Mylan Falls on Report That EpiPen Shortage Is Hurting Patients and Pharmacists


2019-07-11 14:06:00


Shares of drugmaker Mylan (MYL - Get Report)  were falling Wednesday following a Bloomberg report on the shortage of the company's life-saving EpiPen anti-allergy injectors and how it was affecting pharmacists and patients.  The Food and Drug Administration last May said that supplies of the device were waning and the cheaper alternatives, including one produced by Mylan, have been hard to secure thanks to "uneven distribution, the reluctance of insurers to pay for similar treatments and uneasiness with unfamiliar products," according to Bloomberg.  To combat the shortage, earlier this week Novartis  (NVS - Get Report) announced that it was making its generic pre-filled epinephrine shots available immediately at pharmacies across the U.S.  The wholesale price for a two-pack of adult-dose syringes made by Novartis is $250, lower than the $300 charged by Mylan for the generic version of its EpiPen.  Amneal Pharmaceuticals (AMRX - Get Report)  on Wednesday cut its 2019 core earnings forecast due to the uncertainty about the supply of epinephrine auto-injectors. The company now expects full year EBITDA between $425 million and $475 million compared with its previous forecast between $600 million and $650 million.  Mylan fell 3.3% on Wednesday to $18.97, while Amneal dropped 33.85% to $4.51.
制药企业迈兰(Mylan)的股价周三下跌,此前彭博( Bloomberg )报道称,该公司拯救生命的 Eppen 抗过敏注射器短缺,以及它对药剂师和患者的影响。 据彭博社报道,美国食品药品监督管理局(Food and Drug Administration)( FoodandDrugAdministration )去年5月表示,由于“分布不均,保险公司不愿支付类似的治疗费用,以及对不熟悉的产品感到不安”,该设备的供应正在减少,包括迈兰(Mylan)生产的一种更便宜的替代品也很难获得。 为应对短缺,本周早些时候,诺华(Novartis)公司( NVS-GetReport )宣布,将在全美国的药店立即提供普通的预填充肾上腺素疫苗。 诺华(Novartis)公司生产的两包成人剂量注射器的批发价是250美元,低于迈兰(Mylan)公司生产的 Epippen 仿制药300美元。 Amneal Pharmaceuticals ( AMRX-Get Report )周三下调了2019年核心盈利预测,原因是肾上腺素自动注射器供应存在不确定性。该公司现在预计全年 EBITDA 在4.25亿至4.75亿美元之间,而之前的预测为6亿至6.5亿美元。 周三迈兰(Mylan)下跌3.3%,至18.97美元,而 Amneal 下跌33.85%,至4.51美元。