New Jersey expands hemp production and CBD use; future for processing uncertain


2019-08-14 08:32:38 Hemp Industry


New Jersey has expanded its hemp law to allow more cultivation and derivatives such as CBD to go in foods and cosmetics. Signed into law Friday by Gov. Phil Murphy, the new measure replaces a 2018 law that allowed commercial hemp production as a pilot program. Highlights of the hemp update include: A new provision making clear that “hemp-derived cannabidiol may be added as an ingredient to cosmetics, personal care products, or products intended for human or animal consumption.” Hemp producers will have a 30-day window between THC testing and harvest. The state Department of Agriculture will come up with a “proof of authorization” for trucking companies and others to transport hemp across state lines. New Jersey fiscal analysts projected the state could see about 2,447 outdoor acres in hemp by next year. They didn’t estimate the amount of indoor or greenhouse production. Analysts were even less certain about New Jersey’s potential as a processing hub. “New Jersey’s location, seaports and airports, access to international markets, and well-educated labor force make the state a potentially attractive location” for hemp processing, they wrote. “However, the relative cost of land in the state, the cost of living and wages, and distance from larger agricultural production areas in other states might also decrease the number of applicants to engage in the processing of hemp.” The law takes effect immediately.
新泽西州扩大了大麻法律,允许更多的种植和衍生产品,如 CBD 进入食品和化妆品。 星期五由州长签署成为法律。菲尔墨菲,新措施取代了2018年的法律,允许商业大麻生产作为试点计划。大麻更新的重点包括: 一项新规定明确指出,“大麻衍生的大麻酚可作为化妆品、个人护理产品或供人或动物食用的产品的成分添加。” 大麻生产商将有一个30天的窗口之间的THC测试和收获。 美国农业部将为卡车运输公司和其他人提供一份“授权证明”,以便他们能够跨越州际运输大麻。 新泽西州财政分析师预计,到明年,该州可能会看到2447英亩的户外土地。他们没有估计室内或温室产量。 分析师对新泽西州作为加工中心的潜力甚至不那么确定。 他们写道:“新泽西州的地理位置、海港和机场、进入国际市场的通道,以及受过良好教育的劳动力,使得该州成为大麻加工的潜在吸引力所在”。 “然而,该州土地的相对成本、生活和工资成本,以及与其他州较大农业生产区的距离,也可能减少从事大麻加工的申请者数量。” 法律立即生效.