Stanford Spinout Cardinal Analytx Lands $22M for AI-Enabled Health Insights

Cardinal Anaytx完成2200万美元的B轮融资,用以预测高成本的健康计划成员

2019-05-27 19:35:00 HIT Consultant


Cardinal Analytx Solutions, an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled health insights company has raised $22 million in Series B funding round led by John Doerr including participation from GuideWell Mutual Holding Corporation, Blue Shield California and Premera Blue Cross. Getting Ahead of High Cost Events Health insurers, accountable healthcare providers and other health industry stakeholders recognize that U.S. health care spending growth and shortfalls in treatment outcomes are not sustainable. The most foresightful also realize that advances in computational tools to better predict risk and select risk mitigation options are ripe for transfer. Sixty percent of high-cost members in any given year are new high-cost members and were not high cost in the prior year. Yet, current analytics approaches tend to focus on identifying existing persistent high-cost members, and then managing attendant care and costs. They focus on only 40% of the problem and address it after it appears. Taking to Predictions to Actions Founded by Stanford professors Drs. Arnie Milstein and Nigam Shain in 2017, Cardinal Analytx integrates predictive insights with meaningful actions, identifying people at high risk of rising cost and worsening health in the future and matching them with interventions to prevent their decline. The system assesses the ability to impact individuals’ clinical trajectory – or likelihood to benefit from an intervention – to steer them toward better health outcomes. Cardinal also can predict specific types of high-cost, high-acuity events well in advance, providing the lead-time needed to match members with higher value providers in a timely manner Recent Traction After a number of successful pilots, Cardinal Analytx announced its first multiyear customer, Premera Blue Cross, earlier this year. The company plans to use the new round of capital to enable Cardinal Analytx to rapidly extend its lead in the innovative use of machine learning to drive proactive healthcare through investments in talent and technology. “We take great pleasure in welcoming John Doerr to our board and are honored by the investments from his family fund, our strategic health plan partners and other leading investors,” said Cardinal Analytx CEO Linda T. Hand. “The new growth funding positions us to capitalize on our early commercial traction and robust pipeline. We expect to quickly extend our leadership in the use of AI to accurately predict rising risk and future costs, and deliver actionable insights.”
Cardinal Anaytx Solutions 是一家人工智能( AI )公司,该公司在 John Doerr 领导的 B 轮融资中筹集了2200万美元,包括 GuideWell Mutual Holding Corporation 、 Blue Shield California 和 Premera Blue Cross 的参与。 提前进行高成本活动 健康保险公司、负责任的医疗保健提供者和其他健康产业利益相关者认识到,美国医疗保健支出的增长和治疗结果的不足是不可持续的。最有远见的人也认识到,计算工具的进步,以更好地预测风险和选择减少风险的选择是成熟的转移。 任何一年60%的高成本成员是新的高成本成员,在前一年不是高成本成员。然而,目前的分析方法往往侧重于确定现有的持续高成本成员,然后管理伴随护理和成本。他们只关注问题的40%,并在问题出现后加以解决。 预测行动 由斯坦福大学教授 Drs 创立。Arnie Milstein 和 Nigam Shain 在2017年, Cardinal Anaytx 将预测洞察与有意义的行动结合起来,确定未来成本上升和健康恶化的高风险人群,并将他们与干预措施相匹配,以防止他们的下降。该系统评估了影响个人临床轨迹(或从干预中获益的可能性)的能力,以引导他们走向更好的健康结果。Cardinal 还可以提前很好地预测特定类型的高成本、高灵敏度事件,提供及时匹配会员与高价值提供者所需的前置时间 最近的追踪 经过多个成功的飞行员,红衣主教 Anaytx 宣布其第一个多年客户, Premera 蓝十字,今年早些时候。该公司计划利用新一轮资本,使 Cardinal Anaytx 能够迅速扩大其在创新使用机器学习方面的领先优势,通过对人才和技术的投资推动积极的医疗保健。 Cardinal Anaytx 首席执行官 Linda T . Hand 表示:“我们非常高兴欢迎 John Doerr 加入我们的董事会,并对他的家族基金、战略健康计划合作伙伴和其他主要投资者的投资感到荣幸。”“新的增长资金使我们能够利用我们早期的商业吸引力和强大的管道。我们希望迅速扩大我们在人工智能应用方面的领导地位,以准确预测不断上升的风险和未来成本,并提供切实可行的见解。”