Roche's Genentech debuts cancer cell-fighting video game


2019-06-25 22:03:00 FiercePharma


Roche’s Genentech's latest innovation targets cancer cells—in a video game. Called “Tumor Quest,” the game is aimed at engaging people in an out-of-the-ordinary way to talk about tumor types and biomarker testing. The game begins with a short intro video about genomic profiling and testing, with players then able to choose from three different paths—non-specific, tumor-specific or tumor-agnostic—to try to eliminate cancer cells. Tumor Quest uses “Bejeweled” type matching play, where players line up three or more mutations associated with different tumor types that then disappear. For instance, in tumor-agnostic, a player earns points for matching a colon, lung and pancreas based on the same mutation. Genentech launched the game on its website around ASCO earlier this month knowing that many of its priority audiences would be attending. Genentech promoted it on Twitter (@genentech), shared it on Facebook and LinkedIn and sent it to key influencers in the community. “While (personalized medicine) is obviously an extremely complex topic, we’ve peeled it back to its most basic concepts to hopefully make it easy to understand how we can tailor treatments based on the unique biology of an individual’s cancer. And we’ve used a gaming platform that will feel familiar and intuitive to most players,” Josh Baldwin, Genentech's director of digital strategy and channels, corporate relations, said in an email interview. For Genentech, the video game is the latest in trying to engage people with content that goes beyond traditional editorial and video, which have already included animations, comic strips, podcasts and other video games. The goal is to boost low public awareness around biological markers and individualized treatment options, said Meghan Cox, Genentech senior manager in corporate relations. “We’re learning more and more from every person’s experience with cancer. Now, advances in science and technology are helping us reveal what’s driving cancer and how to target it. This game helps to underscore the importance of combining advanced diagnostics that can identify these drivers and medicines that can target them to find the right treatment for each person diagnosed with cancer,” she said. Roche, which recently picked up a first approval in Japan for targeted cancer med Rozlytrek, has also partnered with Merck & Co. to develop pan-cancer diagnostic testing to detect the mismatch repair deficiency biomarker (dMMR) in solid tumors regardless of their location. Roche has also launched a new automated in vitro diagnostic to detect tropomyosin receptor kinase (TRK) proteins in cancer, which the company hopes will have potential use in a range of solid tumor types and site-agnostic targeted therapies.
罗氏(Roche)基因泰克(Genentech)技术公司的最新创新目标是肿瘤细胞——在视频游戏中。这款名为“肿瘤探索”的游戏旨在让人们以一种非常规的方式谈论肿瘤类型和生物标志物检测。 游戏开始于一个关于基因组分析和测试的简短的内向视频,玩家可以从三个不同的路径选择——非特异性、肿瘤特异性或肿瘤不可知性——试图消除癌细胞。肿瘤 Quest 使用“ Begemined ”类型匹配游戏,玩家将与不同肿瘤类型相关的三个或多个突变排列在一起,然后消失。例如,在不确定肿瘤的情况下,玩家可以根据相同的突变获得与结肠、肺和胰腺匹配的点数。 基因泰克(Genentech)技术公司在其网站基因上推出了这款游戏。本月早些时候,在 ASCO 周围的网站上,它知道许多优先受众将出席。基因泰克(Genentech)在 Twitter (@ genentech )上推广了它,在 Facebook 和 LinkedIn 上分享了它,并将其发送给社区的主要影响者。 “尽管(个性化医学)显然是一个极其复杂的话题,但我们将它重新审视到了最基本的概念,希望能让我们更容易理解我们如何根据个体癌症的独特生物学来定制治疗方案。基因泰克(Genentech)数字战略与渠道、企业关系总监 Josh Baldwin 在接受电子邮件采访时表示:“我们使用的游戏平台对大多数玩家来说都是熟悉和直观的。” 对于基因泰克(Genentech)技术公司来说,这款视频游戏是试图让人们接触到超越传统编辑和视频内容的最新游戏,这些内容已经包括动画、连环漫画、播客和其他视频游戏。 基因泰克(Genentech)公司关系高级经理 Meghan Cox 表示,目标是提高公众对生物标志物和个体化治疗方案的认识。 “我们越来越多地从每个人的癌症经验中学习。现在,科学和技术的进步帮助我们揭示了是什么导致癌症,以及如何控制癌症。这一游戏有助于强调将先进诊断技术结合起来的重要性,这些诊断技术能够识别出这些驱动因素和药物,从而为每一个被诊断出患有癌症的人找到合适的治疗方法。” 罗氏( Roche )最近在日本首次获得了靶向癌症药物 Rozletrek 的批准,该公司还与默克公司( Merck & Co .)合作开发了泛癌症诊断测试,以检测实体肿瘤的错配修复缺陷生物标志物( dMMR ),而不论其位置如何。罗氏(Roche)公司还推出了一种新型的自动化体外诊断技术,用于检测肿瘤中的肌球蛋白受体激酶( TRK )蛋白,公司希望该技术在一系列实体瘤类型和现场不可知靶向治疗中有潜在的应用。