First Ever Marijuana Ice Pops Set to Hit California Markets


2019-07-16 15:46:10 CFN Media Group


In only a few minutes of listening to Sublime Canna CEO Alex Fang it is clear that his company doesn’t take the easiest path with its products. In fact, Sublime Canna often takes the road less traveled, manufacturing products that are very difficult to make, which differentiates them from anything else on the market and creates some insulation against competition. At the same time, Sublime has a knack for creating products that resonate with consumers due to a familiarity of sorts, like they’ve done with their newest product, Freaze Ice Pops, that are hitting shelves at dispensaries in California this month.    Thinking Outside About What’s Inside In a sense, Oakland-based Sublime looks outside the box to decide what it will put inside the box. The company doesn’t just produce consumables that are conventional in the emerging legal cannabis market, such as pre-rolls or vape cartridges. Rather, they strive for complex terpene spectrums in products that are hard to replicate and provide a unique user experience.  Click here to Receive Additional Investor Information on Sublime Canna  For instance, consider the award-winning company’s “Dosies,” another new product that recently hit the California market. The cannabis-infused mints are reminiscent of the iconic orange Tic Tacs made by Italy’s Ferrero. Dosies aren’t merely a throwback to the days of Tic Tacs; they have a purpose in consistently providing a microdose of specific cannabinoids. Each Dosie contains 2 milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the component of cannabis responsible for the “high” associated with marijuana. Sublime has only one degree of separation from Tic Tac’s consumer-goods giant parent. Sublime’s VP of Edibles Development LJ Buffardi saw his family’s company, Ferrara Candy Co., be acquired by Ferrero in 2017.Ferrara was known the world over for its Lemonheads and Red Hots products, amongst other brands. Buffardi At It Again Buffardi and Sublime’s team of Ph.D. scientists are committed to cannabis product innovation. Products on the market today include a full line of CBD and THC vape cartridges branded Sublime Gold, Strata, Secrets Sauce and the Sneaker, the world’s first chargerless vape battery, as well as pre-rolls infused with extract and covered in kief that are marketed as Fuzzies and Mini-Fuzzies. Freaze cannabis-infused ice pops, have been launched in a limited release and are set to head to dispensaries statewide. They represent the first “take home and freeze” product in the California markets. Click here to Receive Additional Investor Information on Sublime Canna Incidentally, don’t call them “Popsicle®”; that’s a brand name for frozen ice on a stick owned by Good Humor-Breyers. Freaze Ice Pops have no stick and are more akin to Fla-Vor-Ice, the trademarked name for a type of freezie that comes in a clear plastic container. Each Freaze ice pop contains 10 milligrams of THC. Like it did with Dosies, the initial two flavors, blue raspberry and fruit punch, will be throwbacks for Generation X-ers conjuring up thoughts of their younger days. Hitting dispensary shelves this month, Freaze ice pops will first be available in 2-count packages. Fang Comments  “We think that these one-of-a-kind ice pops will give our users an enjoyable experience while ensuring they are medicating with accurate and lab-tested products,” said Fang in a statement announcing the Freaze launch just in time for summer. With tougher laws implemented in 2018 when recreational marijuana became legal in California, plenty of the edibles market was forced underground, creating a real growth opportunity for companies operating within the guidelines of the law to bring novel products to consumers. Canaccord Genuity sees the nascent market for cannabis beverages, which include items like Freaze pops, to soar to $600 million in the U.S. by 2022.  “Our vision is to have the most compelling portfolio of cannabis products in the industry,” Fang added. The launch of edibles like Dosies and Freaze, in addition to the original product mix, puts the company well on its way towards that goal.  Click here to Receive Additional Investor Information on Sublime Canna  Click Here to Visit Disclaimer The above article is sponsored content. Emerging Growth LLC, which owns and CFN Media, has been hired to create awareness. Please follow the link below to view our full disclosure outlining our compensation:  
在仅仅几分钟的聆听 Sub石灰 Canna 首席执行官 Alex Fang 的演讲中,很明显他的公司并没有走上最简单的产品之路。事实上, Sub石灰罐头公司经常少走一条路,制造很难制造的产品,这使它们有别于市场上的任何其他产品,并创造了一些抵御竞争的绝缘。同时, Sub石灰拥有创造产品的诀窍,这些产品会引起消费者的共鸣,因为他们熟悉各种类型的产品,就像他们的最新产品 Freaze Ice Pops 本月在加州药店上架一样。 在外面思考里面的东西 从某种意义上说,奥克兰市的 Sub石灰看在盒子外面决定它将放入盒子里的东西。该公司不仅生产传统上在新兴的合法大麻市场的消耗品,如预卷或盒式磁带。相反,他们努力在难以复制和提供独特用户体验的产品中寻找复杂的萜烯谱。 单击此处接收有关 Sub石灰 Canna 的其他投资者信息 例如,想想这家屡获殊荣的公司的“ Dosies ”,最近又一款新产品打入了加州市场。大麻注射的薄荷让人想起了意大利费列罗制造的标志性橙色 Tic Tacs 。 Dosies 不仅仅是对 Tic Tacs 时代的倒退,它们的目的是持续提供微量特定的大麻。每一个 Dosie 含有2毫克四氢大麻酚( THC ),这是大麻的“高”成分。 Sub石灰与 Tic Tac 的消费品巨头母公司只有一种程度的分离。Sub石灰的可编辑开发副总裁 LJ Buffardi 看到他的家族公司 Ferrara Candy Co .将于2017年被 Ferrero 收购。法拉利以其 Lemonhead 和 RedHots 等品牌产品闻名于世。 再一次的缓冲 Bumpardi 和 Sub石灰的博士团队致力于大麻产品创新。目前市场上的产品包括一系列的 CBD 和 THC vape 墨盒,品牌 Sub石灰金, Strata , Secrets Sauce 和 Sneaker ,这是世界上第一个无充电器的 vape 电池,以及预轧辊注入的提取物和覆盖的基尔夫,营销为 Fuzzies 和 Mini-Fuzzies 。 由 Freaza 大麻注入的冰弹,已经在一个有限的释放,并准备前往全国的药房。它们代表了加州市场上首个“带回家、冻结”产品。 单击此处接收有关 Sub石灰 Canna 的其他投资者信息 顺便说一句,不要称它们为“ Popssicle ®”;这是 GoodHumor-Breyers 拥有的棒子上的冷冻冰的品牌名称。Freaze Ice Pops 没有棒子,更像 Fla-Vor-Ice ,一种装在透明塑料容器中的冰柜的商标名称。 每个 Freaze 冰弹含有10毫克 THC 。就像 Dosies 一样,最初的两种口味——蓝莓和水果味饮料——将会被退回给那些想着自己年轻时代的 X 一代。本月药店货架上的弗雷泽冰弹将首次在2位数的包装。 方评论 “我们认为,这些独一无二的冰弹将给我们的用户带来令人愉快的体验,同时确保他们使用精确的实验室测试产品进行医疗,”方刚在夏天的时候宣布了 Freaze 的发布。 2018年,加利福尼亚州实施了更严格的法律,规定娱乐用大麻合法化,大量的食用品市场被迫进入地下市场,为在法律指导下运营的公司创造了真正的增长机会,将新产品带给消费者。Canaccord Genuity 认为,到2022年,美国大麻饮料的新市场将飙升至6亿美元,其中包括像 Freaz 持久性有机污染物这样的产品。 “我们的愿景是在该行业中拥有最具吸引力的大麻产品组合,” Fang 补充说。除了原有的产品组合外,像 Dosies 和 Freaze 这样的食品的推出,使该公司朝着这个目标迈进了一步。 单击此处接收有关 Sub石灰 Canna 的其他投资者信息 单击此处访问 Sub石灰岩峡谷。com 免责声明 以上文章为赞助内容。旗下拥有 CannabisFN 的 Emerging Growth LLC 。网站和 CFN 媒体已经被雇佣来提高人们的意识。请按照下面的链接查看我们概述我们赔偿的完整披露:免责声明/