FSD Pharma Receives Full “Sale for Medical Purposes” Cannabis License from Health Canada

FSD Pharma公司获得加拿大卫生部医疗用途大麻销售完全许可

2019-06-25 16:08:00 CFN Media Group


FSD Pharma Inc. , announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary FV Pharma Inc. has received its Full Sale for Medical Purposes license to sell cannabis under the Cannabis Act . The license is effective as of June 21, 2019. The latest amendment to the license, originally granted on April 18, 2019, allows the FSD facility in Cobourg, Ontario to supply and sell cannabis products, including dried and fresh cannabis to the medicinal use marketplace. FV Pharma can now begin delivering cannabis to patients who hold prescriptions from authorized healthcare providers. Raza Bokhari, M.D., Executive Co-Chairman and CEO stated, “Achieving this final step in the sales licensing process is much awaited positive news for all of our shareholders and stakeholders. I am grateful for their continued support and patience. Everyone at our Cobourg facility has worked diligently under the leadership of Dr. Sara May, who deserves special recognition for her commitment to excellence. We can now serve the needs of patients who rely on medicinal cannabis products to manage a range of illnesses and diseases.” Dr. Bokhari continued, “We would not have realized this coveted milestone without the vision and missionary commitment of our founders Zeeshan Saeed and Anthony Durkacz, who right from the outset through sheer grit, hard work and unwavering conviction in the promise of the medicinal cannabis ecosystem, provided their tireless support to me as board members and trusted colleagues and others before me to make this day possible. I am thankful for their support and the vote of confidence of the entire FSD Pharma Board of Directors, as we begin writing the next chapters of the FSD Pharma story.” FSD Pharma is focused on the development of the highest quality indoor grown, pharmaceutical grade cannabis and on the research and development of novel cannabinoid-based treatments for several central nervous system disorders, including chronic pain, fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome. The Company has 25,000 square feet that is licensed at its Ontario facility and expansion is currently underway. FSD facilities sit on 70 acres of land with 40 acres primed for development and an expansion capability of up to 3,896,000 square feet by 2025. FSD’s wholly-owned subsidiary, FV Pharma, is a licensed producer under the Cannabis Act and Regulations, having received its cultivation license on October 13, 2017 and its Sale for Medical Purposes license on April 18, 2019. FV Pharma’s vision is to transform its current headquarters in a Kraft plant in Cobourg, Ontario into the largest hydroponic indoor grow facility in the world. FV Pharma intends to cover all aspects of this exciting new industry, including cultivation, legal, processing, manufacturing, extracts and research and development.
FSD Pharma Inc .今日宣布,其全资子公司 FV Pharma Inc .已根据《坎纳比斯法案》获得了出售大麻的医疗用途许可证。该许可证自2019年6月21日起生效。 许可证的最新修订最初于2019年4月18日授予,允许安大略省科堡的 FSD 设施向药物使用市场供应和销售大麻产品,包括干大麻和新鲜大麻。FV Pharma 现在可以开始向持有授权医疗保健提供者处方的患者提供大麻。 Raza Bokhari ,医学博士(M.D.).执行联席主席兼首席执行官说,“对我们所有的股东和利益相关者来说,在销售许可过程中实现这一最后步骤是非常值得期待的积极消息。我感谢他们的持续支持和耐心。我们 Cobourg 工厂的每个人都在 SaraMay 博士的领导下勤奋工作,她对卓越的承诺值得特别认可。我们现在可以满足依赖药用大麻产品来管理一系列疾病和疾病的患者的需求。” Bokhari 博士继续说,“如果没有我们的创始人 Zeeshan Saeed 和 Anthony Durkacz 的远见和传教承诺,我们就不会实现这一令人垂涎的里程碑,他们从一开始就对药用大麻生态系统的承诺进行了纯粹的艰苦努力和坚定的信念,作为董事会成员、值得信赖的同事和我面前的其他人,他们为我提供了不懈的支持,使这一天成为可能。我感谢他们的支持和整个 FSD 制药董事会的信任投票,因为我们开始写下 FSD 制药公司故事的下一章。” FSD Pharma 专注于开发最优质的室内种植、药用级大麻以及研究和开发新型的基于大麻的治疗多种中枢神经系统疾病的药物,包括慢性疼痛、纤维肌痛和肠易激综合征。该公司在其安大略工厂拥有25,000平方英尺的许可证,目前正在进行扩建。 FSD 设施占地70英亩,40英亩的土地准备开发,到2025年可扩充能力达3896000平方英尺。 FSD 的全资子公司 FV Pharma 系 Cannabis Act and Regulation 旗下的特许生产商,已于2017年10月13日取得种植许可,并于2019年4月18日取得医疗用途销售许可。FV Pharma 的愿景是将其目前位于安大略省 Cobourg 的卡夫工厂的总部改造成世界上最大的水培室内种植设施。FV Pharma 拟涵盖该令人兴奋的新产业的所有方面,包括种植、法律、加工、制造、提取物和研发。