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Harvest One完成收购Delivra所有股份,计划扩大其大麻制品市场份额

2019-07-08 10:23:00 Business Times


Harvest One Cannabis Inc. and Delivra Corp. have announced that they have completed the previously announced plan of arrangement under the provisions of the Business Corporations Act , pursuant to which Harvest One acquired all of the issued and outstanding common shares of Delivra. "We are delighted to close this transaction and welcome Delivra to the Harvest One team," said Grant Froese, chief executive officer of Harvest One. "The addition of the LivRelief brand to our existing product portfolio emphasizes our goal of becoming a global leader in the health, wellness and self-care sector. There are significant synergies between both organizations and we expect an expeditious integration. We will look to expand the development of Delivra's products globally with an expanded reach of the current formulation and new products, including cannabinoid-infused products, when and where legal." Dr. Joseph Gabriele, director, chief executive officer and chief scientific officer of Delivra, added, "Harvest One's health and wellness strategy coupled with their expanding distribution capabilities will ensure that our LivRelief product will reach more people in Canada and beyond. Delivra shareholders showed overwhelming support for this transaction and we look forward to the next stage of our development as part of the Harvest One team as we extend our reach, our offerings and capitalize on markets where CBD infused products are legal."
Harvest One Cannabis Inc .和 Delivra Corp .已宣布,他们已完成先前公布的《商业公司法》规定的安排计划,根据该计划, Harvest One 收购了 Delivra 的全部已发行和已发行普通股。 “我们很高兴完成这笔交易,欢迎 Delivra 加入 Harvest One 团队,” Harvest One 首席执行官 Grant Froese 表示。“ LivRelease 品牌在我们现有的产品组合中的加入强调了我们成为健康、健康和自我保健领域全球领导者的目标。这两个组织之间有很大的协同作用,我们期望迅速融合。我们将寻求在全球范围内扩大 Delivra 产品的开发,扩大现有制剂和新产品的覆盖范围,包括大麻输液产品的合法时间和地点。” Delivevra 的董事、首席执行官和首席科学官 Joseph Gabriele 博士补充说:“ Harvest One 的健康和健康战略以及不断扩大的分销能力将确保我们的 LivRelief 产品将覆盖更多的加拿大人和更多的人。Delivra 股东对本次交易表示了压倒性的支持,我们期待着我们作为 Harvest One 团队的一部分,在我们扩大业务范围、提供产品和利用 CBD 注入产品合法的市场方面,我们的发展进入下一阶段。”