Pfizer's Eucrisa Proves Safety in Kids with Atopic Dermatitis


2019-07-04 10:00:00 Zacks


Pfizer Inc. PFE announced top-line results from a late-stage study, which evaluated its PDE4 inhibitor, Eucrisa , for the treatment of mild to moderate atopic dermatitis or eczmema in children aged three months to two years. The steroid-free topical treatment is already approved for eczema in patients aged two years and older in the United States and Canada. The drug is also marketed in Israel and Australia under the brand name Staquis for the given patient population. The phase IV CrisADe CARE 1 study showed that Eucrisa was well-tolerated over a four- week regimen and its safety profile was consistent with the previous clinical studies. Pfizer plans to present detail results from this label expansion study at an upcoming scientific conference. Shares of Pfizer have inched up 0.3% so far this year, underperforming the industry’s rise of 2.1%. We would like to remind investors that Pfizer added Eucrisa to its portfolio with the acquisition of Anacor Pharmaceuticals in June 2016. The company estimates Eucrisa’s peak sales potential to be at least $2 billion. Another interesting eczema candidate in Pfizer’s portfolio is its investigational JAK1 inhibitor, abrocitinib. In May this year, the company announced that a pivotal late-stage study evaluating abrocitinib for the treatment of moderate-to-severe AD, met all the co-primary and secondary endpoints. The phase III program (B7451012) examined two doses (100mg and 200mg once daily) of abrocitinib (PF-04965842) monotherapy in patients aged 12 and above for over 12 weeks. Notably, many companies are developing medicines to address AD/eczema. A key new entrant in the AD market is Sanofi SNY/Regeneron Pharmaceuticals’ REGN Dupixent. Others also developing key immunology candidates in late-stage studies for AD include AbbVie (upadacitinib) and Lilly LLY (Olumiant). Zacks Rank Pfizer currently carries a Zacks Rank #3 (Hold).
辉瑞(Pfizer)公司( Pfizer Inc .)公布了一项晚期研究的结果,该研究对其 PDE4抑制剂 Eucrisa 进行了评估,用于治疗3个月至2岁儿童的轻度至中度特应性皮炎或湿疹。 在美国和加拿大,无类固醇外用治疗已经被批准用于两岁以上患者的湿疹。该药物还在以色列和澳大利亚上市,以给定患者群体的名字 Staquis 。 IV 期 Cristide CARE 1研究表明,在4周的养生法中, Eucrisa 的耐受性良好,其安全性与以前的临床研究一致。辉瑞(Pfizer)公司计划在即将召开的一次科学会议上公布这一标签扩展研究的详细结果。 今年迄今,辉瑞(Pfizer)股价微涨0.3%,表现逊于该行业2.1%的涨幅。 我们想提醒投资者,辉瑞(Pfizer)在2016年6月收购 Anacor Pharmaceuticals 后,将 Eucrisa 纳入其投资组合。该公司估计, Eucrisa 的最高销售额可能至少为20亿美元。 辉瑞(Pfizer)投资组合中另一个有趣的湿疹候选者是其研究的 JAK1抑制剂 Abracitinib 。今年5月,公司宣布一项关键的晚期研究评价阿霉素用于治疗中重度 AD ,满足所有共同的一级和二级终点。 第三阶段方案( B7451012)检查了12岁及以上患者12周以上的阿霉素( PF-04965842)两次剂量(100mg 和200mg / d )。 值得注意的是,许多公司正在开发治疗 AD /湿疹的药物。AD 市场的一个关键新进入者是赛诺菲(Sanofi) SNY / Regeneron Pharmaceuticals 的 REN Dupixent 。其他在 AD 后期研究中开发关键免疫候选药物的包括艾伯维(AbbVie)( upadacitinib )和礼来(Lilly) LLY ( Olumiant )。 扎克斯排名 辉瑞(Pfizer)公司目前排名第三(持有)。