InGeneron Adds $23M to Test Stem Cell Therapy for Rotator Cuff Tears

干细胞技术开发商InGeneron D轮融资4300万美元,计划进行肩袖肌腱病临床研究

2019-06-12 10:30:00 Xconomy


Stem-cell technology developer InGeneron has added another $23 million to a Series D financing it announced in 2017, bringing the total of the funding round to $43 million. Based in Houston, InGeneron plans to use the money for a clinical study in rotator cuff tendinopathy, a swelling of the tendons and muscles that support the shoulder joint. The condition, which is caused by sports activity or other repeated stresses to the joint, can lead to pain and stiffness that makes it difficult to swing or otherwise move your arms. InGeneron plans to study the safety and effectiveness of the adipose-derived regenerative cells, cells that it isolates from a patients’ own fat tissue to help heal peoples’ damaged rotator cuffs. The funding will also be used for other clinical studies in wrist osteoarthritis and facet joint syndrome. Like the $20 million it raised in 2017, InGeneron’s new $23 million in funding came from Sanford Health, a large hospital chain based in Sioux Falls, SD, which conducted an initial small feasibility study for the company. The company has raised another $18 million previously from family offices and individuals in the US and Germany. InGeneron also has an office in Munich, and its product, known as Transpose RT, received approval in Europe in 2014. While InGeneron is going through the steps to gain FDA approval for its product in the US, many others in the stem cell injection market don’t. A ruling from a federal court last week allowed the FDA to prevent Sunrise, FL-based clinic US Stem Cell from injecting patients with an extract the clinic said had stem cells, according to a report by The New York Times that examined the prevalence of stem cell injection clinics.
干细胞技术开发商 InGeneron 在2017年宣布的 D 系列融资中又增加了2300万美元,使融资总额达到4300万美元。 基于休斯敦, InGeneron 公司计划使用这笔资金进行肩袖肌腱病变的临床研究,这是支撑肩关节的肌腱和肌肉肿胀。这种状况是由运动活动或其他对关节的反复压力引起的,它会导致疼痛和僵硬,使你的手臂难以摆动或移动。 InGeneron 计划研究脂肪来源再生细胞的安全性和有效性,它从患者自身的脂肪组织中分离出来的细胞,帮助治疗人们受损的肩袖。该基金还将用于腕骨关节炎和关节面综合征的其他临床研究。 与2017年筹集的2000万美元资金一样, InGeneron 新的2300万美元资金来自 Sanford Health ,一家位于 SD Sioux Falls 的大型医院连锁店,该公司进行了初步的小规模可行性研究。该公司还从美国和德国的家庭办公室和个人那里筹集了1800万美元。InGeneron 还在慕尼黑设有办事处,其产品,称为 TranspostRT ,于2014年在欧洲获得批准。 尽管 InGeneron 正在美国通过这些步骤,以获得 FDA 对其产品的批准,但干细胞注射市场上的许多其他公司却没有。据《纽约时报》报道,上周联邦法院的一项裁决允许美国食品和药物管理局( FDA )阻止 Sunrise ,这家总部位于佛罗里达州的诊所美国干细胞公司( USStemCell )向患者注射该诊所声称拥有干细胞的提取物。