AED Leader Cardiac Science Agrees to Be Acquired by ZOLL

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2019-06-12 13:05:00 BioSpace


Cardiac Science Corporation , a leading provider of automated external defibrillators , related services and accessories, today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by ZOLL Medical Corporation, an Asahi Kasei Group Company that manufactures medical devices and related software solutions. CSC is a portfolio company of Aurora Resurgence, a Los Angeles-based private equity firm. Together, the combined company will be equipped to provide a broad range of technologies and services to address current needs, and the resources and vision to lead next-generation innovation. Specifically, the combination of Cardiac Science’s Rescue Ready® Services and ZOLL’s program management portfolio will result in the largest single database of AED information, improving first responder access to AEDs and in turn, their ability to respond to victims of cardiac arrest. “We are enthusiastic that ZOLL is the right company to champion our high-quality AED portfolio, leveraging its footprint and vision to expand access and applications for use in communities worldwide,” said Dev Kurdikar, President and CEO of Cardiac Science. “The agreement reflects ZOLL’s appreciation for the value of our technology, and I am confident customers will benefit from the increasing resources and reach of our combined portfolios.” Cardiac Science continues to introduce new solutions this year that improve ease of use and performance of AED systems, strengthening its robust portfolio and record of quality. “We see considerable complementary features in the two portfolios and look forward to adding the Cardiac Science technology to the services we offer our customers,” said Elijah A. White, President of ZOLL Resuscitation. “In fact, the opportunities we gain by sharing the expertise, technologies and accessories of each legacy organization will dramatically improve the utility of our combined portfolio.” As part of the agreement, ZOLL will acquire Cardiac Science’s product portfolio and pipeline, along with its facilities in the United States and Europe. Additional terms of the agreement are not being disclosed. The acquisition is subject to anti-trust regulatory approval and other customary closing conditions. Until closing, the companies will operate independently.
心脏科学公司,一家领先的自动体外除颤器,相关服务和配件的供应商,今天宣布,它已达成一项最终协议,将收购 ZOLL 医疗公司,一个 Asahi Kasei 集团公司,生产医疗设备和相关的软件解决方案。CSC 是洛杉矶一家私人股本公司奥罗拉(Aurora) Recovergence 的投资组合公司。 合并后的公司将一起提供广泛的技术和服务,以满足当前的需求,以及领导下一代创新的资源和愿景。具体而言, Cardinac Science 的救援准备®服务与 ZOLL 的计划管理组合的结合将导致 AED 信息的最大单一数据库,改善急救人员对 AED 的访问,进而提高他们对心脏骤停受害者的响应能力。 “我们非常热情, ZOLL 是支持我们高质量 AED 产品组合的合适公司,充分利用其足迹和愿景,扩大全球社区的访问和应用程序,” Cardinac Science 总裁兼首席执行官 Dev Kurdikar 说。“该协议反映了 ZOLL 对我们技术价值的赞赏,我相信客户将从我们组合投资组合不断增长的资源和影响力中受益。” 心脏科学今年继续推出新的解决方案,提高 AED 系统的易用性和性能,加强其强大的产品组合和质量记录。 ZOLL 复兴部门总裁 Elijah A . White 表示:“我们在这两个产品组合中看到了相当多的互补功能,并期待在我们为客户提供的服务中加入心脏科学技术。”“事实上,通过分享每个遗留组织的专业知识、技术和配件,我们获得的机会将显著提高我们组合投资组合的效用。” 作为协议的一部分, ZOLL 将收购 Cardinac Science 的产品组合和管道,以及其在美国和欧洲的设施。协议的其他条款未披露。本次收购尚需获得反垄断监管机构的批准及其他惯常交割条件。在关闭之前,这些公司将独立运营。