Novartis bets big on China, 50 new drug applications expected by 2023


2019-08-13 16:07:00 seekingalpha


The Financial Time reports that Novartis expects to file 50 applications for drug approvals in China by 2023, about evenly split between on-patent and off-patent medicines. China regulators have approved 24 of the company's drugs in the past two years. Its top seller there is leukemia med Gleevec (imatinib mesylate). The historical time lag from U.S. approval to China approval used to be as long as six years but now is only a matter of months. According to Citigroup, NVS has filed more drug applications under China's priority review system since 2016 than any other foreign firm. NVS drug development chief John Tsai believes that research capacity in China is approaching the U.S. while chemical identification could catch America in the next 5-10 years.
《金融时报》报道,诺华(Novartis)预计到2023年将在中国提交50份药品批准申请,其中约一半是专利药,另一半是专利药。 过去两年,中国监管机构批准了该公司24种药品。其最大的卖家是白血病药物格列卫(甲磺酸伊马替尼)。 从美国批准到中国批准的历史滞后时间过去长达6年,但现在只有几个月。 花旗集团( Citigroup )称,自2016年以来, NVS 在中国优先审评制度下提交的药品申请数量超过了其他任何外国公司。 NVS 药物开发负责人蔡崇信( John Tsai )认为,中国的研究能力正在接近美国,而化学识别技术将在未来5-10年内赶上美国。