Data-Driven Precision Medicine Startup Tempus Lands $200M to Expand Into New Therapeutic Areas


2019-05-31 15:05:00 HIT Consultant


Tempus, a leading technology company advancing precision medicine through the collection and analysis of molecular and clinical data, announced today an additional $200M financing at a value of $3.1 billion dollars. The investors include Baillie Gifford, Franklin Templeton, NEA, Novo Holdings, Revolution Growth, and funds and accounts managed by T. Rowe Price. With this latest round, the company has raised $520 million since its founding in September 2015. Founded in 2015, Tempus has the largest connected clinical and genomic database aggregated from academic medical centers and community-based hospitals. The Tempus platform serves the entire healthcare ecosystem of providers, payers, researchers, and life sciences companies.  Using advanced machine learning, next-generation sequencing, and AI-assisted image recognition, the company’s platform accelerates discovery of new insights and enables physicians to make real-time, data-driven decisions based upon those insights on behalf of their patients. Tempus key offerings include – Next Generation Sequencing: a broad range of DNA and RNA sequencing services, generating high quality somatic and germline molecular data along with therapeutic context to empower physicians to make data-driven decisions. – Clinical Data Solutions: advanced tools and technologies convert text buried inside oncology notes, pathology reports, and radiology reports into structured data that can be used for research, analysis, quality metrics reporting and clinical decision support. – Image Analysis and Machine Learning: combining structured radiomics with other orthogonal data in the Tempus database, the platform will improve the accuracy of diagnosis and enhance prognosis for patients. This integrated data also supports biomarker development and drug discovery in a research setting. – Biological Modeling: patient-derived biological modeling to help researchers understand the potential effects of various standard of care, targeted, off-label and combinatorial therapies – Time Trial Program: To date, Tempus has worked to bring over 40 provider networks, with a force of over 1,800 oncologists, into the TIME Trial program, allowing clinical trial access to patients at scale. All Institutions in the network must pass Tempus’ rigorous qualification requirements for rapid activation and investigational-trial readiness. – Clinical Decision Support: real-time support tool connects physicians with up-to-date treatment options and relevant insights derived from real-world clinical evidence across millions of patients, our vast library of molecular profiling data, and our advanced analytics and machine-learning algorithms. – Analytic Tools: Built visualization tools  that provide insights  into phenotypes, therapies and outcomes to better measure responses and inform predictions – Data Solutions: robust database has the ability to power data-driven decisions for research partners, including providers, biopharma and payer groups Recent Traction/Milestones Tempus is in partnership with leading academic medical centers, NCI designated cancer centers, hospital networks, physicians, researchers, and CancerLinQ LLC, a nonprofit subsidiary of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). Given recent growth, the Tempus platform now touches more than 1 in 4 cancer patients in the United States. The company will use the additional funds to further enhance operations and accelerate its expansion into new therapeutic areas and geographies. “From our founding, Tempus has been singularly focused on improving the lives of patients diagnosed with disease, starting with cancer,” said Eric Lefkofsky, Founder and CEO at Tempus. “Three and a half years later, we are empowering stakeholders across healthcare with insights derived from real-world clinical evidence connected to rich molecular data. We are humbled by the industry response thus far and remain committed to delivering on the promise of precision medicine to improve patient care.”
Tempus 是一家领先的通过收集和分析分子和临床数据来推进精准医疗的技术公司,今天宣布了价值31亿美元的2亿美元额外融资。投资者包括 Baillie Gifford 、 Franklin Templeton 、 NEA 、 Novo Holdings 、 Revolution Growth 以及 T . Rowe Price 管理的基金和账户。最近一轮融资,公司自2015年9月成立以来共募集资金5.2亿美元。 Tempus 成立于2015年,拥有最大的从学术医疗中心和社区医院聚合的连接临床和基因组数据库。Tempus 平台服务于提供者、付款人、研究人员和生命科学公司的整个医疗生态系统。通过先进的机器学习、下一代测序和人工智能辅助的图像识别,该公司的平台加速了新发现的洞察力,并使医生能够代表患者做出基于这些洞察力的实时数据驱动决策。 Tempus 密钥产品包括 –下一代序列:广泛的 DNA 和 RNA 测序服务,产生高质量的体细胞和生殖系分子数据以及治疗背景,使医生能够做出数据驱动的决策。 –临床数据解决方案:先进的工具和技术将埋藏在肿瘤学笔记、病理报告和放射学报告中的文本转换为结构化数据,可用于研究、分析、质量指标报告和临床决策支持。 –图像分析和机器学习:将结构放射学与 Tempus 数据库中的其他正交数据相结合,该平台将提高诊断的准确性,提高患者的预后。这一综合数据也支持生物标志物的发展和药物发现在一个研究背景。 生物模型:患者衍生的生物模型,帮助研究人员了解各种护理标准、靶向、非标签和组合疗法的潜在影响 –时间试验计划:到目前为止, Tempus 已经在 TIME 试验计划中引入了40多个提供者网络,拥有1800多名肿瘤学家,使临床试验能够大规模进入患者。网络中的所有机构必须通过 Tempus 的严格资格要求,以快速激活和调查准备就绪。 –临床决策支持:实时支持工具将医生与最新的治疗选择以及从数百万患者的真实临床证据中得出的相关见解联系起来,我们庞大的分子分析数据库,以及我们先进的分析和机器学习算法。 –分析工具:构建可视化工具,提供对表型、治疗方法和结果的深入了解,以更好地衡量响应并为预测提供信息 –数据解决方案:强大的数据库能够为研究合作伙伴(包括提供商、生物制药和支付者群体)提供数据驱动决策支持 最新追踪/里程碑 Tempus 与领先的学术医疗中心合作, NCI 指定了癌症中心、医院网络、医生、研究人员和 CancerLinQ LLC ,后者是美国临床肿瘤学会( ASCO )的非营利附属机构。考虑到最近的增长, Tempus 平台现在涉及超过1/4的癌症患者在美国。公司将使用追加的资金进一步加强运营,加快向新的治疗领域和地域的拓展。 Tempus 创始人兼首席执行官埃里克•莱夫科夫斯基( Eric Lefkofsky )表示:“从我们的创立开始, Tempus 一直特别关注于改善确诊疾病患者的生活,从癌症开始。”“三年半后,我们通过从与丰富的分子数据相关的真实临床证据中得出的见解,增强了整个医疗领域的利益相关者的能力。到目前为止,该行业的反应令我们感到羞愧,我们仍致力于实现提高患者护理质量的精准医疗的承诺。”