OSF Ventures Joins $35M Funding Round for Handheld Ultrasound Device

Exo Imaging公司融资3500万美元,发展手持超声设备平台

2019-08-14 10:07:20 CISION


 OSF Ventures has joined a $35 million funding round to support a start-up that's developing a breakthrough handheld, AI ultrasound device that will allow health care providers to make critical, real-time diagnostic decisions. OSF Ventures, the investment arm of OSF HealthCare, is among investors in the latest Series B funding round to help Redwood, California-based Exo Imaging achieve FDA approval and commercially develop its handheld ultrasound platform. The device can be used for the entire body—from looking at 3D images of the heart and other organs to imaging a person's vascular system or musculoskeletal features. One of the major investors in Exo Imaging is Intel which has microchip technology that could be used in development of the ultrasound platform capable of penetration depth and exceptional fidelity, 3D imaging that still fits in the palm of your hand. "Image quality is so important and Intel's involvement was a significant indicator to us that this is going to be successful technology," according to Stan Lynall, vice president of Venture Investments for OSF HealthCare. Exo's universal imager is being designed specifically with convenient patient care and cost savings in mind, which is why it was appealing to OSF Ventures which has a strategic investment focus on those two areas. It offers sharper images but at a much more affordable price than current imaging technology. Lynall stresses this advancement could transform the way OSF clinicians offer care by improving their ability to diagnose and provide the most effective treatment for a variety of OSF patients. In the course of vetting Exo Imaging, the Ventures team consulted with physicians at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Peoria (UICOMP) who indicated ultrasound is being deployed in many cases as a less-costly and non-invasive but effective imaging tool. "There is an emerging trend of ultrasound being more widely accepted among a variety of disciplines and more medical students are being taught to read and interpret results as a consequence of this changing view," said Lynall.  "Having OSF HealthCare on board as an investor is invaluable in providing our engineers with an opportunity for testing and feedback of our Exo Ultrasound Platform," said Sandeep Akkaraju, CEO and president at Exo. "With clinicians available to them in the final development and testing phases, our engineers will be able to make adjustments quickly and course correct as needed, to ensure the Exo Ultrasound Platform provides maximum benefit to healthcare providers bedside, in the Emergency Department, or an office setting." Exo plans to add a layer of artificial intelligence that'll offer support for users to make quicker, more accurate life-saving decisions on behalf of patients.                                   OSF Ventures specializes in venture optimization, partnering financially and operationally in companies that improve patient outcomes and reduce costs to health care systems. OSF Ventures is a division of OSF HealthCare. More at www.osfventures.org.  OSF HealthCare, headquartered in Peoria, is owned and operated by The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis, and consists of nearly 21,000 employees in 126 locations, including 13 hospitals, 11 Centers for Health and 15 OSF PromptCares and 11 OSF Urgo urgent care centers throughout Illinois and Michigan. OSF Innovation, ranked among the top 10 innovation centers in the country, is located in Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center. Launched in 2016, OSF Innovation is a multidisciplinary innovation center focused on internal and external innovation to solve the largest health care challenges. More at www.osfinnovation.org and www.osfhealthcare.org  Exo Imaging Exo is pioneering a high-performance handheld ultrasound platform and AI for imaging and therapeutic applications. Exo is committed to delivering affordable and easy-to-use medical imaging to healthcare professionals around the world. By delivering easy-to-use, high quality medical imaging, Exo will empower healthcare professionals to make critical, real-time decisions that improve patient outcomes.
OSF Ventures 已参与了一轮3500万美元的融资,以支持一家正在开发突破性手持人工智能超声设备的初创企业,该设备将使医疗保健提供商能够做出关键的实时诊断决策。 OSF Ventures 是 OSF HealthCare 的投资部门,是最新 B 轮融资的投资者之一,旨在帮助总部位于加州 Redwood 的 Exo Imaging 公司获得 FDA 批准,并在商业上开发其手持超声平台。该设备可用于整个身体——从看心脏和其他器官的三维图像,到成像一个人的血管系统或肌肉骨骼特征。 Exo Imaging 的主要投资者之一是英特尔公司,该公司拥有微芯片技术,可用于开发能够穿透深度和卓越保真度的超声平台,3D 成像仍然适用于手掌。OSF HealthCare 的风险投资副总裁 StanLynnall 说:“图像质量非常重要,英特尔的参与是我们获得成功技术的重要指标。” Exo 的通用成像仪是专门设计的,考虑到方便的病人护理和成本节约,这就是为什么它吸引了 OSF 风险投资公司的战略投资重点在这两个领域。它提供了更清晰的图像,但价格比目前的成像技术便宜得多。Lynnall 强调,这一进展可以改变 OSF 临床医生提供护理的方式,提高他们的诊断能力,并为各种 OSF 患者提供最有效的治疗。 在检查 Exo Imaging 过程中,风险投资团队咨询了 Peoria 伊利诺伊大学医学院( UICOMP )的医生,他们表示超声波在许多情况下被部署为一种成本较低、无创但有效的成像工具。“超声波在各种学科中越来越广泛地被接受,并且越来越多的医学生被教导阅读和解释结果,这是这种观念变化的结果,” Lynnall 说。 Exo 首席执行官兼总裁 Sandep Akkaraju 说:“让 OSF HealthCare 作为投资者参与进来,对于为我们的工程师提供测试 Exo Ultra 平台和反馈的机会,是非常宝贵的。”在最后的开发和测试阶段,临床医生可以为他们提供帮助,我们的工程师将能够根据需要快速调整和调整课程,以确保 Exo 超声平台在急诊部或办公室环境中为医疗保健提供者提供最大的好处。 Exo 计划添加一层人工智能,为用户代表患者做出更快、更准确的挽救生命的决定提供支持。 OSF Ventures 专注于风险优化,在财务和运营方面与改善患者结果和降低医疗系统成本的公司合作。 OSF Ventures 是 OSF HealthCare 的一个部门。详情见 www.osfVentures.org 。 OSF HealthCare ,总部位于皮奥里亚,由圣乔治三世姐妹拥有和经营。弗朗西斯,包括126个地点的近21,000名员工,包括13家医院,11家健康中心和15家 OSF ProptCares 和11家 OSF Urgo 紧急护理中心,遍布伊利诺伊州和密歇根州。 OSF 创新位于美国最大的10个创新中心之列,位于跳跃交易模拟与教育中心。OSF 创新成立于2016年,是一家专注于内外部创新的多学科创新中心,解决最大的医疗保健挑战。详情见 www.osfinnovation.org 和 www.osfhealthcare.org Exo Imaging Exo 是一家领先的高性能手持超声平台和人工智能的成像和治疗应用。Exo 致力于为世界各地的医疗保健专业人员提供负担得起且易于使用的医学影像。通过提供易于使用,高质量的医疗成像, Exo 将授权医疗保健专业人员作出关键的,实时的决定,以改善病人的结果。