If cannabis firms do things right, entire industry profits: Q&A with ex-Canadian PM Kim Campbell


2019-08-14 20:46:00 mjbizdaily


As the first country to regulate cannabis at a federal level, Canada has an opportunity to be the leading force in setting standards for other nations to follow, according to former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell. She said the integrity of businesses, regulators and products are all key to the credibility of the cannabis industry. Corporate integrity has been front and center in Canada’s marijuana industry ever since one of the leading growers was caught illegally growing cannabis and selling it in Canada, Australia and Denmark. Campbell, who will deliver the keynote speech at the second MJBizConINT’L, spoke with Marijuana Business Daily in advance of the conference to discuss the cannabis sector. If you get people who discredit the integrity of the industry, that really does undermine trust and does make it difficult. It affects everybody. That’s the problem. The industry itself has to take a very dim view of enterprises that don’t stick to the rules. It’s really kind of sad when you have a situation where one player undermines the confidence people have that there is a predictable and well-founded set of regulations and norms and standards. That can be very frustrating for smaller players, too, who may not have the resources to defend themselves in the process. What lessons can other nations take from Canada being the first large country in regulating marijuana? In Canada, if we set up a really good process and create something that has integrity, it could at a business level create great acceptability in foreign markets where cannabis is legalized for Canadian products. Production, forms and labeling would be respected because it would be coming from a country that has a clear regulatory framework, standards and reliable businesses. That Canada is a leader in this conversation will expand the confidence that other countries will have to change their legislation. Do you see other countries following Canada’s lead in legalizing recreational cannabis after they see the benefits outweighing the costs? I’m quite sure that will happen. That’s why how we do it and our experience will be very important. If it’s chaos in Canada, it’s not going to be helpful for other countries. Being the businesses who’ve been part of the implementation of a successful, well-respected and apparently well-regulated and socially constructive approach to cannabis legalization will make our own businesses welcome investment partners and participants in the industry as it opens up in other countries. If you can get it right, all sorts of opportunities will open up. How does this newly regulated cannabis industry lay a foundation for longevity? If the cannabis industry can be seen as having integrity, and the medical cannabis producers do not overestimate what they’re doing (the capabilities of their medicine), I think that could be a very important guarantor of their longevity. (If you only focus on) raking in the money, then (mistakes are made), and someday the chickens come home to roost. The next thing you know, you’ve got gazillions of lawsuits and your name is mud and people are taking your name off the building. You can’t assume that this is a get-rich-quick scheme. The integrity of the industry is the best insurance of longevity. It’s a unique and remarkable situation to start (an industry) with a clean slate, taking an open and knowledge-based approach to what you’re creating. Collaboration with the public, industry, institutions (whose job it is to protect the public) and seeing that go really well and collaboratively is the best guarantor for the success of the business and the possibility of Canada—and Canadian businesses—to be the gold standard and to be well respected. Did legalizing medical cannabis ever come up when you were justice or prime minister? No. It wasn’t an issue in the early ’90s. I mean, there’s always been a conversation that it should be legalized … but there wasn’t a push legally to do it. What trends or opportunities stand out to you from the perspective of a former prime minister? One of the things I think that’s very interesting (is) in the context of the legalization of medical cannabis and its possible analgesic effects is relieving pain. The need for safe and effective painkillers is front and center in modern medicine. And if medical cannabis can play a role there, I think it could be a godsend. But, again, it’s very important to understand its effects, to be very clear on dosing and forms of administration and to be as honest as possible about what help it can present. That will require a lot of integrity and research and not overselling. This interview has been edited for length and clarity. Matt Lamers can be reached at [email protected]
加拿大前总理金坎贝尔表示,作为第一个在联邦一级监管大麻的国家,加拿大有机会成为其他国家制定标准的主要力量。 她说,企业、监管机构和产品的诚信是大麻行业信誉的关键。 自从一位主要种植者被发现非法种植大麻并在加拿大、澳大利亚和丹麦销售以来,企业诚信一直是加拿大大麻产业的前沿和中心。 坎贝尔将在第二届 MJBizConINT'L 大会上发表主旨演讲,他在会议召开前与《马里亚纳商业日报》进行了会谈,讨论大麻行业。 如果你让那些不信任行业诚信的人,那确实会破坏信任,并使之变得困难。它影响到每个人。这就是问题所在。 行业本身必须对不遵守规则的企业视而不见。 当一个玩家破坏人们的信心时,有一套可预测的、有充分依据的规则、规范和标准,这真是一种悲哀。 对于那些没有足够资源在这个过程中保护自己的小玩家来说,这也是非常令人沮丧的。 加拿大是第一个管制大麻的大国,其他国家可以从中吸取什么教训? 在加拿大,如果我们建立了一个真正良好的程序,并创造了一些具有完整性的东西,它可以在商业层面上在外国市场上创造很大的可接受性,在外国市场大麻是合法的加拿大产品。 生产、形式和标签将受到尊重,因为它将来自一个有着明确监管框架、标准和可靠业务的国家。 加拿大是此次对话的领导者,这将扩大其他国家必须改变立法的信心。 你是否看到其他国家效仿加拿大的做法,将娱乐大麻合法化,因为它们看到的好处大于成本? 我很肯定这会发生。这就是为什么我们如何做到这一点,我们的经验将非常重要。如果这在加拿大是混乱的,它不会对其他国家有帮助。 作为成功实施大麻合法化的成功、受人尊重和明显规范、具有社会建设性的方法的一部分的企业,我们的企业将欢迎投资伙伴和行业参与者,因为它在其他国家开放。 如果你能找到正确的答案,各种机会都会打开。 新监管的大麻产业如何为长寿奠定基础? 如果大麻产业可以被视为具有完整性,而医用大麻生产商并不高估他们正在做什么(他们的药品的能力),我认为这可能是他们长寿的一个非常重要的保证。 (如果你只集中精力)挣钱,那么(犯了错误),有一天鸡回来了。你知道的下一件事是,你遇到了大量的诉讼,你的名字是泥浆,人们正在把你的名字从大楼里取出来。 你不能认为这是一个快速致富的方案。行业诚信是长寿的最佳保障。 这是一个独特而显著的情况,可以用一块干净的石板开始(一个行业),对你正在创造的东西采取开放和基于知识的方法。 与公众、行业、机构(其工作是保护公众)的合作,以及确保合作的顺利进行,是企业成功的最佳保证,也是加拿大——和加拿大企业——成为黄金标准和受到良好尊重的可能性的最佳保证。 当你是正义或总理的时候,大麻合法化会出现吗? 不,90年代初并不是问题。我的意思是,总是有一段对话,它应该合法化…但没有法律上的推动。 从前总理的角度来看,有哪些趋势或机遇值得你关注? 我认为,在大麻合法化的背景下,这是非常有趣的事情之一,其可能的镇痛效果是减轻疼痛。 对安全有效的止痛药的需求是现代医学的前沿和中心。如果医用大麻能在那里发挥作用,我认为这可能是一种天赐。 但是,同样重要的是要了解它的影响,清楚剂量和管理形式,并尽可能诚实地了解它能提供什么帮助。 这将需要大量的完整性和研究,而不是监督。 这次采访已经编辑了长度和清晰度. Matt Lamers 可以通过[电子邮件保护]联系到.