Osteolabs GmbH Successfully Closes Seed Financing Round


2019-06-19 11:35:00 BioSpace


Osteolabs GmbH today announced the successful closing of its seed financing round with contributions by Seed und Start-Up Fonds II of MBG Kiel , Laboratory MVZ Dr. Krause und Kollegen and two life sciences related business angels. The funds will be used for further expansion of osteolabs GmbH and for commercialization of its novel proprietary test for osteoporosis. Osteolabs GmbH was founded in 2018 as a spin-off from GEOMAR institute (Kiel, Germany) under leadership of Dr. Stefan Kloth as co-founder and Managing Director. Osteolabs´ goal is to successfully commercialize its proprietary test for osteoporosis which has been developed over the past years at Prof. Dr. Anton Eisenhauer research group at GEOMAR. This novel test for osteoporosis is capable of providing early insights into osteoporosis development based on a simple urine or blood sample. To date, such testing requires use of X-ray technology with a potential exposure risk for patients. In most of these cases, a diagnosis is only asserted when osteoporosis already occured. Osteoporosis affects many patients, most notably every 2nd women over the age of 50. This disease develops through continuous depletion of calcium in the bone and hence reduction of the skeleton stability which ultimately leads to bone fractures. Over the past months, osteolabs GmbH has achieved several key milestones including patent protection for its novel testing method and also successful performance of a first clinical validation study which led to successful CE marking. Moreover, first clinical results were recently published in a peer-reviewed journal (Eisenhauer et al., Bone Reports 10 (2019) 100200).   „With these new funds, osteolabs GmbH is in a unique position to start with a broader commercialization of its novel osteoporosis testing with a primary focus on German-speaking countries. First patient samples were already successfully analyzed over the last weeks“, said Dr. Stefan Kloth, Managing Director. „We are also very encouraged about our new testing approach based on the feedback we have received from several scientific conferences lately.
Osteolabs GmbH 今天宣布,成功结束其种子融资回合,由 MBG Kiel 的种子和启动基金 II ,实验室 MVZ 博士 Krause und Kollegen 和两个生命科学相关的商业天使的贡献。 这些资金将用于进一步扩大骨实验室有限公司的规模,并将其用于骨质疏松症的新专利试验商业化。Osteolabs GmbH 成立于2018年,是在 Stefan Kloth 博士的领导下,从 GEOMAR 研究所(德国基尔)分拆出来的,作为联合创始人兼董事总经理。Osteolabs 的目标是成功地将其针对骨质疏松的专利测试商业化。GEOMAR 的 AntonEisenhauer 博士研究小组。这项针对骨质疏松症的新测试能够提供基于简单尿液或血液样本的骨质疏松症发展的早期洞察。到目前为止,这种测试需要使用 X 射线技术,对病人有潜在的暴露风险。在大多数情况下,只有当骨质疏松症已经发生时才能确诊。骨质疏松症影响许多病人,最明显的是每2个妇女超过50岁。这种疾病通过骨骼中钙的持续消耗而发展,从而降低骨骼的稳定性,最终导致骨折。 在过去的几个月中,骨实验室公司已经取得了几个关键的里程碑,包括其新的测试方法的专利保护和第一个临床验证研究的成功表现,导致成功的 CE 标志。此外,首次临床结果最近发表在同行评议的杂志上( Eisenhauer 等人, Bone Reports 10(2019)100200)。 "有了这些新的资金,骨质疏松症实验室股份有限公司就有了一个独特的地位,可以从其新型骨质疏松症测试的更广泛商业化开始,主要侧重于德语国家。在过去的几周里,第一批病人的样本已经成功地进行了分析。“我们也非常鼓舞我们的新测试方法,基于我们最近从几次科学会议收到的反馈。