Acutus, Maker of Next-Gen Electrophysiology Tech, Adds $100M Series D


2019-06-27 09:07:00 Xconomy


A company that makes a mapping system to help doctors see high-resolution, 3D images of irregular heart rhythms in real time has raised $100 million in venture investment and a $70 million credit facility to fund its full-scale market launch. Acutus Medical, based in the northern San Diego community of Carlsbad, was founded in 2011. The company’s flagship product, dubbed AcQMap, uses ultrasound to allow physicians to see what is causing a patient’s irregular heartbeat, also known as an arrhythmia. About 2.7 million people in the US experience the most common type of arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation, according to the American Heart Association. The condition, in which the upper chambers of the heart beat irregularly, can increase a person’s risk of stroke and other heart problems. The AcQMap system can provide a clinician a visual of what’s going on in the heart during a procedure that is commonly used to treat arrhythmia, known as ablation, during which tissue that is believed to be causing the irregular rhythm is destroyed. “It can be done in about 60 seconds … [which] gives the physician the ability to not only quickly diagnose what’s going on, but also, after they do their first series of therapeutic ablations … quickly remap and see what they did,” says CEO Vince Burgess, who took on the top role at the company in 2017. Burgess is a venture partner with New York-based OrbiMed, the healthcare-focused investment firm that led Acutus’s $28 million Series B financing round in 2013. Prior to joining OrbiMed in 2010, Burgess was at another medical device company, Volcano. He was part of the founding executive team of the company, which was acquired after he left, in 2014, by Philips (NYSE: PHG) for $1.2 billion. In 2016, Acutus raised a $75 million Series C round led by Deerfield Management. Acutus closed its Series D round last week, in which existing backers OrbiMed, Deerfield, Advent Venture Partners, Xeraya Capital, and GE Ventures participated. New investors, including 8VC, Opaleye Management, and Pura Vida Investments, also participated. OrbiMed and Deerfield provided the $70 million credit facility. With the new money it has raised, Acutus is hiring “aggressively” to bolster its commercialization efforts in the US and in Europe, Burgess says in a telephone interview. By year’s end he anticipates the company will have about 200 employees, up from its current headcount of about 150, about 100 of which are based in San Diego County. In addition to rolling out a full market launch in both regions, Burgess says the company plans to continue to make acquisitions. Just last month it announced it had agreed to acquire Rhythm Xience, a San Francisco-based medical device maker, as well as three new strategic partnerships. “Those business development activities are really centered around allowing our company to become a full-line electrophysiology (EP) company, rather than being simply a mapping system,” Burgess says. “We’ve nearly completed a build-out of a full EP product line. We should be able to provide our EP customers nearly everything they use in ablation procedures on a day-in, day-out basis.” Companies including Abbott (NYSE: ABT) and Boston Scientific (NYSE: BSX) have also developed cardiac mapping systems. As part of the build-out of the commercial team at Acutus, the company last year brought on a new chief commercial officer, Mike Iversen, who previously held leadership positions at Biotronik and at Boston Scientific.
一家公司制作了一套地图系统,帮助医生实时看到高分辨率、3D 图像的不规则心律,该公司已筹集了1亿美元的风险投资和7000万美元的信贷机制,为其全面市场推出提供资金。 总部位于圣地亚哥北部卡尔斯巴德社区的 Acutus Medical 成立于2011年。该公司的旗舰产品 AcQMap 被称为 AcQMap ,它使用超声波来让医生了解导致病人心律不齐的原因,也就是心律失常。 根据美国心脏协会的数据,美国大约有270万人经历了最常见的心律失常,即心房颤动。这种情况下,心脏上腔不规则地跳动,会增加一个人中风和其他心脏问题的风险。 AcQMap 系统可以为临床医生提供一种在治疗心律不齐的过程中发生的事情的视觉,这种过程通常被用来治疗心律失常,被称为消融,在此过程中,被认为造成不规则节奏的组织被破坏。 “它可以在大约60秒内完成……(这)使医生不仅能够快速诊断正在发生的事情,而且在他们做了第一系列治疗性消融之后……迅速重新拍摄,看看他们做了什么,”首席执行官文斯•伯吉斯( Vince Burgess )说。伯吉斯于2017年在该公司担任首席执行官。 Burgess 是总部位于纽约的 OrbiMed 的风险合伙人。 OrbiMed 是一家专注于医疗保健的投资公司,在2013年带领 Accutus 进行了价值2800万美元的 B 轮融资。在2010年加入 OrbiMed 之前, Burgess 曾在另一家医疗设备公司 Volcano 工作。他是该公司创始高管团队的一员,该团队是飞利浦在2014年离开后以12亿美元收购的。 2016年, Acutus 筹集了7500万美元的 C 轮融资,由 Deere 管理层牵头。 Accutus 上周结束了 D 轮融资,现有投资者 OrbiMed 、 Deere 、 Advent Venture Partners 、 Xeraya Capital 和 GE Ventures 都参与了融资。包括8VC 、 Opaleye Management 和 Pura Vida Investments 在内的新投资者也参与了本次发行。OrbiMed 和 Deere 提供了7000万美元的信贷服务。 Burgess 在一次电话采访中表示,凭借其筹集的新资金, Accutus 正“积极”招聘,以支持其在美国和欧洲的商业化努力。到今年年底,他预计公司将拥有约200名员工,而目前的员工总数约为150人,其中约100人位于圣地亚哥。 Burgess 表示,除了在这两个地区全面推出市场外,该公司还计划继续进行收购。就在上个月,该公司宣布已同意收购总部位于旧金山的医疗设备制造商 Rhythm Xience ,以及三家新的战略合作伙伴。 Burgess 说:“这些业务开发活动实际上是围绕着让我们的公司成为一家全系列电生理( EP )公司,而不是一个简单的地图系统。”“我们几乎完成了整个 EP 产品线的构建。我们应该能够为我们的 EP 客户提供几乎所有他们在日常的烧蚀过程中使用的东西。” 包括雅培(Abbott)( NYSE : ABT )和波士顿科学(Boston Scientific)( NYSE : BSX )在内的公司也开发了心脏映射系统。 作为 Accutus 商业团队建设的一部分,该公司去年聘请了新的首席商务官 Mike Iversen ,他曾在 Biotronik 和波士顿科学(Boston Scientific)担任领导职务。