Oregon governor signs bill in effort to rein in marijuana oversupply


2019-06-21 12:00:00 mjbizdaily


Oregon Gov. Kay Brown signed a bill into law that enables state regulators to deny new cultivation licenses in efforts to curb a cannabis glut that has led to price crashes and illicit market sales in the state. Senate Bill 218 specifically gives the Oregon Liquor Control Commission authority to refuse to issue grower licenses for as much time “that the commission determines necessary” based on supply and demand. The new law could greatly benefit cannabis businesses that have experienced sharp price drops and increasing competition from bigger players. The law also is designed to reduce diversions to the illicit market that sparked federal prosecutors to threaten a crackdown.
俄勒冈州州长.Kay Brown 签署了一项法案,使州监管机构能够拒绝颁发新的种植许可证,以遏制大麻过剩,导致价格暴跌和非法市场在该州的销售。 参议院218号法案明确赋予俄勒冈州酒类管理委员会权力,在委员会根据供需情况决定必要的时间内拒绝发放种植者执照。 新的法律将极大地有利于经历了大幅降价和更大规模竞争的大麻企业。 该法律还旨在减少对非法市场的转移,这引发了联邦检察官威胁要打击非法市场。