KBL Merger Corp Acquires Cannabis-Focused Biotech Company

KBL Merger收购大麻生物技术公司CannBioRx,其主要研发基于大麻的新型抗炎药

2019-07-30 08:00:00 Benzinga


KBL Merger Corp. IV on Friday announced its acquisition of a new cannabis biotech company CannBioRx Life Sciences Corp. CannBioRx Life Sciences Corp. has three synergistic programs that operate at the intersection of biotech and cannabis, and focuses on developing novel anti-inflammatory drugs for diseases like Crohn's and multiple sclerosis. The company was founded by Sir Marc Feldmann of Oxford and Lawrence Steinman of Stanford, who have significant expertise in developing successful therapeutics that resulted in billion-dollar markets, including blockbusters like Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ)’s Remicade. "We expect to be one of a limited number of NASDAQ-listed companies developing non-plant-touching, pharmaceutical-grade, non-psychoactive cannabinoids. These drugs are intended to provide safer, uniform dosing, according to regulatory agency standards," said Dr. Marlene Krauss, CEO of KBLM, who will also assume the role of CEO of CannBioRx Life Sciences Corp.
KBL Merger Corp . IV 上周五宣布收购一家新的大麻生物技术公司CannBioRx Life Sciences Corp . CannBioRx 生命科学公司有三个协同项目,在生物技术和大麻的交叉处运作,重点开发新的抗炎药,用于克罗恩病和多发性硬化症等疾病。 该公司由牛津大学的 Marc Feldman爵士和斯坦福大学的Lawrence Steinman创立,他们在开发成功的治疗药物方面拥有丰富的专业知识,这些药物导致了数十亿美元的市场,包括像强生公司( NYSE : JNJ )的 Remicade 这样的大片。 “我们希望成为纳斯达克上市公司中发展非植物感触、医药级、非精神活性大麻的少数公司之一。这些药物的目的是提供更安全,统一剂量,根据监管机构的标准,”博士马琳克劳斯,首席执行官KBLM,谁也将承担的首席执行官CannBioRx 生命科学公司。