Cronos to Acquire Apotex's Manufacturing Plant in Winnipeg

Cronos通过收购Apotex 84000平方英尺设施进行优质大麻生产

2019-07-15 08:00:00 Zacks


Cronos Group Inc. CRON inked an agreement to acquire an 84,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art GMP compliant fermentation and manufacturing facility in Winnipeg, Canada, from Apotex Fermentation Inc. The facility will operate as Cronos Fermentation and include fully equipped laboratories covering microbiology, organic and analytical chemistry, quality control and method development. Shares of the company have surged 45.8% year to date compared with the industry’s growth of 21.9%. Previously, Cronos Group had entered a partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks to produce cultured cannabinoids. The new facility is expected to provide Cronos Group with the ability to produce cultured cannabinoids at commercial scale once the milestones under that partnership are achieved. Its products are expected to be pure and of good quality. Cronos expects the acquisition to close in the third quarter, with Apotex Fermentation, the current owner of the facility, overseeing a wind-down that is expected to continue through the fall. Commercial production at the facility will start once the equipment alignment for cannabinoid-based production is complete, the company receives appropriate licenses from Health Canada for the production of cultured cannabinoids under the Cannabis Act (Canada) and the achievement of milestones under the Ginkgo partnership. However, the marijuana industry was slightly under pressure. Last week, CannTrust Holdings Inc. CTST announced that its greenhouse facility in Pelham, Ontario, was found non-compliant under certain regulations by Health Canada, as the facility was producing cannabis in five unlicensed rooms for a period of six months (October 2018 to March 2019). Its applications were under review by the regulatory body. Licenses for each of these five rooms were issued in April this year. Moreover, the company’s employees provided inaccurate information to the regulator. Following the inspection, Health Canada placed a hold on approximately 5,200 kg of dried cannabis that was harvested in the unlicensed rooms.  The news comes as a major setback for investors as CannTrust can no longer supply the seized cannabis until it is declared safe by the regulators. Consequently, patients might experience a temporary shortage of products. Apart from CannTrust, companies like GW Pharmaceuticals plc GWPH and Canopy Growth Corp. CGC are discovering, developing and manufacturing drugs from cannabis for various recreational and medicinal purposes. Cronos Group Inc. Price   Cronos Group Inc. price | Cronos Group Inc. Quote   Cronos currently is a Zacks Rank #3 (Hold) stock. You can see the complete list of today’s Zacks #1 Rank (Strong Buy) stocks here. The Hottest Tech Mega-Trend of All Last year, it generated $8 billion in global revenues. By 2020, it's predicted to blast through the roof to $47 billion. Famed investor Mark Cuban says it will produce "the world's first trillionaires," but that should still leave plenty of money for regular investors who make the right trades early.
Cronos Group Inc . CRON 公司与 Apotex Fernance Inc .签订协议,从 Apotex Fernance Inc .收购位于加拿大温尼伯的一家84,000平方英尺、最先进的符合 GMP 要求的发酵和生产设施,该设施将作为 Cronos 发酵设施运营,包括配备齐全的实验室,涵盖微生物学、有机和分析化学。质量控制和方法开发。 与21.9%的行业增长相比,该公司股价今年迄今已飙升45.8%。 此前, Cronos 集团与银杏生物公司建立了合作关系,生产培养的大麻素。该新设施预计将使 Cronos 集团一旦实现该伙伴关系下的里程碑,就能够在商业规模上生产培养的大麻。它的产品应该是纯正的,质量好. Cronos 预计,收购将在第三季度完成,该工厂目前的所有者 Apotex Fertement 将监督一场预计将持续到秋季的风雪。 一旦基于大麻的生产的设备对准完成,该设施的商业生产将开始,该公司将获得加拿大卫生部颁发的适当许可证,用于根据《坎纳比斯法》(加拿大)生产培养的大麻,并实现银杏伙伴关系下的里程碑。 然而,大麻产业略受压力。上周, CannTrust Holdings Inc . CTST 宣布,加拿大卫生部发现其位于安大略省佩勒姆的温室设施不符合某些规定,因为该设施在五个无许可证房间生产大麻,为期六个月(2018年10月至2019年3月)。监管机构正在审查其申请。 今年4月,这五个房间分别获得了许可证。此外,该公司的员工向监管机构提供了不准确的信息。在检查之后,加拿大卫生部对在无许可证的房间里收获的大约5200公斤的大麻进行了限制。 这一消息对投资者来说是一个重大挫折,因为在监管机构宣布大麻安全之前, CannTrust 不能再供应被缉获的大麻。因此,病人可能会遇到产品的暂时短缺。 除了 CannTrust 之外, GW Pharmaceuticals plc GWPH 和 Canopy Growth Corp .等公司正在发现、开发和制造用于各种娱乐和医药用途的大麻药物。 Cronos Group Inc .价格 Cronos Group Inc .价格| Cronos Group Inc .报价 Cronos 目前是 Zacks 排名第3(持有)的股票。你可以看到今天的 Zacks #1排名( Strong Buy )股票的完整列表。 热测技术大趋势 去年,它在全球创造了80亿美元的收入。到2020年,预计将突破屋顶,达到470亿美元。著名投资者 MarkCuban 表示,它将制作“世界上第一个三万亿张”,但这仍将为早期进行正确交易的普通投资者留下大量资金。