GSK's two-drug HIV Dovato treatment meets main goal in study


2019-07-11 18:02:00 YAHOO!FINANCE


GlaxoSmithKline Plc's two-drug HIV regimen Dovato was successful in suppressing the AIDS-causing virus in patients over 48 weeks at the same level of a previous three-drug treatment in a late-stage trial, the drugmaker said on Wednesday. Dovato, a combination of dolutegravir and lamivudine, was approved in the United States in April for newly-diagnosed patients, boosting the British drugmaker's prospects against Gilead Sciences Inc, which currently leads the HIV treatment market. Liberium analyst Graham Doyle said the study results will add to the data package supporting Dovato as GSK aims to convince doctors that two drug therapies are just as effective as triple therapies. GSK is betting that a shift to using two drugs rather than three will boost its sales by offering patients a therapy with fewer potentially toxic side effects. The study evaluated the effectiveness of Dovato in adults with the HIV-1 virus, who switched to the regimen from at least a triple combination containing Gilead's Vemlidy, the British company's HIV drugs division ViiV said. ViiV also said adults who used Dovato did not develop any resistance to the treatment. GSK already has a two-drug regimen Juluca on the market, but only for HIV patients that have received prior treatment. Pfizer Inc and Shionogi & Co Ltd also have small stakes in ViiV, which accounted for about 39% of GSK's group operating profit last year, according to UBS analysts. The HIV-1 category has the most widespread strains of the virus, which severely affects the body's immune system.
制药商周三表示,葛兰素史克公司( GlaxoSmithKline Plc )的两养生法药物艾滋病病毒治疗方案 Dovato 在过去的三种药物治疗的相同水平下,成功地在48周内抑制了艾滋病病毒。 杜鲁特格拉韦和拉米夫定的联合用药 Dovato 于今年4月在美国被批准用于新诊断的患者,这提升了英国制药商对 Gilead Sciences Inc .的前景。吉利德科学(Gilead Sciences) Inc 目前是艾滋病毒治疗市场的领导者。 Liberium 分析师 GrahamDoyle 表示,研究结果将增加支持 Dovato 的数据包,因为葛兰素史克(GSK)旨在让医生相信两种药物疗法的疗效与三重疗法一样。 葛兰素史克(GSK)相信,转向使用两种药物而不是三种药物,将为患者提供更少潜在毒副作用的治疗,从而提振销售。 该研究评估了 Dovato 在 HIV-1病毒成人中的有效性。英国公司的 HIV 药物部门 ViiV 表示, Dovato 从至少包含 Gilead'sVemlidy 的三重组合转向了该养生法。 ViiV 还说使用 Dovato 的成年人对治疗没有产生任何耐药性。 葛兰素史克(GSK)已经在市场上推出了两种药物养生法 Juluca ,但仅适用于已接受治疗的 HIV 患者。 据瑞银( UBS )分析师称,辉瑞( Pfizer Inc )和石野寺集团( Shionogi & Co Ltd )也持有 ViiV 的少量股权,去年该公司占葛兰素史克(GSK)集团营业利润的39%左右。 HIV-1类病毒具有最广泛的毒株,严重影响人体免疫系统。