CannTrust Suspends Sales & Shipments Following Health Canada Crackdown

CannTrust 在加拿大卫生部崩溃后暂停销售和发货

2019-07-13 01:16:17 Ganjapreneur


Embattled Canadian cannabis company CannTrust has voluntarily suspended all sales and shipments of its products after Health Canada found that it had produced cannabis in five unlicensed rooms at a greenhouse. The health agency determined that CannTrust had given them inaccurate information on licensing forms related to the cultivation site. The company announced on Thursday that they had convened a special committee of the board of directors comprised of independent board members  to investigate the matter “in its entirety.” The halting of all sales and shipments by CannTrust comes after Health Canada placed an inventory hold on 5,200 kilograms of flower grown at the company’s Pelham, Ontario facility. In response, CannTrust placed its own voluntary hold on the equivalent of 7,500 kilograms of flower products at its Vaughan, Ontario facility that had been produced using flower from the Pelham greenhouse. The rooms in question had received a license from Health Canada in April, but the company said the flower was grown at the facility from October 2018 to March while the applications for the rooms were still pending. On Thursday, Danish company StenoCare said it had quarantined five batches of cannabis oil produced at CannTrust’s Pelham facility. StenoCare did not indicate how much of the imported CannTrust oil had reached consumers but said all of the products were tested by a third-party laboratory and met health standards for medical cannabis products. CannTrust CEO Peter Aceto admitted that the firm “made errors in judgment” but were working “to make this right.” Neither CannTrust nor StenoCare were able to offer estimates on the financial losses associated with the products. Health Canada is investigating the facilities and initially estimated that action would be complete in 10 to 12 business days. Get daily news insights in your inbox. Subscribe End Authored By: TG is a journalist by trade and has covered cannabis industry news for since 2014. He teaches media studies at an upstate New York university and is also the host of the Ganjapreneur Podcast.
加拿大大麻公司佳能信托( CannTrust )主动暂停其产品的所有销售和发货,此前加拿大卫生部( Health Canada )发现,该公司在一个温室的5个无许可证房间生产大麻。卫生机构认定, CannTrust 向他们提供了与种植场地有关的许可证表格的不准确信息。 该公司周四宣布,他们已经召集了一个由独立董事组成的董事会特别委员会,以“全面”调查此事。 CannTrust 停止所有销售和发货之前,加拿大卫生部( Health Canada )对该公司位于安大略省佩勒姆( Pelham )工厂的5200公斤花卉进行了盘点。作为回应, CannTrust 在其安大略省 Vaughan 工厂自愿持有相当于7500公斤的花卉产品,该工厂是利用 Pelham 温室的花卉生产的。 相关房间已于4月获得加拿大卫生部的许可,但该公司表示,从2018年10月至3月,该设施种植了这朵花,而这些房间的申请仍在等待中。 周四,丹麦 StenoCare 公司表示,已对 CannTrust 旗下 Pelham 工厂生产的5批大麻油进行了隔离。StenoCare 并未说明进口的 CannTrust 石油中有多少已到达消费者手中,但表示所有产品都经过了第三方实验室的测试,并符合医用大麻产品的卫生标准。 佳能信托首席执行官彼得•亚齐托( Peter Acto )承认,该公司“在判断上犯了错误”,但正在努力“纠正这种错误”。CannTrust 和 StenoCare 都无法提供与产品相关的财务损失估计。 加拿大卫生部正在调查这些设施,初步估计行动将在10至12个工作日内完成。 在你的收件箱中获取每日新闻信息。认购 结束 授权人: TG 是一名贸易记者,为 Ganjaprender 报道了大麻行业的新闻。自2014年以来。他在纽约北部的一所大学教授媒体研究,也是甘贾丁·庞德斯特的主持人。