Nabis Holdings Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Vertically Integrated Assets in Arizona


2019-08-13 10:08:45 CFN Media Group


TORONTO, Aug. 12, 2019 — Nabis Holdings Inc.    , a Canadian investment company with specialty investments in assets across multiple divisions of the cannabis sector, today announced that it has entered into a Definitive Agreement for the acquisition of 100% of the membership units of a licensed medical marijuana business in the state of Arizona . The Asset, licensed under the provisions of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, operates a dispensary in Phoenix, Arizona. The dispensary in Phoenix has been operating since 2015 with proprietary branded products and wholesale operations, including an established distribution network serving more than 50% of the dispensaries in Arizona. The audited sales for 2017 and 2018 were USD $7.4 million and $8.7 million respectively.  2019 unaudited revenue is on pace for sales of USD $9 million. The dispensary specializes in top-tier flower, vape pens, concentrates, edibles, tinctures and CBD products. “We’re excited to sign a Definitive Agreement for this strategic acquisition of vertically integrated assets in the state of Arizona. Entering Arizona is a key milestone in our business as we leverage our early-mover advantage to capitalize on one of the strongest limited-license, medical cannabis markets in the U.S.,” said Shay Shnet, CEO & Director of Nabis. The dispensary will be rebranded as Nabis after the transaction closes. This transaction also includes a cannabis infused edibles brand that is available in over 65 licensed retailers across the state. The Company has a pipeline of new product innovations that it will continue to roll out through this distribution network once the transaction closes. The dispensary is licensed to operate in the city of Phoenix (Maricopa County), which serves more than 132,000 unique patients, per the Arizona Department of Health Services. “Expanding the Nabis footprint, bringing industry expertise and high-quality products to Arizona is a top priority for Nabis. We are confident that, given the revenue generation history of the business’ existing assets, combined with ongoing initiatives to further expand production and distribution capabilities, Nabis will be well positioned to capitalize on the dramatic growth of the cannabis market in Arizona. We remain focused on identifying opportunities to supplement our operations in the state of Arizona, as well as other attractive limited-license states across the country,” concluded Mr. Shnet. After passing the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, which took effect April 14, 2011, Arizona became the fourteenth state to adopt a medical marijuana law. As of June 2019, the state had 210,430 registered card holders eligible to consume medical grade cannabis products, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services’ June 2019 Monthly Report. Nabis will acquire 100% of the membership units of the Asset for total consideration of USD $15 million (CAD $19.65 million) composed of USD $7 million in cash, $2 million of Nabis’ common stock, and $6 million deferred for 12 months.  The Nabis common stock will be determined by the ten day trailing volume weighted average price upon transaction closing. Arizona continues to be a priority market for Nabis with large scale growth projections next year. This transaction will expand Nabis’ position on operating licensing rights to include a total of 10 locations for retail, cultivation and processing facilities in 4 states across the U.S. The transaction is subject to customary closing and acquisition conditions, including obtaining all necessary approvals. About Nabis Holdings Inc. Nabis Holdings is a Canadian investment issuer that invests in high quality cash flowing assets across multiple industries, including real property, securities, cryptocurrency, and all aspects of the U.S. and international cannabis sector. Led by two of the co-founders of MPX Bioceutical, one of the largest takeovers in the U.S. Cannabis space to date, the company has a proven track record in emerging markets to create significant shareholder value. The Company is focused on investing across the entire vertically integrated aspects of the space with a focus on revenue generation, EBITDA and growth.
2019年8月12日, TOROTO —— Nabis Holdings Inc .是一家加拿大投资公司,专门投资于大麻行业多个部门的资产。该公司今天宣布,已就收购亚利桑那州一家持牌医用大麻企业100%的会员单位达成最终协议。 根据《亚利桑那州医用大麻法案》的规定,该资产在亚利桑那州凤凰城经营一家药房。凤凰城的药房自2015年开始运营,拥有自营品牌产品和批发业务,包括一个已建立的分销网络,为亚利桑那州50%以上的药房提供服务。 2017年和2018年经审计的销售额分别为740万美元和870万美元。2019年未经审计的销售收入为900万美元。该药房专门从事顶级花卉,圆珠笔,浓缩,食用,罐头和 CBD 产品。 “我们很高兴签署一份最终协议,对亚利桑那州的垂直整合资产进行战略性收购。Nabis 首席执行官兼董事 Shay Shnet 说:“进入亚利桑那州是我们业务的一个重要里程碑,因为我们利用我们早期的优势,利用美国最强大的有限许可医疗大麻市场之一。” 药房将在交易结束后更名为 Nabis 。该交易还包括一种大麻输液食品品牌,可在全国65个特许零售商中使用。本公司拥有一系列新产品创新产品,一旦交易结束,将继续通过该分销网络推广。根据亚利桑那州卫生服务部的规定,药房被许可在凤凰城(马里科帕县)运营,凤凰城为超过132,000名独特的病人提供服务。 “扩大纳比斯的足迹,将行业专长和高质量的产品带到亚利桑那州是纳比斯的首要任务。我们相信,鉴于该业务现有资产的创收历史,再加上为进一步扩大生产和分销能力而采取的持续举措, Nabis 将能够充分利用亚利桑那州大麻市场的大幅增长。Shnet 先生总结说:“我们仍然致力于寻找机会,以补充我们在亚利桑那州以及全国其他有吸引力的有限许可州的业务。” 2011年4月14日生效的亚利桑那州医用大麻法案通过后,亚利桑那州成为第十四个通过医用大麻法律的州。根据亚利桑那州卫生服务部2019年6月的月度报告,截至2019年6月,该州有210,430名注册卡持卡人有资格消费医用级大麻产品。 Nabis 将收购资产的100%成员单位,总代价为1,500万美元(1,965万加元),其中包括700万美元现金、200万美元 Nabis 普通股和600万美元递延12个月。Nabis 普通股将由交易结束时的十天跟踪成交量加权平均价格确定。 亚利桑那州仍然是 Nabis 的优先市场,明年将有大规模的增长预测。该交易将扩大 Nabis 在经营许可权方面的地位,包括美国4个州的零售、种植和加工设施的10个地点。 交易须遵守惯常的成交和收购条件,包括取得所有必要的批准。 关于 Nabis 控股公司。 Nabis Holdings 是一家加拿大投资发行公司,投资于多个行业的高质量现金流资产,包括房地产、证券、加密货币以及美国和国际大麻行业的所有领域。在 MPX Bioceutical 的两位联合创始人的带领下,该公司在新兴市场创造了显著的股东价值,这是迄今为止美国坎纳比斯空间最大的收购之一。本公司专注于整个垂直整合领域的投资,重点是创收、 EBITDA 和增长