AbbVie Enhances Early Stage Oncology Pipeline with Acquisition of Mavupharma


2019-07-16 14:01:00 PR Newswire


AbbVie announced today that it has acquired Seattle-based Mavupharma, a privately held biopharmaceutical company focused on novel approaches to target the STING pathway for the treatment of cancer. STING pathway signaling plays an important role in the generation of an immune response directed at tumors, and enhancing STING signaling has shown promise in a variety of tumor models. STING pathway stimulation has the potential to increase the susceptibility of tumors and broaden treatment options for patients. "AbbVie's vision in oncology is to advance breakthrough areas of science leading to a strong pipeline of innovative cancer therapies," said Steve Davidsen, Ph.D., vice president of oncology discovery, AbbVie. "Mavupharma's platform has the potential to further our immuno-oncology portfolio and assist in the development of transformative medicines for patients." Mavupharma's lead clinical candidate is MAVU-104, a first-in-class, orally active, small molecule inhibitor of ENPP1, an enzyme involved in the regulation of the STING pathway. Inhibiting ENPP1 activity with MAVU-104 allows for highly controlled enhancement of STING signaling in tumors without the need for injections. "AbbVie has built a leadership position in oncology and their world-class capabilities will enable the accelerated development of our pipeline of STING modulators," said Michael Gallatin, Ph.D., former president and a co-founder of Mavupharma. "We made tremendous strides in developing our novel STING modulators and advancing MAVU-104 towards the clinic. We are confident in AbbVie's ability to continue to advance this exciting science for patients," added former chief scientific officer and co-founder Gregory Dietsch, Ph.D. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.  Mavupharma is a drug discovery company focused on novel approaches to selectively targeting the STING pathway, leveraging the innate immune system to treat cancer. Mavupharma was founded in 2016, leveraging the expertise of its founders to invent and characterize novel approaches selectively targeting the STING pathway. Mavupharma completed a $20 Million Series A financing led by Frazier Healthcare Partners and joined by Alpine BioVentures in 2017.
艾伯维(AbbVie)今天宣布,它已经收购了总部位于西雅图的 Mavpharma ,一家私人控股的生物制药公司,专注于以 STING 途径为目标治疗癌症。 STING 通路信号转导在肿瘤免疫应答的产生中起着重要作用,增强 STING 信号转导在多种肿瘤模型中都有应用前景。STING 通路刺激有可能增加肿瘤的易感性,拓宽患者的治疗选择。 “艾伯维(AbbVie)对肿瘤学的愿景是推进科学领域的突破,从而形成一条强有力的创新癌症治疗渠道,”肿瘤发现副总裁 Steve Davidsen 博士说。“ Mavpharma 的平台有潜力进一步推进我们的免疫肿瘤产品组合,并帮助为患者开发转化药物。” Mavpharma 的主要临床候选药物是 MAVU-104,是 ENPP1的一级、口服活性小分子抑制剂,是一种参与调节 STING 途径的酶。用 MAVU-104抑制 ENPP1活性,可以在不需要注射的情况下高度控制肿瘤 STING 信号的增强。 “艾伯维(AbbVie)已经在肿瘤学领域建立了领导地位,他们的世界级能力将使我们的 STING 调制器的管道加速发展,”前总裁兼 Mavpharma 联合创始人迈克尔·加勒廷博士说。 “我们在开发新型 STING 调制器和向临床推进 MAVU-104方面取得了巨大进展。我们对艾伯维(AbbVie)继续推进这一令人兴奋的科学研究的能力充满信心。 本次交易的财务条款未披露。 Mavupharma 是一家药物研发公司,专注于新的方法,选择性地靶向 STING 途径,利用天然免疫系统治疗癌症。MavphaPharmaceuticals 成立于2016年,利用创始人的专业知识,有选择地针对 STING 途径发明和描述新方法。Mavpharma 完成了由 Frazier Healthcare Partners 牵头的2000万美元 A 系列融资,并于2017年加入了 Alpine BioVentures 。