Canopy Rivers 任命新 CEO,股价上涨2.9%

2019-05-23 13:38:00 MarketWatch


By Canopy Rivers RIV, +2.86% said late Wednesday it had appointed current president Narbé Alexandrian to the chief executive job. Until Wednesday, Canopy Growth Corp. CGC, +2.29% WEED, +2.49% CEO Bruce Linton served as interim CEO of Rivers. Linton will remain on Rivers' board as chairman. Canopy Rivers is the publicly traded venture capital-type unit of Canopy Growth, the world's largest weed company. Canopy Rivers stock closed up 2.9% during the regular session Wednesday and Canopy Growth stock closed up 2.3%. The S&P 500 index SPX, -0.28% fell 0.3% Wednesday.
由。 Canopy Rivers RIV ,+2.86% 周三晚间表示,已任命现任总统纳布•亚历山大( Narb é Alexandrian )担任首席执行官。直到周三, Canopy Growth Corp 。 CGC ,+2.29% WEED ,+2.49% 首席执行官 BruceLinton 担任 Rivers 的临时首席执行官。林惇将继续担任 Rivers 的董事长。Canopy Rivers 是全球最大的杂草公司 Canopy Growth 的公开交易风险投资型部门。周三常规时段, Canopy Rivers 股票收盘上涨2.9%, Canopy Growth 股票收盘上涨2.3%。标准普尔500指数 SPX ,-0.28% 周三下跌0.3%。