VIVO Announces Strategic Investment in Friendly Stranger

Friendly Stranger获VIVO Cannabis125万美元投资,推动其扩张加拿大大麻市场

2019-06-25 07:16:00 CFN Media Group


VIVO Cannabis Inc. is pleased to announce that it has made a $1.25 million strategic investment in Friendly Stranger Holdings Corp. , a longstanding retail champion of cannabis culture. The investment is intended to facilitate Friendly Stranger’s aggressive cannabis retail expansion plans, with a goal of bringing multiple retail stores to the Canadian market. “VIVO is focused on expanding capacity and increasing production capability to help meet the growing demand for cannabis among recreational users,” stated Barry Fishman, Chief Executive Officer of VIVO. “Friendly Stranger has been an iconic brand in the Canadian cannabis sector for more than 25 years and we believe trusted retailers are integral to showcasing our premium family of brands, including Canna Farms™, Fireside™, and Lumina™. We have actively sought strategic partnerships with retailers to establish strong relationships with existing and future leaders in the cannabis industry. We look forward to working with Friendly Stranger to advance their premium adult-use cannabis retail strategy in Ontario and throughout Canada.” “We look forward to welcoming VIVO to the Friendly Stranger family,” said James Jesty, President, Friendly Stranger Holdings Corp.  “With a strategic investment from VIVO, we have additional capital to execute the first phase of our growth strategy to scale and evolve the business. This will include operating several locations fully licenced to sell adult-use cannabis, pending Ontario granting additional licences. VIVO is an ideal partner for us and their line of premium cannabis products aligns well with our brand.”
VIVO Cannabis Inc .高兴地宣布,它已对 Friendly Stranger Holdings Corp .进行了125万美元的战略投资,该公司长期是大麻文化的零售冠军企业。这笔投资旨在促进 Friendly Stranger 雄心勃勃的大麻零售扩张计划,目标是将多家零售商店引入加拿大市场。 VIVO 首席执行官巴里•菲什曼( Barry Fishman )表示:“ VIVO 的重点是扩大产能和提高生产能力,以帮助满足娱乐用户对大麻日益增长的需求。”“ Friendly Stranger 在加拿大大麻行业已有25年多的历史,我们相信值得信赖的零售商是展示我们高端品牌系列的重要组成部分,包括 Canna Farms ™、 Fireside ™和Lumina ™。我们积极寻求与零售商建立战略伙伴关系,与大麻行业现有和未来的领导者建立牢固的关系。我们期待着与 Friendly Stranger 合作,推进他们在安大略省和整个加拿大的优质成人用大麻零售战略。” Friendly Stranger Holdings Corp .总裁詹姆斯•杰斯蒂( James Jesty )表示:“我们期待着欢迎 VIVO 加入友好陌生人家族。通过 VIVO 的战略投资,我们有额外的资本来执行我们的增长战略的第一阶段,以扩大和发展业务。这将包括在安大略省颁发额外许可证之前,经营几个完全许可出售成人用大麻的地点。VIVO 是我们的理想合作伙伴,他们的优质大麻产品系列与我们的品牌非常吻合。”