KIPPO Science Launches Global Regenerative Medicine "ATP" Website

KIPPO Science 推出全球再生医学“ ATP ”网站

2019-06-13 15:20:35 BioSpace


KIPPO Science Limited, a company that supports its range of herbal supplements with scientific proof and research, has officially launched its new website. The company's pioneering products improve mitochondrial system recovery by improving a person's adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, system. This organic compound is a nutrient and energy present in the cells of all living things, that decreases by 1% every year from the age of 25 and by 25% from the age of 50. This decrease in ATP is largely attributed to a weakened immune system and the increase of disease. Headed up by president Yun Jeong-man, KIPPO Science Limited sought to find a way of harnessing natural herbs to stimulate the body to self-generate ATP. In response to the common scepticism from western commentators, doctors and pharmaceutical companies, KIPPO Science Limited supports product claims with scientific research. The company's range of ATP stimulants can address many of the leading health concerns, even minimizing risks such as memory loss, and reducing risk from heart and brain function issues. Research has also shown users to gain a natural immunity and energy boost when taking the supplement. "My research team have harnessed the power of nature to develop our product range, supporting our claims with in-depth scientific research," explains Yun Jeong-man, CEO of KIPPO Science. "We found that age alone is not what causes disease, but the increased oxidation that occurs with the loss of natural ATP production. In a similar way to how an electric car stops when there is no longer electricity, the human heart cannot power without ATP." "For this reason, we developed our ATP-boosting line of KIPPO supplements, and our new website showcases the products and explains the benefits further," he adds. According to research from the United States National Library of Medicine, over 80 percent of the world's population are now using herbal medicine as part of their primary healthcare. Click here to see the site and find out more. Company Name: KIPPO Science Limited. Contact Person: Youna Oh Email: Phone: 81-3-6711-4061 Address: Rm 402, 4/F, New Landwide Comm. Bldg., 73 Kimberley Rd., TST, KLN, Country: Hong Kong Website: Or PR Agency InterAd, Inc. multimedia:
KIPPO Science Limited 是一家以科学论证和研究支持其系列草药补充剂的公司,已正式推出其新网站。 公司的先锋产品通过改善人的腺苷三磷酸腺苷( ATP )系统,改善线粒体系统的恢复。这种有机化合物是所有生物细胞中的一种营养和能量,从25岁开始每年减少1%,从50岁开始每年减少25%。ATP 减少的主要原因是免疫系统减弱和疾病增加。 在云杰曼总统的领导下, KIPPO 科学有限公司试图找到一种利用天然草药刺激身体自我产生 ATP 的方法。为了回应西方评论员、医生和制药公司的普遍质疑, KIPPO 科学有限公司以科学研究支持产品索赔。 公司的一系列 ATP 兴奋剂可以解决许多领先的健康问题,甚至最大限度地降低记忆丧失等风险,并减少心脏和大脑功能问题带来的风险。研究还表明,使用者在服用补充剂时获得了天然的免疫力和能量提升。 KIPPO Science 首席执行官 Yun Jeong-man 解释说:“我的研究团队利用大自然的力量开发我们的产品系列,通过深入的科学研究支持我们的主张。” “我们发现,年龄本身并不是导致疾病的原因,而是随着自然 ATP 产量的减少而增加的氧化。同样的,当不再有电的时候,电动车是如何停止的,如果没有 ATP ,人类的心脏就不能用电了。” “出于这个原因,我们开发了我们的 ATP 系列 KIPPO 补充剂,我们的新网站展示了产品,并进一步解释了好处,”他补充说。 根据美国国家医学图书馆的研究,全世界80%以上的人口现在都在使用草药作为他们的初级保健。 单击此处查看网站并查找更多信息。http://kippatp 。com / wh-is-atp 公司名称: KIPPO 科学有限公司. 联系人:噢 电子邮件:216167@ 电话:81-3-6711-4061 地址:新界北总区4楼402室。。73 Kimberley Rd 。九龙尖沙咀 国家:香港 网站: http://kippatp 。com / 或 公关公司 InterAd 公司。 216167@ 多媒体:。html