Aphria Announces Expansion To Jamaica


2019-07-30 17:00:51 Benzinga


Canada-based cannabis company Aphria Inc announced Monday its subsidiary will expand operation to Jamaica. What Happened Aphria's subsidiary Marigold Projects Jamaica Limited was granted a retail Herb House license from Jamaica's Cannabis Licensing Authority to open a new store in the city of Kingston, the company said in a press release. The new location will overlook the Peter Tosh Museum and include a smoking lounge, a selection of high-end accessories for sale, and Marigold's propriety strains of cannabis and brands called Sensei Gold. Aphria owns 49% of Marigold and the subsidiary holds a Tier 3 license to cultivate more than five-acres of land with cannabis for use across medical, scientific, and therapeutic purposes, the company said. Why It's Important Aphria interim CEO Irwin Simon said the company has a "tremendous opportunity" in Jamaica from a domestic and international perspective. Being granted approval from the Jamaican government can be seen as validation of its high-quality cannabis productions. Aphria will continue focusing on its business plan of creating long-term value, sales growth, and profit in its base of Canada and internationally. The company already has plans to open four other locations in Jamaica if it receives regulatory approval to do so. Aphria shares closed Friday at $5.50. and ticked slightly higher Monday morning.
总部位于加拿大的大麻公司 Aphria 周一宣布,其子公司将扩大在牙买加的业务。 什么事发生了 Aphria 的子公司 Marigold Projects 牙买加有限公司在一份新闻稿中说,该公司从牙买加的坎纳比斯许可管理局获得了一项零售 Herb House 许可证,可在金斯敦开设一家新店。新的地点将俯瞰彼得·托斯博物馆,包括一个吸烟室,一个高端配件的选择出售,以及 Marigold 的宜人系列大麻和品牌名为 Sensei Gold 。 该公司表示, Aphria 拥有 Marigold 49%的股权,该子公司持有3级许可,可以种植五英亩以上的大麻,用于医疗、科学和治疗目的。 为什么重要 Aphria 临时首席执行官 Irwin Simon 表示,从国内和国际角度看,该公司在牙买加拥有“巨大的机遇”。获得牙买加政府的批准可以被看作是对其高质量大麻生产的验证。 Aphria 将继续专注于其在加拿大和国际基地创造长期价值、销售增长和利润的业务计划。如果得到监管机构的批准,该公司已经计划在牙买加开设另外四个地点。 Aphria 股价上周五收于5.50美元。周一早盘稍高一点。