Harvest One Announces Completion of Phase I of the Shoppers Drug Mart & TruTrace Technologies Pilot Program for Validation of Medical Cannabis

Harvest One子公司完成大麻基因验证项目I期,保障产品透明度和质量

2019-08-15 13:03:49 CFN Media Group


VANCOUVER, Aug. 14, 2019 /CNW/ – Harvest One Cannabis Inc. is pleased to announce that the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, United Greeneries Ltd. , has completed Phase I of a pilot program  in conjunction with Shoppers Drug Mart and TruTrace Technologies Inc. designed to increase the transparency and validation of products within the medical cannabis industry. The Pilot Program uses the StrainSecure™ technology as a master registry for standardized testing, product verification, and quality assurance. Under StrainSecure™, plant testing data and genomic verification for each plant batch is utilized for intellectual property protection and strain validation. As recently announced by Shoppers, Phase 1 of the Pilot Program has been completed and United Greeneries successfully met all of the requirements of Phase 1 due in part to their early adoption of TruTrace’s StrainSecure™ platform and implementation of the Master Genome Strain and Clone Registration Program. Phase 2 is expected to run until late November, followed by full production and implementation. “Now that we have completed Phase 1 of the Pilot Project, medically-registered patients can have an increased level of confidence in the consumption of our Satipharm branded cannabis through Shoppers” said Grant Froese, CEO of Harvest One. “We are delighted to be a part of this groundbreaking effort that is leading the way towards transparency and traceability within the medical cannabis industry.” “Harvest One has been a strong supporter of our mission and an early adopter of our technology for quite some time,” said Robert Galarza, CEO of TruTrace Technologies. “Their entire team views the medical cannabis industry with a great deal of sophistication and foresight; TruTrace is very excited to be working with Harvest One on this program.” In February 2019, Harvest One joined TruTrace’s Master Genome Strain and Clone Registration Program.  In the following months, DNA was collected from United Greeneries cannabis strains and registered with StrainSecure™. Following the registration of its strains, an initial set of Harvest One products were provisioned to carry TruTrace’s Seal of Authenticity. This process provides an independent means for Harvest One to guarantee the origin of its products, thereby offering its consumers increased transparency and quality assurance. Through its early participation in the StrainSecure™ system, Harvest One was ideally positioned for the Shoppers Pilot Program, which is founded on the same technology. Harvest One is evaluating further opportunities to exploit the detailed, genetic-level knowledge of its various strains. About Harvest One Cannabis Inc. Harvest One is a global consumer packaged goods company that develops and distributes premium health, wellness, and lifestyle products to patients and consumers in regulated markets around the world. The Company’s portfolio of premium products is designed to enhance the quality of life. Shareholders have significant exposure to the entire cannabis value chain through four wholly-owned subsidiaries: United Greeneries, a Licensed Producer; Satipharm (medical and nutraceutical); Dream Water Global and Delivra (consumer products with an emphasis on sleep, pain, and anxiety), and a minority interest in Burb Cannabis (retail operations). About TruTrace Technologies TruTrace Technologies has developed the first integrated blockchain platform to register and track intellectual property in the cannabis industry. TruTrace’s technology allows cannabis growers and breeders to identify and secure rights to their intellectual property. It also streamlines the administrative process and reduces the costs of genetic and mandatory quality-control testing for legal cannabis. TruTrace’s technology is proprietary, immutable and cryptographically secure, thereby establishing an accurate and permanent account for cannabis
VANCOUVER ,2019年8月14日/ CNW /- Harvest One Cannabis Inc .高兴地宣布,公司的全资子公司 United Greeneries Ltd .与 Shoppers Drug Mart 和 TruTrace Technologies Inc .合作完成了试点项目的第一阶段,该项目旨在提高医用大麻行业产品的透明度和有效性。 试点计划使用 StrainSecure ™技术作为标准化测试、产品验证和质量保证的主注册中心。在 StrainSecure ™下,每批植物的测试数据和基因组验证用于知识产权保护和菌株验证。 正如Shoppers最近宣布的,试点计划第1阶段已经完成,United Greeneries成功满足第1阶段的所有要求,部分原因是他们早期采用 TruTrace 的 StrainSecure ™平台,并实施了主基因组 Strain 和克隆注册计划。第二阶段预计将持续到11月底,然后全面生产和实施。 Harvest One 首席执行官格兰特•弗罗泽( Grant Froese )表示:“既然我们已经完成了试点项目的第一阶段,在医学上注册的患者可以通过购物者对我们的 Satipharm 品牌大麻的消费有更高的信心。”“我们很高兴成为这一突破性努力的一部分,这一努力正引领医用大麻行业实现透明度和可追溯性。” TruTrace Technologies 首席执行官罗伯特•加拉扎( Robert Galarza )表示:“ Harvest One 长期以来一直是我们使命的坚定支持者,也是我们技术的早期采用者。”“他们的整个团队对医用大麻行业有着丰富的经验和远见; TruTrace 非常高兴能与 Harvest One 就这个项目进行合作。” 2019年2月, Harvest One 加入 TruTrace 的主基因组 Strain 和克隆注册计划。在接下来的几个月中, DNA 从联合绿叶大麻株中收集,并在 StrainSecure ™上进行了登记。在菌株注册之后,提供了一套最初的 Harvest One 产品,以携带 TruTrace 的真假印章。这一过程为 Harvest One 提供了一种独立的手段来保证其产品的原产地,从而为其消费者提供更高的透明度和质量保证。 通过早期参与 StrainSecure ™系统, Harvest One 在基于相同技术的 Shoppers Pilot Program 中处于理想的位置。Harvest One 正在评估进一步利用其各种菌株详细的遗传水平知识的机会。 关于 Harvest One Cannabis Inc . Harvest One 是一家全球性的消费品包装公司,在全球受监管的市场上开发和分销优质的健康、健康和生活方式产品给患者和消费者。本公司的优质产品组合旨在提高生活质量。股东通过四家全资子公司对整个大麻价值链有重大风险:特许生产商 United Greeneries ; Satipharm (医疗和营养药品); Dream Water Global 和 Delivra (强调睡眠、疼痛和焦虑的消费品),以及 Burb Cannabis (零售业务)的少数股权。 关于 TruTrace 技术 TruTrace Technologies 公司开发了第一个用于大麻行业知识产权注册和跟踪的集成区块链平台。TruTrace 的技术允许大麻种植者和饲养者识别并保护其知识产权。它还简化了行政程序,降低了对合法大麻进行遗传和强制性质量控制测试的成本。TruTrace 的技术是专有的、不可变的和密码安全的,从而建立了大麻从所有权到市场的准确和永久的帐户。