Alberta to license 115 new cannabis stores over next 6 months if supply continues to rise


2019-05-31 01:05:37 Marijuana Business Daily


Alberta regulators have reversed a moratorium on the issuance of new adult-use marijuana retail permits after seeing a “modest but steady” improvement in the province’s cannabis inventory over the past two months. The province stopped accepting new applications for marijuana stores in late November after federally licensed cultivators delivered only 20% of what Alberta had ordered. The Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis (AGLC) – the provincial regulator – now plans to issue five new licenses on a weekly basis while it monitors supply. The first five will be handed out this week, AGLC spokeswoman Heather Holmen told Marijuana Business Daily.  As of Wednesday, 473 applications for new store locations were pending and another 115 have been approved but are awaiting licenses. “Those 115 applications will be awarded licenses – assuming nothing substantial has changed while they’ve been in the queue – over the next 23 weeks,” Holmen said. “And as more applications reach the final approval stages, additional applicants will enter the approval queue.” Alberta remains by far the leader in Canada with 104 adult-use cannabis stores. Alberta’s adult-use cannabis sales reached 14.4 million Canadian dollars ($10 million) in March, leading all provinces. Quebec was second with CA$14.1 million. Regulators in neighboring British Columbia continue to struggle to get a handle on legal marijuana. That province saw only CA$2.8 million in sales in March, less than New Brunswick’s CA$2.9 million. The AGLC has contracts with 26 federally licensed cultivators. The agency is responsible for regulating cannabis distribution and retailers and also operates the province’s monopoly online cannabis store. “Should the stability of inventory take a drastic downturn, AGLC will evaluate reinstating the moratorium,” the AGLC said.
在过去两个月里,艾伯塔省大麻库存出现了“温和但稳定”的改善之后,艾伯塔省的监管机构撤销了暂停发放新的成人大麻零售许可证的禁令。 11月下旬,该省停止接受大麻商店的新申请,因为联邦授权的品种只提供了艾伯塔省命令的20%。 省监管机构——阿尔伯塔省博彩、酒业和大麻公司( AGLC )目前计划每周在监控供应的同时发放5个新的许可证。 AGLC 发言人希瑟·霍尔曼告诉《大麻商业日报》,前五名将于本周公布。 截至周三,共有473宗新店申请等待审批,另有115宗申请已获批准,但正在等待审批。 霍尔曼表示:“这115份申请将在未来23周内获得许可——假设在排队期间没有任何实质性变化。”“随着更多申请进入最终审批阶段,更多申请人将进入审批队列。” 艾伯塔至今仍是加拿大最大的大麻商店,拥有104家成人用大麻商店。 今年3月,艾伯塔的成人大麻销售额达到了1440万加元(1000万美元),领先于所有省份。魁北克以1410万加元位居第二。 邻近的不列颠哥伦比亚省的监管机构继续努力控制合法大麻。今年3月,该省的销售额仅为280万加元,低于新不伦瑞克省290万加元。 AGLC 与26个联邦特许品种商签订了合同。 该机构负责监管大麻分销和零售商,并经营该省垄断的网上大麻商店。 “如果库存的稳定性急剧下降, AGLC 将重新评估暂停的情况,” AGLC 表示。