Former Drug Warrior Biden Unveils Cannabis Decriminalization Plan


2019-07-24 04:41:35 Leafly


Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden tacked away from his drug warrior past with a new plan Tuesday. He wants to reduce mass incarceration in the US with a 10-page proposal including: decriminalization of cannabis, $20 billion in prevention funds for communities, efforts to reduce racial profiling by police, more job training in prisons, ending private prisons, and other proposals. “Today, too many people are incarcerated in the United States–and too many of them are black and brown,” Biden’s team said in a post to his campaign website on Tuesday. “To build safe and healthy communities, we need to rethink who we’re sending to jail, how we treat those in jail, and how we help them get the health care, education, jobs, and housing they need to successfully rejoin society after they serve their time.” According to FBI reports, cannabis is a key driver of mass incarceration—marijuana arrests are the number one type of drug arrest in the US, and drug arrests are the number one type of arrest police make. Former Vice President Biden’s cannabis decriminalization would come with automatic expungements of past marijuana records, support for federal medical legalization, and a downgrade of cannabis to Schedule II, “so researchers can study its positive and negative impacts.” As for adult-use federal legalization, Biden echoed President Trump’s position in recent years, stating he would, “leave decisions regarding legalization for recreational use up to the states.” Facing another debate with Sen. Kamala Harris next week, Biden’s “ Biden joined with many Democrats, Republicans, and minority leaders in the ’80s and ’90s to enact harsh mandatory minimum sentences for drug use, three-strikes laws with life sentences, civil asset forfeiture, and the death penalty for drug-related murders. GOP critics note While former President Bill Clinton has apologized for crime policies that “made the problem worse,” Biden responded by He made no apologies for past votes Tuesday. “I believe my criminal justice reform package is as strong or stronger than anyone else,” Biden Sen. Cory Booker reacted to Biden’s Tuesday proposal with a Biden’s proposals amplify the reach of once-radical ideas into mainstream political thought, though. The laundry list of ideas includes ending cash bail, a proposal California Biden’s campaign notes the cash bail system is “the modern day debtors’ prison. The cash bail system incarcerates people who are presumed innocent. And, it disproportionately harms low income individuals.” Biden’s plan also would create universal pre-kindergarten for three- and four-year-olds, because “focusing on addressing [mass incarceration’s] underlying factors is not just the right thing to do, it is also good for our communities and our economy.” Biden would also work to reduce the jailing of children through grants for diversion programs. San Francisco intends to The former vice president faces off against Harris and other Democratic primary contenders in a
民主党总统候选人拜登星期二提出了一项新计划,试图摆脱过去的毒枭。他希望通过一份长达10页的提案来减少在美国的大规模监禁,其中包括:大麻合法化、为社区提供200亿美元的预防基金、减少警察种族特征的努力、在监狱中进行更多的就业培训、结束私人监狱,以及其他提案。 “今天,太多的人被关押在美国——其中太多人是黑人和黑人,”拜登的团队周二在他的竞选网站上发表的一篇文章中表示。“为了建设安全和健康的社区,我们需要重新思考我们送到监狱的人,我们如何对待那些被关进监狱的人,以及我们如何帮助他们获得医疗、教育、工作和住房,他们需要在服刑后成功重返社会。” 美国联邦调查局( FBI )的报告显示,大麻是大规模监禁的关键驱动因素——在美国,大麻逮捕是第一类毒品逮捕,而毒品逮捕是第一类逮捕警察。前副总统拜登的大麻合法化将伴随着对过去大麻记录的自动驱逐、对联邦医疗合法化的支持以及大麻降级至附表二,“因此研究人员可以研究大麻的正面和负面影响。” 至于成人使用的联邦法律,拜登赞同特朗普总统近年来的立场,他表示,他将“让各州自行决定娱乐用途的法律问题。” 面对与参议员的另一场辩论。Kamala Harris 下周,拜登的“。 拜登与80年代和90年代的许多民主党人、共和党人和少数党领袖一起,颁布了严厉的毒品使用最低刑罚,三次罢工的法律,包括生命判决,民事资产没收,以及与毒品相关的谋杀的死刑。共和党批评人士指出 尽管前总统克林顿为“使问题变得更糟”的犯罪政策道歉,拜登的回答是 星期二他没有为过去的投票道歉.“我相信,我的刑事司法改革方案比任何人都强大或强大,”拜登说 参议员。Cory Booker 对 Biden 周二的提议做出了回应,其中包括 然而,拜登的提议扩大了一度激进的思想进入主流政治思想的范围。这些想法包括结束现金保释,加州的一项提案 拜登的竞选团队指出,现金保释制度是“现代债务人的监狱”。现金保释制度监禁被认为是无辜的人。而且,这不成比例地伤害了低收入人群。” 拜登的计划还将为3岁和4岁的孩子创建一个普遍的幼儿园,因为“关注(大规模监禁的)基本因素不仅是正确的做法,也有利于我们的社区和经济。” 拜登还将通过资助转用项目来减少对儿童的监禁。 这位前副总统面对哈里斯和其他民主党的主要竞争者。