CannTrust’s 72,000 cannabis patients in limbo as embattled company halts sales 

由于陷入困境的 CannTrust 公司停止销售大麻,该公司有7.2万名四肢瘫痪的大麻患者

2019-07-12 16:27:25 mjbizdaily


CannTrust Holdings halted all sales of cannabis products while Canada’s federal regulator inspects its Vaughan, Ontario manufacturing facility. The Ontario company received a “noncompliant” rating earlier this week by Health Canada for operating five unlicensed rooms. That means the company’s 72,000 registered medical patients will have to look to other producers to fill their orders, likely worsening Canada’s supply crunch. CannTrust also established a committee comprised of independent board members to investigate the matter. Health Canada conducted an unannounced inspection at CannTrust’s facility in Pelham on June 17, days after being tipped off about unlicensed cultivation by a former employee. That resulted in “critical observations” and an overall noncompliant rating. CannTrust has until next week to respond to the Health Canada’s report. At that point the regulator will determine the compliance and enforcement action, with growing speculation that the company’s cultivation and sales licenses could be suspended. The company was also found to have shipped some of the unlicensed medical marijuana overseas. CannTrust shares trade as CTST on the New York Stock Exchange and as TRST on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
CannTrust Holdings 停止了大麻产品的所有销售,而加拿大联邦监管机构检查了其位于安大略省沃恩的生产设施。加拿大卫生部( Health Canada )本周早些时候对这家安大略公司进行了“违规”评级,原因是该公司经营着5间无证客房。 这意味着该公司的7.2万名注册医疗患者将不得不寻求其他生产商来完成订单,这可能会加剧加拿大的供应紧张。 佳能信托还成立了一个由独立董事组成的委员会来调查此事。 6月17日,加拿大卫生部( Health Canada )对 CannTrust 位于 Pelham 的工厂进行了一次未经宣布的检查,此前有几天,一名前雇员被告知未经许可的种植。这导致了“关键观察”和整体不符合评级。 CannTrust 必须在下周之前对加拿大卫生部的报告做出回应。 届时,监管机构将决定合规和执法行动,越来越多的人猜测该公司的种植和销售许可证可能被吊销。 该公司还被发现向海外运送了一些未经许可的医用大麻。 CannTrust 的股票在纽约证券交易所交易为 CTST ,在多伦多证券交易所交易为 TRST 。