After several acquisitions, Cambrex is now on track to be bought


2019-08-09 10:00:06 pharmamanufacturing


One of the industry’s leading small-molecule CDMOs is being acquired for $2.4 billion. New Jersey-based Cambrex Corporation announced this week that it is being acquired by an affiliate of the private equity firm Permina Funds. Cambrex completed two major acquisitions of its own in the last year including a $252 million purchase of Avista Pharma Solutions and a $425 million buyout of another CDMO, Halo Pharma. According to Cambrex, the acquisitions allowed the company to add product manufacturing and analytical testing services to its drug substance manufacturing capabilities, creating a full portfolio of product life-cycle services. Cambrex says the recent acquisition by Permina is an endorsement of its strategy and “represents significant value for our shareholders.  Read the press release.
该行业领先的小分子 CDMO 正以24亿美元收购。 总部位于新泽西的 Cambrix 公司本周宣布,它将被私募股权公司 Permina Funds 的一家子公司收购。 Camrex 去年完成了自己的两项重大收购,包括2.52亿美元收购 Avista Pharma Solutions 和4.25亿美元收购另一家 CDMO Halo Pharma 。根据 Camrex 的说法,收购使该公司能够将产品制造和分析测试服务添加到其原料药制造能力中,创造了完整的产品生命周期服务组合。 Camrex 表示, Perina 最近的收购是对其战略的认可,“对我们的股东来说,这是一个重大价值。 阅读新闻稿。