Wholesale marijuana prices on upswing in more mature recreational markets, reports indicate


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Wholesale cannabis prices appear on the rise in longstanding adult-use cannabis markets Colorado, Oregon and Washington state, according to two recent reports and insight from growers. The upward-trending prices seem to be increasing because of: According to the report, wholesale marijuana prices have risen by:   Compare those numbers with a national average increase of 1.2% for wholesale cannabis in other state markets, which the report notes. Meanwhile, a separate report, by Palo Alto, California-based software company Confident Cannabis, focused solely on the Oregon wholesale adult-use cannabis market and backed up the Seaport Global findings. It also shows an upward trend for cannabis prices in the state. According to Confident Cannabis, current wholesale prices for recreational flower range per pound: Confident Cannabis gathered the pricing data by facilitating trades since October 2018 through its online wholesale cannabis marketplace, helping about 300 vendors make deals, said Brad Bogus, vice president for marketing and growth for the company. “The prices are huge,” Bogus said. “They’re way bigger than they used to be.” Not just a summer trend While supply typically dips in the summer before the fall harvest and demand ticks upward, the Seaport Global report posits that seasonality doesn’t adequately explain the surge in prices. “In Oregon, there have been reports that quality from the 2018 crop was low, leading to higher 2019 pricing as a result,” the report noted. “Additionally, a related shift towards higher-cost indoor product exacerbates the situation.” The report also suggests that Oregon growers are stockpiling supply, presumably to wait for better prices, as well as reducing production or switching to hemp. Hot and dry weather in Washington state and Oregon could contribute to lower yields and higher costs for growers as they’re forced to irrigate more of the crop, according to the report. Other possible contributing factors, according to Seaport Global: increased appetite for low-dose and microdose infused products adding to demand, as well as diversion to the illicit market. Bogus said it’s become difficult for buyers to source wholesale flower in the $500-$800-per-pound range. He said he’s also hearing that some growers are getting as much as $2,800 a pound for premium flower. Bogus attributes the rise in prices to some cultivators going out of business, growers pivoting to hemp and cannabis growers who limited production. “No one’s going to compete at $250-$300 pounds,” he said. Bogus also pointed out that some news reports from the past year may have exaggerated the oversupply problem in Oregon – in particular, those that said Oregon had a cannabis supply that could last 6½ years. “The hysteria around a fundamentally misunderstood data point has probably led to a reduction in supply because of businesses choosing to stop growing cannabis,” he added. Growing prices Though he admits Oregon has been oversupplied in the past, Portland-based grower Shane McKee also took issue with the 6½-years-of-supply storyline, noting it doesn’t support the upward trend in pricing he’s experiencing. According to McKee, he’s now selling wholesale flower for more than $2,000 a pound and has buyers lined up before his next harvest comes out. He said he hasn’t seen prices this good since 2016. Here’s what McKee is seeing in wholesale prices per pound in the Oregon market as compared to last summer: He also doesn’t believe the increase in prices is simply a seasonal trend. “I’ve been getting good money on big orders,” McKee said. “It wasn’t just a normal summer deal.” He said that while he also believes that many of his fellow Oregon growers have turned to hemp, he also attributes the dip in supply to farmers going out of business. “You’re losing bad operators,” McKee said. The liquidity is good enough now that he doesn’t have to pay a wholesaler 15% of the sale to help him move product. “I’m getting calls from multiple wholesalers that literally can’t find weed,” he said. “Before, everybody and their brother was calling the wholesalers and saying, ‘Hey, can you help me sell my weed?’” In Colorado, Joshua Haupt, master grower and chief revenue officer with Medicine Man Technologies in Denver, said prices for wholesale recreational cannabis were going up each week throughout the summer. Right now, he’s seeing $1,400 a pound for indoor-grown flower, up from $700-$750 this time last year, and $150-$200 a pound for trim, compared with $50 a pound in summer of 2018. “There’s such a lack of it in the state,” he added. “It’s wonderful. It’s been four years since I’ve had this feeling.” Bart Schaneman can be reached at [email protected]
根据两份最近的报告和种植者的观察,长期使用成人大麻的科罗拉多、俄勒冈和华盛顿州大麻批发价格出现上涨。 上涨趋势的价格似乎在上涨,因为: 报告称,大麻批发价格上涨: 报告指出,与这些数字相比,其他州市场的大麻批发全国平均增长1.2%。 与此同时,加州软件公司 Confident Cannabis 的 Palo Alto 发布的另一份报告仅关注俄勒冈成人大麻批发市场,并支持了 Seaport Global 的调查结果。 这也显示了大麻价格在国家的上升趋势。 据 Confident Cannabis 称,目前每磅休闲花系列的批发价格: 该公司负责营销和增长的副总裁布拉德•博格斯( Brad Bogus )表示,自信的坎纳比斯( Cannabis )自2018年10月以来通过在线批发大麻市场促进交易,收集了定价数据,帮助约300家供应商达成交易。 “价格很高,” Bogus 说。“它们比过去大得多。” 不仅仅是夏季趋势 尽管在秋季收获前的夏季,供应通常会下降,需求会上升,但海港全球报告认为,季节性并不能充分解释价格飙升的原因。 报告指出:“在俄勒冈州,有报道称,2018年农作物的质量较低,导致2019年的定价较高。” “此外,转向高成本室内产品的相关转变加剧了这种局面。” 报告还指出,俄勒冈的种植者正在囤积供应,大概是为了等待更好的价格,以及减少产量或改用大麻。 报告称,华盛顿州和俄勒冈的炎热和干旱天气可能会导致农作物产量下降和种植者成本上升,因为他们被迫灌溉更多的作物。 根据 Seaport Global 的数据,其他可能的促成因素包括:对低剂量和微剂量输液产品的需求增加,以及转向非法市场。 Bogus 表示,买家很难以每磅500-800美元的价格购买批发花卉。 他说,他还听说一些种植者每磅花的价格高达2800美元。 Bogus 将价格上涨归因于一些种植商破产,种植者将矛头指向大麻和大麻种植者,后者限制了产量。 “没有人会以250至300美元的价格竞争,”他说。 Bogus 还指出,过去一年的一些新闻报道可能夸大了俄勒冈州的供过于求问题——尤其是那些表示俄勒冈州拥有大麻供应的国家,可能会持续6年半。 “围绕一个根本误解的数据点的歇斯底里可能导致供应减少,因为企业选择停止种植大麻,”他补充说。 不断上涨的价格 尽管他承认俄勒冈过去一直供过于求,但波特兰的种植者 Shane McKee 也对6年半的供应传奇故事提出质疑,并指出这并不支持他所经历的价格上涨趋势。 据麦基说,他现在以每磅2000多美元的价格卖出批发花卉,在下一次收获到来之前,买家已经排好了队。他表示,自2016年以来,他没有看到这样好的价格。 与去年夏天相比,在俄勒冈州市场上,麦基看到的是每磅批发价格: 他也不认为价格上涨只是季节性趋势。 “我在大订单上赚了不少钱,”麦基说。“这不仅仅是一个正常的夏季交易。” 他说,虽然他也相信俄勒冈的许多其他种植者已经转向大麻,但他也将供应下降归因于外出务农。 “你正在失去糟糕的运营商,”麦基说。 现在流动性已经足够好了,他不必向批发商支付销售额的15%,以帮助他转移产品。 “我接到来自多家批发商的电话,这些批发商根本找不到杂草,”他说。 “以前,每个人和他们的兄弟都打电话给批发商说,‘嘿,你能帮我卖草吗?“” 在科罗拉多州,丹佛 MedicineManTechnologies 的首席种植者兼首席收益官 JoshuaHaupp 表示,整个夏季,休闲大麻批发价格每周都在上涨。 现在,他看到了每磅1,400美元的室内花,从去年这个时候的700-750美元,和150-200美元的修剪每磅,而2018年夏天每磅50美元。 他补充说:“在这个国家,这是如此缺乏的。” “这很棒。我有这种感觉已经四年了。” BartSchneman 可以通过[电子邮件保护]联系到.