Vertex names new CEO

福泰首席医疗官Reshma Kewalramani将于明年接任公司总裁兼CEO职位

2019-07-29 13:01:00 pharmamanufacturing


Vertex Pharmaceuticals announced that its chief medical officer, Reshma Kewalramani, will take over as president and chief executive in April 2020. Kewalramani will be the first female CEO at a top-tier US biotech company. She will succeed Jeffrey Leiden, who has run the Boston company for seven years and will continue as executive chairman. "The entire Board is excited that Reshma will become Vertex’s next CEO. She is an accomplished scientist and physician with more than 20 years of experience in medicine and biotechnology, and has a deep understanding and appreciation of Vertex’s strategy, business and culture,” said Bruce Sachs, Lead Independent Director of Vertex’s Board.
福泰(Vertex) Pharmaceuticals 宣布,其首席医疗官 Reshma Kewalramani 将于2020年4月接任总裁兼首席执行官一职。 Kewalramani 将成为美国顶级生物技术公司的第一位女性 CEO 。她将接替杰弗里莱登,谁已经管理波士顿公司七年,并将继续作为执行主席。 “整个董事会对 Reshma 将成为福泰(Vertex)的下一任 CEO 感到兴奋。她是一位杰出的科学家和医生,在医药和生物技术领域有20多年的经验,对 Vertex 的战略、业务和文化有深刻的理解和欣赏,”福泰(Vertex)董事会首席独立董事布鲁斯·萨克斯( Bruce Sachs )说。