The Next Tilray Stock Is Just Around the Corner

下一个 Tilray 股票就在角落附近

2019-05-31 03:32:20 InvestorPlace


Less than one year ago, a small, unknown company named Tilray went public on the Nasdaq Composite stock exchange. Source: Shutterstock Tilray was the first “pure play” marijuana-focused company to IPO on a major U.S. exchange. It produces medical cannabis for research and public consumption. To say Tilray stock’s debut was a success is a gross understatement … InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips In just the first month after going public and selling ownership stakes to individual investors, Tilray stock had climbed 60%. It was a heck of a first month … and it got even better. As investors grew more and more interested in the legalization of marijuana and the $100-plus billion market that it could create, Tilray stock gained another $277 per share after two months of trading. That included a stunning move in which the stock rallied 185% in just one week, bringing its return to an incredible 1,237% over its IPO price. It’s one of the greatest short-term wealth creation events we’ve seen in the stock market over the past decade. Although Tilray stock’s huge gain was easily one of the highest profile financial events of 2018, it wasn’t the only legal marijuana stock to create incredible wealth for its shareholders. There is a historic boom taking place in the legal marijuana business … which in turn is creating a historic boom in legal marijuana stocks. Last year, sales of legal marijuana in the United States hit $10.4 billion, which is nearly double the $5.4 billion in 2015. This year, sales should increase nearly 24% to $12.9 billion. And with the legalization trend proving to be nearly unstoppable, I expect this market will continue to grow significantly in the next 10 years. The opportunity in legal weed is much like the opportunity internet stocks offered in 1994 … or that bitcoin offered in 2015. In fact, the legal marijuana business is set to grow so much over the next 10 years that it will turn out to be one of the three biggest investment opportunities of your entire life — no matter when you were born. Within that opportunity there are various ways to make a lot of money. One of the most exciting is in newly-public, post-IPO legal marijuana stocks (like Tilray stock). Focusing on the best of these could help you make life-changing capital gains over the next five years. You see, something extraordinary is happening right now … All over the U.S. and the rest of the world, marijuana is being legalized on an unprecedented scale. We’re literally witnessing the birth of a whole new industry. It’s a rare time in history. Like the beginning of the automobile … personal computer … and internet revolutions. Weed is now the fastest-growing industry in America! That means we are at the forefront of a massive tidal wave of new growth. In the wave of legalization, the future billion-dollar leaders of this industry — the massively successful private companies that are fueling this surging market — are now taking their companies public on the stock market. Oftentimes, it’s for just pennies a share, or maybe a few dollars. In other words, the businesses that are going to be the Amazons, Googles, Walmarts and Microsofts of this soon-to-be-massive industry can be owned for mere pocket change! That means investors can get rich buying these tiny marijuana stocks right now — at the very beginning — if they know what they are doing. I’m here to make sure that’s you. While investors focus on the hyped up — often overhyped — IPOs like Uber (NYSE:UBER), Lyft (NASDAQ:LYFT) and Pinterest (NYSE:PINS), I recommended Elixinol Global Limited (OTCMKTS:ELLXF) to my Investment Opportunities readers last December. The stock had been trading for only three months at that time, and it has soared 124% in the six months since. You’d take that, right? And I expect more to come. I don’t recommend companies just to try to make money on a quick IPO pop. That’s trading … not long-term trend investing. And with IPOs in particular, you’ll lose at least as much as you win — and probably more. You still need to focus on the right companies. With Elixinol, I saw a stock that was attractive on both growth and value, and it met the criteria I developed in my system for finding new marijuana stocks. I call it the Cannabis Cash Calendar. I designed it to let investors like you benefit from one of the best wealth-creating strategies throughout history: Buying early. I am about to release my next marijuana stock pick on May 31 . Let me be clear. You never want to just buy any old IPO — even in a transformative industry like legal marijuana. There’s lots of homework involved. You need in-depth research. You need comprehensive and smart analysis. And it’s crucial to get the timing right. If you miss on any of those, it can cost you. Let me take care of that for you. You can get in on the action — and be ready for the new recommendation in marijuana stocks — by reviewing the details and signing up here. Matthew McCall is the founder and president of Penn Financial Group, an investment advisory firm, as well as the editor of Investment Opportunities and Early Stage Investor. He has dedicated his career to getting investors into the world’s biggest, most revolutionary trends BEFORE anyone else. The power of being “first” gave Matt’s readers the chance to bank +2,438% in (STMP), +1,523% in Ulta Beauty (ULTA), +1,044% in Tesla (TSLA), +611% in Liquefied Natural Gas Limited (LNGLY), +324% in Bitcoin Services (BTSC), just to name a few. If you’re interested in making triple-digit gains from the world’s biggest investment trends BEFORE anyone else, click here to learn more about Matt McCall and his investments strategy today. Compare Brokers
不到一年前,一家名为 Tilray 的小公司在纳斯达克综合证券交易所上市。 资料来源: Shutterstock Tilray 是第一家专注于大麻业务的公司,在美国一家大型交易所上市。它生产用于研究和公共消费的医用大麻。 说 Tilray 股票的上市是成功的,这是一个严重的低估… 投资场所-股票市场新闻、股票咨询和交易提示 在上市后的第一个月, Tilray 股价上涨了60%。 这是第一个月的一大堆……情况更好了。 随着投资者对大麻合法化及其可能创造的逾1,000亿美元市场越来越感兴趣, Tilray 股价在两个月的交易后又上涨了277美元。这其中包括令人震惊的举措,在短短一周内,该股上涨了185%,使其回报率达到令人难以置信的1,237%的 IPO 价格。 这是我们在过去十年股市中看到的最大的短期财富创造事件之一。 尽管 Tilray 股票的巨额收益很容易成为2018年最引人注目的金融事件之一,但它并非为股东创造难以置信财富的唯一合法大麻股票。 合法的大麻行业出现了历史性的繁荣……这反过来又创造了合法大麻股票的历史性繁荣。 去年,美国合法大麻销售额达到104亿美元,几乎是2015年54亿美元的两倍。今年,销售额应增长近24%,达到129亿美元。而随着合法化趋势被证明几乎是不可阻挡的,我预计这个市场将在未来10年继续显著增长。 法律上的机会就像1994年互联网股票提供的机会……或者2015年比特币提供的机会。事实上,合法的大麻生意在未来10年内将会增长如此之多,以至于它将成为你一生中三大投资机会之一——不管你出生的时候。 在这个机会中,有很多方法可以赚很多钱。其中最令人兴奋的是新上市后合法大麻股票(如 Tilray 股票)。关注其中最好的部分,可以帮助你在未来五年内实现不断变化的资本收益。 你知道,现在发生了一些非常的事情… 在美国和世界其他地区,大麻正以前所未有的规模合法化。 我们正在目睹一个全新行业的诞生。 这是历史上罕见的一次。 就像汽车的开始…个人电脑…和互联网革命。 Weed 现在是美国增长最快的行业! 这意味着我们正处在新一轮大规模增长浪潮的前沿。 在合法化浪潮中,这个行业未来价值数十亿美元的领导者——大量成功的私人公司正在推动这个快速增长的市场——现在正将他们的公司上市。通常情况下,它只是一股几分钱,或者几美元。 换句话说,即将成为这个即将成为巨大产业的亚马逊、谷歌、沃尔玛和微软的企业,可以仅仅因为口袋里的变化而拥有! 这意味着,如果投资者知道自己在做什么,他们现在(刚开始)就可以购买这些小规模的大麻股票。我来这里是为了确保你。 去年12月,当投资者关注像 Uber ( NYSE : UBER )、 Lyft ( NASDAQ : LYFT )和 Pinterest ( NYSE : PINS )这样被大肆炒作的 IPO 时,我向我的投资机会读者推荐了 Elixinol Global Limited ( OTCMKTS : ELLXF )。这只股票当时的交易时间只有三个月,自那以来的六个月里上涨了124%。 你会接受,对吗? 我期待更多的人来。我不建议企业只想在快速的 IPO 中赚钱。这是交易……不是长期趋势投资。尤其是首次公开募股,你的损失至少会和你赢的一样多——而且可能更多。 你还需要关注合适的公司。在 Elixinol 的帮助下,我看到了一种对增长和价值都有吸引力的股票,它符合我在寻找新的大麻库存系统中制定的标准。 我把它叫做 Cannabis 现金日历.我设计它是为了让像你这样的投资者受益于历史上最好的创造财富的策略之一:提前购买。 我将于5月31日公布我的下一份大麻选单。 让我明白。你永远不想买任何旧的 IPO ——即使是在像合法大麻这样的变革性行业。 有很多家庭作业。你需要深入研究。你需要全面而明智的分析。关键是要正确把握时机。如果你错过了其中的任何一个,它会让你付出代价。 让我为你负责。你可以通过审查细节和在这里注册来了解这一行动,并为大麻股票的新推荐做好准备。 Matthew McCall 是投资咨询公司 Penn Financial Group 的创始人和总裁,也是投资机会和早期投资者的编辑。他致力于让投资者进入世界上最大、最具革命性的趋势,而不是其他任何人。凭借“第一”的力量, Matt 的读者有机会获得+2,438%的邮票。仅举几个例子,我们就可以看到,+1,523%的 Ulta Beauty ( ULTA )、+1,044%的 Tesla ( TSLA )、+611%的液化天然气有限公司( LNGLY )、+324%的 Bitcoin Services ( BTSC )。如果你有兴趣从世界上最大的投资趋势中获得三位数的收益,请点击这里了解更多关于麦考尔及其投资策略的信息。 比较经纪人