Supreme Cannabis Announces Plans To Acquire Truverra, Expand Reach In Canada, Europe


2019-07-19 11:01:00 benzinga


The Supreme Cannabis Company, Inc. is readying itself for Canada's "legalization 2.0" by entering into a definitive agreement with the private company Truverra Inc. The deal is expected to be valued at around CA$20 million ($15.3 million).  Why It Matters The acquisition of Truverra gives Supreme further access to the Canadian and international markets through Truverra's Canadian Clinical Cannabinoids Inc. (CCC) subsidiary, the company said in a Wednesday press release.  This includes CCC's 5,000-square-foot Scarborough, Ontario facility, where Supreme said it plans to produce its extracts, including products like concentrates that will be legal for sale later in the year. In Europe, Supreme will have access to the European CBD market with Truverra Europe's Netherlands-based location. In a press release, Supreme CEO Navdeep Dhaliwal discussed the significance of both deals. "The recent introduction of Health Canada's amended cannabis regulations creates a distinct opportunity for Supreme Cannabis to establish a leading position in the cannabis extracts markets. With the acquisition of Truverra, we secure a Toronto-based facility equipped to extract our high-quality inputs for concentrates and vaping liquids in the near-term." Truverra's operations provide an additional entry point into the European CBD wellness market, he said. 
加拿大最高大麻公司正准备与私营公司 Truverra Inc .达成最终协议,以实现加拿大“2.0合法化”。 这笔交易预计价值约为2000万加元(合1530万美元)。 为什么重要 该公司在周三的新闻稿上表示,收购 Truverra 后,公司将通过 Truverra 旗下的加拿大临床 Cannabiids Inc .( CCC )子公司,进一步进入加拿大和国际市场。 这包括 CCC 位于安大略省斯卡伯罗市的5000平方英尺的工厂, Supreme 表示计划在那里生产其提取物,包括浓缩液等产品,这些产品将在今年晚些时候合法销售。 在欧洲, Supreme 将可以进入欧洲 CBD 市场, Truverra 位于荷兰。 在一份新闻稿中,最高首席执行官纳夫戴尔达利瓦尔讨论了这两笔交易的意义。 “最近加拿大卫生部修订的大麻法规为最高大麻吸食者在大麻提取物市场上确立领先地位创造了一个明显的机会。通过收购 Truverra ,我们获得了一家位于多伦多的工厂,该工厂配备了从浓缩液和液体中提取高质量投入的设备。 他说, Truverra 的业务为进入欧洲 CBD 健康市场提供了额外的切入点。