CannTrust Ousts CEO Peter Aceto, Forces Resignation Of Chairman


2019-07-26 18:05:00 RTTNews


CannTrust Holdings Inc. said Thursday that it has ousted Chief Executive Officer Peter Aceto, while Chairman Eric Paul has complied with the company's demand to resign. The Canadian cannabis company's shares gained more than 15 percent in after-hours trading on the New York Stock Exchange. The management shakeup comes more than two weeks after Health Canada found CannTrust to be non-compliant with regulations for growing cannabis in unlicensed greenhouse rooms and also for providing inaccurate information to the regulator. In addition, the Globe and Mail newspaper reported this week that both Paul and Aceto were aware cannabis was being cultivated in unlicensed greenhouse rooms at a facility in Southern Ontario, but did not take steps to prevent the illegal cultivation. "The investigation into the company's non-compliance with Health Canada regulations and ancillary matters uncovered new information that has resulted in a determination by the Board to terminate with cause CannTrust CEO Peter Aceto," CannTrust said in a statement. The company also announced other interim actions based on an ongoing investigation by a special committee of its board of directors. CannTrust said its Board has appointed Robert Marcovitch to the role of interim CEO, with immediate effect. Marcovitch is chairing the special committee that it is investigating CannTrust's non-compliance with Health Canada regulations. Marcovitch will step down as a member of the special committee. He served most recently as the President and CEO of K2 Sports, a manufacturer of winter sports equipment. "Our first priority is to complete the remaining items of our investigation and bring the Company's operations into full regulatory compliance. Implementing the necessary changes is essential to the interests of our medical patients, customers, shareholders and employees," said Marcovitch. CannTrust said it made a voluntary disclosure to Health Canada, based on new information uncovered by the investigation, and will fully cooperate with the regulator to resolve these matters. The company added it will make additional operational changes in the coming weeks and noted that the financial impact of the Health Canada issue will still unknown.
佳能信托控股公司( CannTrust Holdings Inc .)周四表示,已将首席执行长彼得•亚齐托( PeterAceto )免职,而董事长埃里克•保罗( EricPaul )已遵守该公司辞职的要求。这家加拿大大麻公司的股票在纽约证券交易所盘后交易中上涨了15%以上。 两周多前,加拿大卫生部( Health Canada )发现, CannTrust 不遵守无证温室中大麻种植法规,也不向监管机构提供不准确信息。 此外,《环球邮报》( Globe and Mail )本周报道称,保罗和亚齐托都意识到,在安大略省南部一家工厂的无证温室里正在种植大麻,但没有采取措施防止非法种植大麻。 CannTrust 在一份声明中称,"针对该公司不遵守加拿大健康法规及附属事项的调查发现新的信息,导致董事会决定终止导致 CannTrust 首席执行官 PeterAceto 的决定." 公司还根据董事会专门委员会正在进行的调查,宣布了其他临时行动。 佳能信托表示,董事会已任命罗伯特•马尔科维奇( Robert Marcovich )担任临时首席执行官,立即生效。Marcovitch 担任特别委员会主席,负责调查 CannTrust 不遵守加拿大健康法规的情况。 马尔科维奇将辞去特别委员会成员的职务。他最近担任总裁兼首席执行官的 K2运动,一个冬季运动设备制造商。 「我们的首要工作是完成余下的调查项目,使公司的运作完全符合监管规定。」实施必要的变革对我们的医疗患者、客户、股东和员工的利益至关重要。 CannTrust 表示,根据调查发现的新信息,它自愿向加拿大卫生部披露,并将全力配合监管机构解决这些问题。 该公司补充说,它将在未来几周做出更多的运营变化,并指出加拿大卫生部问题的财务影响仍然未知。