Canadian Government Awards $49M Grant to Establish Canada-wide AI Health Data Platform


2019-05-28 21:08:00 HIT Consultant


The government of Canada has announced an investment grant of up to $49 million in the Digital Health and Discovery Platform (DHDP), a network of partners that seeks to establish a cutting-edge Canada-wide health data platform. Through this new platform, researchers and doctors will work to accelerate the development of new and personalized treatments to help to find cures for diseases that affect Canadians. While the platform will initially focus on cancer, the plan is to expand to other areas of medicine in the future. Terry Fox Research Institute and Imagia led Consortium to Accelerate Medical Breakthroughs Led by the Terry Fox Research Institute and Imagia, the network with $108M in-cash and $165M in-kind contributions will connect almost 100 partners across Canada, including health care institutions; small, medium-sized and large companies; universities and research foundations; and all four major artificial intelligence (AI) research labs in Canada. Together, they will establish a Canada-wide AI health data platform that will connect to different sources of health data to accelerate research. The joint endeavor will catalyze collaborations with industry to stimulate commercialization of home-grown research discoveries. For example, cancer centers and research hospitals will be able to quickly share data to test theories about how to best treat aggressive cancers and develop better treatments for each patient.  “This investment promises not only to improve the future of Canadians’ health but also to do it with made-in-Canada solutions. By harnessing Canada’s strengths in health research and AI, we’re helping to usher in a new era of more personalized care that will mean better health outcomes. We’re excited to see all the new health and biosciences innovations that will result from this collaboration,” said The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development. 4-Year Project Details The four-year project will leverage Imagia’s EVIDENS AI discovery platform and clinical collaboration ecosystem. EVIDENS enables federated learning on patient data across multiple hospitals and unites creative minds in both AI and healthcare to power discovery at scale. The platform empowers clinical researchers from different pan-Canadian institutions to derive outcome-based insights from real-world evidence (RWE) and collaborate on AI biomarkers and clinical decision support systems.  Imagia’s unique healthcare AI ecosystem gives hospitals, medical device makers, pharmaceutical companies, and diagnostics manufacturers the opportunity to benefit from a vast AI clinical solutions innovation pipeline to develop breakthrough advances in personalized healthcare. Why The Investment? The Government of Canada believes that trust is the foundation for economic growth and innovation. The platform will be patient-centric and will ensure the consent of participating patients and the largest health institutions and uphold the highest standards for data privacy, security, and safety. This investment is made through stream 4 of the Strategic Innovation Fund, a program designed to attract and support high-quality business investments in Canada’s most dynamic and innovative sectors. “The time to harness the power of AI is now so that we continue to augment Canada’s position on the global AI stage. By combining the experience of its clinical collaborators, industry, AI institute partners and the Terry Fox Research Institute, Imagia will fulfill its mission to make accessible personalized health care a clinical reality. The Canadian government’s strategic grant will fuel a significant next step in the life-changing work of Imagia and the Terry Fox Research Institute. Our complementary strengths in research and AI is a fierce combination that will spark the critical change needed for scientific discoveries, improved diagnostics, and more effective treatments resulting from new, scaled technologies,” said Alexandre Le Bouthillier, PhD, Founder, Imagia.
加拿大政府宣布向数字健康和发现平台( DHDP )提供最多4900万美元的投资赠款,该平台是一个寻求建立加拿大尖端健康数据平台的合作伙伴网络。通过这个新的平台,研究人员和医生将努力加快新的个性化治疗的发展,以帮助找到治疗影响加拿大人的疾病的方法。虽然该平台最初将专注于癌症,但计划在未来扩展到其他医药领域。 Terry Fox 研究所和 Imagia 牵头的加速医学突破联盟 在 Terry Fox Research Institute 和 Imagia 的领导下,这个拥有1.08亿美元现金和1.65亿美元实物捐助的网络将连接加拿大近100个合作伙伴,包括医疗机构、中小型和大型公司、大学和研究基金会,以及加拿大所有四个主要人工智能( AI )研究实验室。他们将共同建立一个覆盖加拿大的人工智能健康数据平台,连接不同的健康数据来源,以加速研究。这一联合努力将促进与工业界的合作,促进本土研究成果的商业化。例如,癌症中心和研究医院将能够快速共享数据,以检验如何最好地治疗侵袭性癌症和为每个病人开发更好的治疗方法的理论。 “这项投资不仅承诺改善加拿大人的健康前景,而且承诺采取加拿大制造的解决方案。通过利用加拿大在健康研究和人工智能方面的优势,我们正在帮助引领一个更加个性化的护理的新时代,这将意味着更好的健康结果。创新、科学和经济发展部部长 Navdeep Bains 阁下说:“我们很高兴看到这一合作将带来所有新的卫生和生物科学创新。” 四年计划详情 为期四年的项目将利用 Imagia 的 EVIDENS AI 发现平台和临床协作生态系统。EVIDENS 支持在多家医院联合学习患者数据,并联合人工智能和医疗保健领域的创新思维,推动大规模发现。该平台使来自不同泛加拿大机构的临床研究人员能够从真实证据( RWE )中获得基于结果的见解,并在人工智能生物标志物和临床决策支持系统方面进行合作。 Imagia 独特的医疗人工智能生态系统为医院、医疗设备制造商、制药公司提供了支持。以及诊断制造商从庞大的人工智能临床解决方案创新管道中获益的机会,以开发个性化医疗的突破性进展。 为什么投资? 加拿大政府认为,信任是经济增长和创新的基础。该平台将以病人为中心,并将确保参与患者和最大卫生机构的同意,并维护数据隐私、安全和安全的最高标准。这项投资是通过战略创新基金的第4流进行的,这是一个旨在吸引和支持加拿大最具活力和创新领域的高质量商业投资的项目。 “现在是时候利用人工智能的力量,这样我们就能继续增强加拿大在全球人工智能领域的地位。通过结合其临床合作者、行业、人工智能研究所合作伙伴和 Terry Fox 研究所的经验, Imagia 将履行其使命,使无障碍的个性化保健成为临床现实。加拿大政府的战略拨款将为 Imagia 和 Terry Fox 研究所改变生活的工作迈出重要的下一步。我们在研究和人工智能方面的互补优势是一种激烈的结合,它将引发科学发现所需的重大变化,改进诊断,以及新的、规模化的技术带来的更有效的治疗,” Imagia 创始人 Alexandre Le Bouthillier 博士说。