Americans are Quickly Embracing Cannabis Products


2019-05-31 14:01:00 CISION


As products laced with CBD find their way onto the shelves of Sephora, Barney's, Estee Lauder, and Ulta Beauty, analysts believe the trend could be a significant catalyst. "We have seen a high level of interest in cannabis beauty from retailers over the past month based on our store checks and incremental launches. We expect further retailer developments in the coming months," noted analysts at Piper Jaffray, as quoted by CNBC.  Better, according to a Consumer Reports survey, an estimated 64 million Americans have tried some form of CBD in the last 24 months, with nearly one out of seven using the compound every day.  Some of the top companies in the industry include The Yield Growth Corp. , Aleafia Health Inc. , The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. , Curaleaf Holdings Inc. , and Green Thumb Industries Inc. . The Yield Growth Corp. (CSE:BOSS)(OTCQB:BOSQF) BREAKING NEWS: The Yield Growth Corp. just announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Urban Juve, has entered into a definitive agreement to license 56 CBD and THC product formulas to Antler Retail, for sale in the United States.  According to the agreement, Antler Retail will pay $1 million for the perpetual license. In addition, Yield Growth will also have a first look and right of first refusal to act as distributor, supply CBD and act as co-packer on all products developed by Antler Retail using the licensed formulas.  Antler Retail is building a dispensary chain with a focus on delivery of cannabis and cannabis products in California. It will be focusing on developing small quantity packaging for the California CBD and THC market. Urban Juve and UJ Beverages have developed proprietary formulas for infusion with CBD and THC, and the demand for these products in the US is increasing.  "Our Product Development team has done a tremendous job, with over 200 formulas for products now in development," says Penny Green, CEO of Yield Growth. "In addition to launching seven of our own in-house brands, we plan to license our product formulas to third parties and act as a supplier, co-packer and distributor for other brands." To date, Yield Growth has booked $3.9 million in revenues, majority of which is from licensing Urban Juve formulas and products.  Other cannabis-related developments from around the markets include: Aleafia Health Inc. (TSX-V:ALEF)(OTCQX:ALEAF) just completed the largest adult-use cannabis order in the company's history.  The Order is scheduled to depart from the Company's facility with delivery to a Canadian provincial government for distribution to online and retail consumers. It will contain the company's branded Symbl oils, oral sprays and dried flower products. The value of the Order is expected to generate proceeds from the sale of cannabis exceeding $0.7 million. In the first 38 days of Q2 2019, including the revenue to be obtained from the Order, the Company has received adult-use cannabis product orders from three Canadian provincial governments of over $1.2 million in gross revenue, representing significant growth when compared to the sale of cannabis revenues generated during 2018.  "We are extremely pleased to report the largest ever cannabis sale in our Company's history," said Aleafia Health CEO Geoffrey Benic. "Furthermore, with our Niagara Greenhouse and Outdoor Grow expansion in a plant-ready state, the assets are now in place to scale our cannabis health and wellness vision exponentially and build on today's results." The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (TSX:TGOD)(OTCQX:TGODF) just obtained approval from Health Canada, under the Cannabis Regulations, to expand operations into its new state-of-the-art building located in Hamilton, Ontario. The 20,000 square feet indoor facility is going to be used for cannabis cultivation; planting will start in the coming weeks.  "This is yet another important milestone for our team as we continue to ramp up production with a focus on executional excellence," commented Brian Athaide, CEO of TGOD. "We have pioneered the concept of sustainably growing all-natural, certified organic cannabis at scale. The product we are able to offer Canadians is clean, pesticide-free and undeniably premium."  The newly built facility is the second of three buildings at TGOD's Hamilton site, which will have a total size of 166,000 square feet when all are completed later this summer, and an annual production capacity of 17,500 kgs. Curaleaf Holdings Inc. (CSE:CURA)(OTCQX:CURLF) just announced the launch of Bido, hemp-based CBD products for pets. CBD is a non-intoxicating, non-psychoactive compound from the cannabis sativa plant. CBD has been shown in initial third-party studies to support a pet's overall wellness including the potential to help manage pain and anxiety. Bido pet drops come in three varieties, bacon, salmon and unflavored "pure," and Bido soft-baked bites are available in apple chicken, peanut butter bacon, and honey sweet potato. Bido's products were developed using 100% natural and U.S. grown hemp that was tested and extracted to the highest industry standards. Curaleaf's team of scientists transformed the hemp-based CBD oil into a product with a precise dosage and flavor for pets. Green Thumb Industries (CSE:GTII)(OTCQX:GTBIF) just announced that Rise Amherst will begin selling cannabis to adults aged 21 and over.  The store will continue to offer exceptional care to medical cannabis patients with a separate consultation space, retail floor, checkout area and exit for people with a valid Commonwealth of Massachusetts medical card. "GTI's mission is to empower the right to wellness by progressing the responsible adult use of cannabis through innovative branded products and people-first retail experiences while remaining committed to the community," said GTI Founder and CEO Ben Kovler.
随着带着 CBD 的产品进入 Sephora 、 Barney's 、 Estee Lauder 和 Ulta Beauty 的货架,分析师认为这一趋势可能是一个重要的催化剂。“在过去的一个月里,我们看到零售商对大麻美容有很高的兴趣,这是基于我们的商店检查和逐步推出的。我们预计未来几个月零售商还会有进一步的发展,” Piper Jaffray 的分析师指出, CNBC 引述他的话。更好的是,根据《消费者报告》的一项调查,在过去的24个月中,大约有6400万美国人尝试过某种形式的生物多样性公约,其中有近1/7的人每天使用该化合物。该行业一些顶级公司包括产量增长公司、 Aleafia Health Inc .、绿色有机荷兰人控股有限公司、 Curaleaf Holdings Inc .和 Green Thumb Industries Inc .。 收益率增长公司( CSE : BOSS )( OTCQB : BOSQF ) BREAKING NEWS :收益率增长公司刚刚宣布,其全资子公司 Urban Juve 已签订最终协议,将56 CBD 和 THC 产品配方授权给 Antler Retail 在美国销售。根据协议,安泰零售将支付100万美元的永久许可证。此外,产量增长还将拥有作为分销商、供应 CBD 和使用许可配方共同包装 Antler Retail 开发的所有产品的优先外观和优先购买权。Antler Retail 正在建立一个药房连锁店,重点是在加利福尼亚州提供大麻和大麻产品。它将致力于开发小批量包装的加利福尼亚州 CBD 和 THC 市场。Urban Juve 和 UJ 饮料公司开发了 CBD 和 THC 输液的专有配方,美国对这些产品的需求正在增加。 “我们的产品开发团队已经完成了巨大的工作,目前正在开发的产品有200多种配方,”产量增长首席执行官 Penny Green 说。除了推出七个自有品牌外,我们还计划将产品配方授权给第三方,并作为其他品牌的供应商、包装商和经销商。到目前为止,产量增长已经记录了390万美元的收入,其中大部分来自许可城市尤文公式和产品。 其他与大麻有关的市场发展包括: Aleafia Health Inc .( TSX-V : ALEF )( OTCQX : ALEAF )刚刚完成了该公司历史上最大的成人大麻订单。该订单计划离开公司的设施,交付加拿大省政府分发给在线和零售消费者。它将包含该公司品牌的 Symbl 油、口服剂和干花产品。该订单的价值预计将产生超过70万美元的大麻销售收益。在2019年第二季度的前38天,包括从订单中获得的收入,公司已收到来自加拿大三个省级政府的成人使用大麻产品订单,其总收入超过120万美元,与2018年产生的大麻销售收入相比,大幅增长。“我们非常高兴报告有史以来最大的大麻销售在我们公司的历史,”阿莱非亚健康首席执行官杰弗里·贝尼克说。此外,随着我们的尼亚加拉温室和室外生长在一个工厂就绪的状态,资产现在已经到位,以指数级地扩大我们的大麻健康和保健远景,并以今天的结果为基础。 绿色有机荷兰控股有限公司( TSX : TGOD )( OTCQX : TGODF )刚刚获得加拿大卫生部的批准,根据坎纳比斯法规,将业务扩展到其位于安大略省汉密尔顿的最新建筑。2万平方英尺的室内设施将用于大麻种植;种植将在未来几周开始。TGOD 首席执行官 BrianAthadi 说:“这对于我们的团队来说是另一个重要的里程碑,因为我们将继续以卓越的执行为重点来提高产量。”“我们已经开创了可持续发展的全自然、认证的有机大麻的概念。我们能够提供给加拿大人的产品是干净的,没有农药,而且无可否认的是溢价。”新建成的工厂是 TGOD 汉密尔顿地块三栋建筑中的第二座,今年夏天晚些时候全部建成后,该地块的总规模将达到16.6万平方英尺,年生产能力为1.75万公斤。 Curaleaf Holdings Inc .( CSE : CURA )( OTCQX : CURLF )刚刚宣布推出基于大麻的宠物 CBD 产品 Bido 。CBD 是一种非中毒的,非精神活性的化合物,从大麻大麻植物。初步的第三方研究显示, CBD 可以支持宠物的整体健康,包括帮助治疗疼痛和焦虑的可能性。比都宠物滴有三个品种,培根,鲑鱼和未熔洗的“纯”和比都软烤的咬可在苹果鸡,花生黄油培根和蜂蜜甘薯。Bido 公司的产品是使用100%天然和美国种植的大麻来开发的,这些大麻被测试和提取到最高的行业标准。柯勒法的科学家团队将基于大麻的 CBD 油转化为一种精确的宠物剂量和口味的产品。 绿色拇指实业( CSE : GTII )( OTCQX : GTBIF )刚刚宣布 Rise Amherst 将开始向21岁及以上的成年人销售大麻。该商店将继续提供特殊照顾的医疗大麻病人单独的咨询空间,零售楼层,结帐地区和退出与一个有效的联邦马萨诸塞州医疗卡。GTI 创始人兼首席执行官 Ben Kovler 说:“ GTI 的使命是通过创新的品牌产品和以人为本的零售体验,促进成人负责任地使用大麻,从而增强健康权,同时继续致力于社区。”