Aurora Cannabis Gets Two New Licences for Outdoor Cultivation

奥罗拉(Aurora) Cannabis 获得两个新的户外栽培许可证

2019-07-16 00:34:37 Investing News Network


New Outdoor research sites in Quebec and British Columbia to study best-in-class cultivation techniques and advance plant science NYSE: ACB  TSX:ACB  EDMONTON, July 15, 2019 /CNW/ - Aurora Cannabis Inc. ("Aurora" or the "Company") (NYSE: ACB) (TSX: ACB), the Canadian company defining the future of cannabis worldwide, today announced that it has received Health Canada licenses for outdoor cultivation at two Canadian sites. The new sites in Quebec and British Columbia will be used for cultivation research to develop new technology, genetics and intellectual property in order to drive sustainable, high-quality outdoor production. Aurora purposefully chose the outdoor sites because they represent two different growing environments. The company will conduct research on cultivation techniques to further excel at growing cannabis in varying climate conditions and will examine approaches to environmentally sustainable cannabis agriculture. The newly-named Western facility will be called Aurora Valley and is a 207-acre operation in Westwold, British Columbia. The Eastern facility, a 21,000 square foot operation at the Aurora Eau facility in Lachute, is the first approved outdoor grow operation for cannabis in Quebec. Aurora Valley is expected to be planted shortly and Aurora Eau has already been planted. The two sites are an extension of the scientific research Aurora will be conducting at its new Comox facility, which will be ready in the fall of 2019. The Comox facility consists of a 21,000 square foot indoor grow facility and a 10,500 square foot laboratory. This unique research centre will be home for Aurora's plant breeding team designed to create new cannabis cultivars with improved growing characteristics for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. "Aurora believes in innovative operations and intensive research and we're applying our approach to outdoor grown cannabis," said Aurora CEO Terry Booth. "Our team plans to use these areas to ensure we are able to consistently grow the high-quality cannabis Aurora has become known for around the world. We're proud to be a Canadian company and this is a further commitment to research and job creation in Canada." Dr. Jonathan Page, Chief Science Officer at Aurora added, "For this season and next, our focus will be on researching cultivation methods and evaluating genetics in order to produce high THC and CBD cannabis in outdoor-grown plants, with the ultimate goal of extracting these components. The unique climates of each site also presents a great opportunity to determine which cultivars will perform best in different outdoor environments." In addition to the two new outdoor production sites, Aurora confirms it has now received the Health Canada processing license for its Aurora Air facility located near the Edmonton International Airport and Aurora Sky. Aurora Air will be home to several of the new production lines for edible products such as gummies and chocolates, to be introduced to the Canadian consumer market in December 2019. About Aurora Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with funded capacity in excess of 625,000 kg per annum and sales and operations in 25 countries across five continents, Aurora is one of the world's largest and leading cannabis companies. Aurora is vertically integrated and horizontally diversified across every key segment of the value chain, from facility engineering and design to cannabis breeding and genetics research, cannabis and hemp production, derivatives, high value-add product development, home cultivation, wholesale and retail distribution. Highly differentiated from its peers, Aurora has established a uniquely advanced, consistent and efficient production strategy, based on purpose-built facilities that integrate leading-edge technologies across all processes, defined by extensive automation and customization, resulting in the massive scale production of high-quality consistent product. Intended to be replicable and scalable globally, our production facilities are designed to produce cannabis of significant scale, with high quality, industry-leading yields, and low per gram production costs. Each of Aurora's facilities is built to meet European Union Good Manufacturing Practices ("EU GMP") standards. Certification has been granted to Aurora's first production facility in Mountain View County, the MedReleaf Markham facility, and its wholly owned European medical cannabis distributor Aurora Deutschland. All Aurora facilities are designed and built to the EU GMP standard. In addition to the Company's rapid organic growth and strong execution on strategic M&A, which to date includes 17 wholly owned subsidiary companies – MedReleaf, CanvasRX, Peloton Pharmaceutical, Aurora Deutschland, H2 Biopharma, Urban Cultivator, BC Northern Lights, Larssen Greenhouses, CanniMed Therapeutics, Anandia, HotHouse Consulting, MED Colombia, Agropro, Borela, ICC Labs, Whistler, and Chemi Pharmaceutical – Aurora is distinguished by its reputation as a partner and employer of choice in the global cannabis sector, having invested in and established strategic partnerships with a range of leading innovators, including: Radient Technologies Inc. (TSXV: RTI), Hempco Food and Fiber Inc. (TSXV: HEMP), Cann Group Ltd. (ASX: CAN), Micron Waste Technologies Inc. (CSE: MWM), Choom Holdings Inc. (CSE: CHOO), CTT Pharmaceuticals (OTCC: CTTH), Alcanna Inc. (TSX: CLIQ), High Tide Inc. (CSE: HITI), EnWave Corporation (TSXV: ENW), Capcium Inc. (private), Evio Beauty Group (private), and Wagner Dimas (private). Aurora's Common Shares trade on the TSX and NYSE under the symbol "ACB", and are a constituent of the S&P/TSX Composite Index. For more information about Aurora, please visit our investor website, Terry Booth, CEOAurora Cannabis Inc. Forward looking statements This news release includes statements containing certain "forward-looking information" within the meaning of applicable securities law ("forward-looking statements"). Forward-looking statements are frequently characterized by words such as "plan", "continue", "expect", "project", "intend", "believe", "anticipate", "estimate", "may", "will", "potential", "proposed" and other similar words, or statements that certain events or conditions "may" or "will" occur and are subject to inherent risks which include, but are not limited to, the implementation of definitive regulation of edible products and the Company's launch of edible products in Canada, the successful development and operation of the Company's newly licensed outdoor facilities,  the completion of the Air facility, and the overall market demand for the Companies intended product offerings. The Forward-looking statements are only predictions. Various assumptions were used in drawing the conclusions or making the projections contained in the forward-looking statements throughout this news release. Forward-looking statements are based on the opinions and estimates of management at the date the statements are made, and are subject to a variety of risks and uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual events or results to differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements. The Company is under no obligation, and expressly disclaims any intention or obligation, to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as expressly required by applicable law. Neither TSX, NYSE nor their applicable Regulation Services Providers (as that term is defined in the policies of the Toronto Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange) accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release. SOURCE Aurora Cannabis Inc. 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魁北克和不列颠哥伦比亚的新的户外研究场所,以研究一流的栽培技术和先进的植物科学 NYSE : ACB TSX : ACB EDMONTON ,2019年7月15日/ CNW /- Aurora Cannabis Inc .("奥罗拉(Aurora)"或"公司")( NYSE : ACB )( TSX : ACB )今天宣布,该公司已获得加拿大卫生部颁发的在两个加拿大地点进行户外种植的许可证。 魁北克和不列颠哥伦比亚的新地点将用于种植研究,以开发新技术、遗传和知识产权,以推动可持续、高质量的户外生产。奥罗拉(Aurora)特意选择了户外场地,因为它们代表了两种不同的生长环境。该公司将对种植技术进行研究,以进一步在不同气候条件下种植大麻,并将研究对环境可持续的大麻农业的方法。 新命名的西部设施将被称为奥罗拉(Aurora)谷地,是一个207英亩的业务在 Westwold ,不列颠哥伦比亚。位于拉丘特的奥罗拉(Aurora) Eau 工厂占地21,000平方英尺,是魁北克首个批准的大麻户外种植工厂。极光山谷预计不久将种植和奥罗拉(Aurora)已经种植。 这两个地点是奥罗拉(Aurora)将在其新的 Comox 设施进行的科学研究的延伸,该设施将于2019年秋季投入使用。Comox 设施包括一个21000平方英尺的室内种植设施和一个10500平方英尺的实验室。这个独特的研究中心将是奥罗拉(Aurora)的植物育种团队的家,该团队旨在创造新的大麻品种,改善室内和室外种植的生长特性。 Aurora 公司首席执行官 TerryBooth 说:“奥罗拉(Aurora)相信创新的运作和深入的研究,我们正在将我们的方法应用于户外种植大麻。”“我们的团队计划使用这些区域,以确保我们能够持续地种植高质量的大麻奥罗拉(Aurora)已成为世界闻名。我们为成为一家加拿大公司而感到自豪,这是对加拿大研究和创造就业机会的进一步承诺。” 奥罗拉(Aurora)首席科学官 JonathanPage 博士补充道:“在本赛季和下一季,我们的重点将是研究培育方法和评估遗传学,以便在户外种植的植物中生产高 THC 和 CBD 大麻,最终目标是提取这些成分。每个地点独特的气候也提供了一个很好的机会来确定哪些品种将在不同的户外环境中表现最好。” 除了两个新的户外生产场所外, Aurora 确认,它现在已经获得了加拿大卫生部的 Aurora 空气设施处理许可证,该设施位于埃德蒙顿国际机场和奥罗拉(Aurora)天空附近。奥罗拉(Aurora) Air 将拥有几条新的可食用产品生产线,如口香糖和巧克力,将于2019年12月引入加拿大消费市场。 关于奥罗拉(Aurora) 奥罗拉(Aurora)公司总部设在加拿大艾伯塔省的埃德蒙顿,年生产能力超过62.5万公斤,在五大洲的25个国家开展销售和业务,是世界上最大和最大的大麻公司之一。奥罗拉(Aurora)在价值链的每个关键环节,从设施工程和设计到大麻育种和遗传学研究、大麻和大麻生产、衍生产品、高附加值产品开发、家庭种植、批发和零售,都实现了纵向一体化和横向多样化。 奥罗拉(Aurora)与同行有很大的区别,它建立了独特的先进、一致和高效的生产战略,建立在专门的设施基础上,通过广泛的自动化和定制定义,将领先的技术集成到所有流程中,从而实现高质量的一致产品的大规模生产。我们的生产设施旨在在全球推广和推广,旨在生产大规模、高质量、行业领先的大麻,以及较低的每克生产成本。奥罗拉(Aurora)的每个工厂都是为了达到欧盟良好制造规范( EU GMP )标准而建造的。Aurora 在 Mountain View County 的第一个生产基地 MedRelaf Markham 工厂及其全资拥有的欧洲医用大麻分销商奥罗拉(Aurora) Deutschland 获得了认证。所有的奥罗拉(Aurora)设备都是按照欧盟 GMP 标准设计和建造的。 除了公司在战略并购方面的快速有机增长和强有力的执行外,目前包括17家全资子公司—— MedRelaf 、 CanvasRX 、 Peloton Pharmaceutical 、奥罗拉(Aurora) Deutschland 、 H2 Biopharma 、 Urban Cultivator 、 BC Northern Lights 、 Larssen Greenhouses 、 CanniMed Therapeutics 、 Anandia 、 HotHouse Consulting 、 MED Colombia 、Agroplo 、 Borela 、 ICC Labs 、 Whistler 和 Chemi Pharmaceutical –奥罗拉(Aurora)以其作为全球大麻领域首选合作伙伴和雇主的声誉而卓著,与一系列领先的创新者投资并建立了战略伙伴关系,包括: Radient Technologies Inc .( TSXV : RTI )、 Hempco Food and Fiber Inc .( TSXV : HEMP ),Cann Group Ltd .( ASX : CAN )、 Micron Waste Technologies Inc .( CSE : MWM )、 Choom Holdings Inc .( CSE : CHOO )、 CTT Pharmaceuticals ( OTCC : CTTH )、 Allcana Inc .( TSX : CLIQ )、 High Tide Inc .( CSE : HITI )、 EnWave Corporation ( TSXV : ENW )、 Capcium Inc .( Private )、 Evio Beauty Group ( Private )和 Wagner Dimas ( Private )。 奥罗拉(Aurora)的普通股在 TSX 和 NYSE 交易,代码为“ ACB ”,是 S & P / TSX 综合指数的组成部分。 有关奥罗拉(Aurora)的更多信息,请访问我们的投资者网站,投资者。极光。com Terry Booth , CEOAurra Cannabis Inc . 前瞻性陈述 本新闻稿包括适用证券法含义内若干「前瞻性资料」的声明(「前瞻性声明」)。前瞻性陈述的特征经常是诸如“计划”、“继续”、“预期”、“项目”、“意图”、“相信”、“预期”、“估计”、“可能”、“将”、“潜在”、“提议”等词语,或某些事件或条件“可能”或“将”发生并具有固有风险的陈述,其中包括但不限于对食用产品实施明确监管,公司在加拿大推出食用产品,公司新许可的户外设施的成功开发和运营,空气设施的完成,以及公司预期产品供应的整体市场需求。前瞻性陈述只是预测。在整个新闻稿中,在得出结论或作出前瞻性陈述所载预测时使用了各种假设。前瞻性陈述是基于管理层于作出该等陈述之日的意见及估计,并受多种风险及不明朗因素及其他可能导致实际事件或结果与前瞻性陈述预测存在重大差异的因素影响。除适用法律明确要求外,本公司并无责任,并明确表示概括性声明不会因新信息、未来事件或其他原因而更新或修订。 TSX 、 NYSE 或其适用的监管服务提供商(如多伦多证券交易所和纽约证券交易所的政策中定义的术语)均不对本版本的充分性或准确性承担责任。 奥罗拉·坎纳比斯公司。 更多信息:对于媒体: HeatherMacGregor ,+##4U.S.5.09.5416, Heather 。macgregor @ ;投资者: RobKelly ,+1.647.331.7228, rob 。kelly @ ;##投资者: Phil Carlson / Elizabeth Barker , KCSA Strategic Communications , Phone :(212)896-1233/(212)896-1203, Email : pcarlson @ / ebarker @ https://auremaj 。com /