Johnson & Johnson CFO on the opioid crisis: 'We don’t believe we were the cause'


2019-07-17 04:19:40 YAHOO!FINANCE


Pharmaceutical companies are facing increasing scrutiny for their alleged roles in the opioid crisis. The state of Oklahoma, in particular, hasn’t been shy about going after these companies: It reached a $270 million settlement with Purdue Pharma and a $85 million settlement with Teva Pharmaceuticals. Its next target? Johnson & Johnson (JNJ). “The state’s claims don’t align with the facts,” Joe Wolk, Johnson & Johnson’s Chief Financial Officer, said on Yahoo Finance’s On the Move. “And those facts are very simply that Johnson & Johnson had less than 1% share over a 20-year period through their Medicaid reimbursement programs that were related to Johnson & Johnson products. This is documented by the state of Oklahoma.” Wolk added: “Even the attorneys in that case, as I understand it, have been referenced many times to say this is not about Johnson & Johnson products. It’s about an opioid crisis. So again, we want to be part of the solution. But we don’t believe that we were the cause of the current situation.” J&J features two primary opioid painkillers — Duragesic and Nucynta. The state of Oklahoma alleged during the trial that J&J not only promoted opioids but also had an incentive to make them more popular because the company owned two business that supplied pharmaceutical ingredients. During the first round of the Democratic presidential debates, candidates like Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) chimed in about the role that pharmaceutical companies play in the rise of opioid addiction, with Booker stating that these companies should be “held criminally liable.” J&J has continued to deny any wrongdoing. “We all recognize that the opioid addiction is a national crisis,” Wolk said. “And we certainly, as one of the world’s largest health care providers, want to be part of the solution. It is a solution that’ll be multifaceted, requiring many players across physicians, manufacturers, patient advocacy groups.” Adriana is an associate editor for Yahoo Finance. Follow her on Twitter @adrianambells. READ MORE: Fed Chair Powell: Opioid epidemic is 'a national crisis' hitting the economy Booker on opioids: Pharma companies 'should absolutely be held criminally liable' Adopted AOC amendment will move $5 million from DEA to opioid abuse treatment Read the latest financial and business news from Yahoo Finance Follow Yahoo Finance on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flipboard, SmartNews, LinkedIn, YouTube, and reddit.
制药公司在阿片类药物危机中扮演的角色越来越受到关注。尤其是俄克拉何马州对这些公司的收购并不害羞:它与 Purdue Pharma 达成了2.7亿美元的和解,与梯瓦(Teva) Pharmaceuticals 达成了8500万美元的和解。 它的下一个目标?强生公司。 强生首席财务官乔•沃尔克( Joe Wolk )在雅虎财经( Yahoo Finance's On Move )上表示:“政府的说法与事实不符。”“这些事实非常简单,强生公司在过去20年中通过与强生公司产品相关的医疗补助计划报销的份额不到1%。这是俄克拉荷马州记录的。” 沃尔克补充道:“据我所知,就连本案的律师也多次被引用,称这与强生的产品无关。这是一场阿片类药物危机。因此,我们再次希望成为解决方案的一部分。但我们不认为我们是当前形势的原因。” J & J 的特色是两个主要的阿片类药物止痛药-杜拉吉奇和努西希塔。俄克拉何马州在审判中声称,强生(J&J)公司不仅推销阿片类药物,而且还有动机使其更受欢迎,因为该公司拥有两家提供药物成分的公司。 在第一轮的民主党总统辩论中,像参议员。Cory Booker ( D-NJ )和 Beto O'Rourke ( D-TX )就制药公司在阿片类药物成瘾现象中扮演的角色达成了一致, Booker 说,这些公司应该“承担刑事责任”。 强生(J&J)继续否认有任何不当行为。 “我们都认识到阿片类药物成瘾是一场全国性的危机,”沃尔克说。“作为全球最大的医疗保健提供者之一,我们当然希望成为解决方案的一部分。这是一个多方面的解决方案,需要医生、制造商和患者倡导团体的许多参与者。” Adriana 是雅虎财经的副编辑。在 twitter @ adriannabells 上跟随她。 READ 更多: 美联储主席鲍威尔( Powell ):眼病流行是一场冲击经济的“全国性危机 阿片类药物类书籍:制药公司绝对应该承担刑事责任。 通过的 AOC 修正案将把500万美元从 DEA 转移到阿片类药物滥用治疗 阅读雅虎财经最新的财经新闻 在 Twitter 、 Facebook 、 Instagram 、 Flipboard 、 SmartNews 、 LinkedIn 、 YouTube 和 redit 上跟踪雅虎财经。