Latham & Watkins Advises Frontier Medicines in $67 Million Series A Financing for Development of Novel Medicines


2019-06-28 12:36:00 BioSpace


Frontier Medicines has announced the closing of a Series A Preferred Stock financing round of $67 million led by Deerfield Management, Droia Oncology Ventures and MPM Capital, with participation from DCVC Bio , RA Capital Management and other investors, as detailed in the company’s press release. Frontier Medicines is an emerging pre-clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing breakthrough medicines to redefine the course of debilitating diseases, starting with cancer. Latham & Watkins LLP represented Frontier Medicines in the transaction with a Silicon Valley- based team led by partner Alan Mendelson with counsel Steven Green and associate Colin Smith. Advice was also provided on intellectual property matters by Silicon Valley partner Judith Haskowith associate Peggy Ni; and on benefits and compensation matters by Silicon Valley partner Maj Vaseghi.
Frontier Medicines 已宣布结束由 Deere 管理层、 Dria Oncology Ventures 和 MPM Capital 牵头、 DCVC Bio 、 RA Capital Management 等投资者参与的 A 系列优先股融资轮6700万美元。Frontier Medicines 是一家新兴的临床前阶段生物制药公司,开发突破性的药物,以重新定义使疾病衰弱的过程,从癌症开始。 Latham & Watkins LLP 代表 Frontier Medicines 与合伙人 AlanMendelson 领导的硅谷团队进行交易,该团队的顾问为 Steven Green ,助理为 Colin Smith 。硅谷合作伙伴 Judith Haskowith 协理 Peggy Ni 还就知识产权问题以及硅谷合作伙伴 Maj Vasghi 的福利和赔偿问题提供了咨询意见。