Nagging hemp uncertainty takes center stage in Congress


2019-07-25 20:51:47 Hemp Industry


Hemp farmers and federal health regulators are headed to the U.S. Senate on Thursday to try to clear up confusion about the newly legal plant and its extracts. Senators have ordered Trump administration officials who regulate agriculture, public health and pesticides to testify before the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, & Forestry. They’ll be joined by hemp producers and industry activists, who will call for increased legal certainty on how hemp can be grown and sold. “There is a real uncertainty for CBD processors and sellers like us because current law leaves open to interpretation how products should be tested, at what levels and how often,” Ceres Natural Remedies Founder Shayne Lynn wrote in an email to Hemp Industry Daily. “More guidelines for the industry will result in better products for consumers and more trust in the industry itself.” The National Hemp Association is among those on the docket. Among other things, the industry group is expected to request: A former U.S. surgeon general who advises a California CBD company, Dr. Richard Carmona, told Hemp Industry Daily that the hearing will give the hemp industry and politicians alike the opportunity to press for answers from the FDA on where things stand with its review of over-the-counter CBD products. “The FDA recognizes now it needs to get a handle on this and be able to protect the public and provide some guidance to those who are producing these products,” said Carmona, who served as surgeon general from 2002 to 2008 and now sits on the advisory board of privately held CBD maker Kadenwood. The committee is not expected to take up any proposed legislation relating to hemp or CBD in Thursday’s hearing.
周四,大麻种植者和联邦卫生监管机构将前往美国参议院,试图消除对这种新型合法植物及其提取物的混淆。 参议员们命令特朗普政府管理农业、公共卫生和杀虫剂的官员在参议院农业、营养和林业委员会作证。 他们将与大麻生产商和行业活动人士一道,呼吁提高大麻种植和销售的法律确定性。 Ceres Natural Remedies 创始人肖恩•林恩( Shayne Lynn )在发给《 Hemp Industry Daily 》的一封电子邮件中写道:“像我们这样的 CBD 处理器和卖家确实存在不确定性,因为现行法律允许解释产品应该如何进行测试,测试的级别和频率如何。” “更多的行业指导方针将为消费者带来更好的产品,并增强对行业本身的信任。” 全国大麻协会是被列入名单的协会之一。除其他外,预计行业集团要求: 一位曾为加州 CBD 公司提供建议的前美国外科医生理查德·卡莫纳博士告诉《血液业日报》,听证会将使血液业和政界人士都有机会向 FDA 施压,要求其对非处方 CBD 产品的审查结果在哪里。 “ FDA 现在认识到,它需要处理这个问题,能够保护公众,并为那些生产这些产品的人提供一些指导,”卡莫纳说。卡莫纳在2002年至2008年担任外科医生,现在是私人控股的 CBD 制造商 Kadenwood 的顾问委员会成员。 预计该委员会不会在周四的听证会上审议任何与大麻或 CBD 有关的提案。