Babylon achieves unicorn status after ‘largest ever’ digital health fundraise

Babylon Health获5.5亿美元融资,成数字健康领域独角兽企业

2019-08-05 16:00:39 digitalhealth


Babylon Health has achieved unicorn status after sealing $550 million in fresh investment – sending its valuation to more than $2bn . The investment marks the largest ever fundraise in the European or US digital health delivery sector, Babylon claimed. The digital health disruptor sealed $450m from Saudi Arabia’s public investment fund, ERGO Fund of global reinsurer Munich Re, and existing Babylon shareholders Kinnevik AB and Vostok New Ventures. Babylon also received investment from an unspecified US health insurer labelled “one of the largest” in the country. Sky News reports this to be Missouri-based Centene Corporation, which it said had taken a $50m stake in Babylon. Babylong said the funding would be used to continue its global expansion into the United States and Asia and “further deliver on its growth and innovation strategy, with proceeds focused on advancing its suite of products and pioneering AI technology into chronic care management” Dr Ali Parsa, founder and chief executive officer of Babylon, said: “Our mission at Babylon is to put accessible and affordable healthcare into the hands of everyone on earth. This investment will allow us to maximise the number of lives we touch across the world. “We have a long way to go and a lot still to deliver. We are grateful to our investors, our partners and 1,500 brilliant Babylonians for allowing us to forge ahead with our mission. “Chronic conditions are an increasing burden to affordability of healthcare across the globe. Our technology provides a solid base for a comprehensive solution and our scientists, engineers, and clinicians are excited to work on it. “We have seen significant demand from partners across the US and Asia. While the burden of healthcare is global, the solutions have to be localised to meet the specific needs and culture of each country.” The announcement from Babylon follows unconfirmed reports this week that it was set to receive investment of between $100m and $500m from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. The company has signed a number of high-profile deals to help aid its expansion outside of the UK, having sealed lucrative agreements with Samsung and China’s Tencent in 2018. It launched fresh funding efforts earlier this year, hoping to clinch a further $400m investment in its artificial intelligence technology, which it has previously claimed matches human doctors in terms of diagnostic capability. Babylon’s triaging system forms the foundation of the GP at Hand NHS service. Despite having the (apparently unwavering) support of Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, Babylon has faced roadblocks in its attempts to shake-up primary healthcare in England. Most recently, In June Babylon GP at Hand’s application to be a primary care network was temporarily approved. Swiftly afterwards, however, NHS England began a consultation on so-called digital first primary care, in a move that could have GP at Hand stripped of its license by next year.
巴比伦健康( Babylon Health )在获得5.5亿美元新投资后,已获得独角兽地位——其估值已超过20亿美元。 巴比伦称,这笔投资是欧洲或美国数字医疗服务行业有史以来最大规模的融资。 数字健康破坏者从沙特阿拉伯的公共投资基金、全球再保险公司慕尼黑再保险( Munich Re )的 ERGO 基金以及现有的巴比伦股东 Kinnevik AB 和 Vostok New Ventures 获得了4.5亿美元。 巴比伦还从一家未指明的美国健康保险公司获得了投资,该公司被贴上“该国最大的保险公司之一”的标签。 天空新闻报道称,这是总部位于密苏里州的 Centene 公司,该公司表示,已持有巴比伦5000万美元的股份。 巴比伦表示,这笔资金将用于继续在美国和亚洲的全球扩张,并“进一步实现其增长和创新战略,其收益将集中在将其系列产品和先锋人工智能技术推广到慢性病护理管理上。” 巴比伦创始人兼首席执行官阿里•帕尔萨( Ali Parsa )博士表示:“我们在巴比伦的使命是让全世界所有人都能享受到并负担得起的医疗服务。这项投资将使我们能够最大限度地提高我们在世界各地的生活水平。 “我们还有很长的路要走,还有很多路要走。我们感谢我们的投资者、我们的伙伴和1500名杰出的巴比伦人,使我们能够推进我们的使命。 “慢性疾病对全球医疗服务的负担越来越重。我们的技术为全面的解决方案提供了坚实的基础,我们的科学家、工程师和临床医生对此感到兴奋。 “我们看到了美国和亚洲的合作伙伴的巨大需求。尽管医疗保健的负担是全球性的,但解决方案必须本地化,以满足每个国家的具体需求和文化。” 在巴比伦宣布这一消息之前,本周有未经证实的报道称,它将从沙特阿拉伯主权财富基金获得1亿至5亿美元的投资。 该公司已与三星( Samsung )和中国的腾讯( Tencent )在2018年签署了利润丰厚的协议,签署了一系列引人注目的协议,以帮助其在英国以外的扩张。 今年早些时候,该公司启动了新的融资努力,希望进一步获得4亿美元对其人工智能技术的投资。该公司此前曾声称,在诊断能力方面,人工智能技术与人类医生匹配。 巴比伦的分选系统构成了在 Hand NHS 服务的 GP 的基础。 尽管得到了健康部长马特·汉考克( MattHancock )的(显然是毫不动摇的)支持,但巴比伦在改变英格兰初级卫生保健的努力中面临着障碍。 最近,6月, Hand 的 Babylon GP 申请成为初级保健网络暂时获得批准。然而,不久之后,英国国民保健服务中心就开始了所谓的数字第一初级保健咨询,此举可能使 GP 在手,明年取消其许可证。