3 Big Stories to Watch: China's Economic Data, Tilray Earnings, CBS-Viacom Deal

三大值得关注的故事:中国经济数据、 Tilray 收益、 CBS-Viacom 交易

2019-08-14 21:01:00 TheStreet.com


We start Wednesday like we have every day this week with bad economic news out of China. Investment, retail spending, and factory output all fell on the world's second largest economy in July. Whether that's a function of the U.S.-China trade war or just more signs of a global economic recession remains to be seen. What is apparent though, is that Nasdaq and Dow futures are down triple digits. CBS and Viacom agreed to a merger that will create a $28 billion company with a $30 billion market cap, and finally Tilray is down 10% after the company reported at wider than expected net loss. However, analysts at Piper Jaffray still think that the company is well positioned to be top in the space with the analyst saying, "We expect Tilray to remain in investment mode to drive growth and do not expect positive earnings in the near term." So near term volatility or long-term success is an investing fund. U.S. futures are indicating a sharp decline Wednesday morning as global economic recession indicators mount. China reported a decline in July investment, retail spending and manufacturing. Whether that is a function of the U.S.-China trade war or a wider economic downturn that could infect other global economies.  In the U.S., an inversion of the 10-year and two-year yield curves is weighing on futures ahead of the open.  CBS (CBS - Get Report) and Viacom (VIA - Get Report) agreed to a merger that will create a company with $28 billion in annual revenue and a $30 billion market cap.  Finally, Tilray (TLRY) shares are dropping double digits premarket after the Canadian cannabis company reported a second quarter net loss that was wider than expected.  However, analyst at Piper Jaffray believe that long-term, Tilray has a good chance of being the industry's standard bearer.  "We expect Tilray to remain in investment mode to drive growth and do not expect positive earnings in the near-term," the firm's note said. Premium Pick: Macy's Charts Still Short on Magic Ask the Expert: What is The Future of Cannabis Legalization? TheStreet Explains: What Is an EPS Estimate? Dog Days of Summer: Why Investors May Be Seeing the End of the Dog Days of Summer C-Suite: AMD CEO Lisa Su Talks New Chips, Confirms She's Staying: 'I Have A Lot to Do' Ready to Retire: The Biggest Threat to Your Retirement? Check Your Basement Success: Top Women Leaders Share the Keys to Business Success Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for more videos : Listen our latest Podcasts on Soundcloud Catch Up: Today's Top News Videos Below
我们从周三开始,就像本周每天都有中国经济的坏消息一样。7月份,全球第二大经济体的投资、零售支出和工厂产出均出现下滑。不管这是美中贸易战的结果,还是全球经济衰退的更多迹象,都有待观察。但显而易见的是,纳斯达克和道指期货下跌了三位数。哥伦比亚广播公司和维亚康姆同意合并,将创建一家市值300亿美元的280亿美元的公司,最终 Tilray 股价下跌10%,此前该公司公布的净亏损超过预期。然而, Piper Jaffray 的分析师仍认为,该公司处于领先地位,分析师表示:“我们预计 Tilray 将继续保持投资模式,以推动增长,短期内不会出现正收益。”因此,短期波动或长期成功是一种投资基金。 周三上午,随着全球经济衰退指标上升,美国期货价格大幅下跌。 中国公布7月份投资、零售支出和制造业下降。这是美中贸易战的结果,还是可能影响其他全球经济体的更广泛的经济衰退。 在美国,10年期和两年期国债收益率曲线的反转正在给期货带来压力。 CBS ( CBS-GetReport )和 Viacom ( VIA-GetReport )同意合并,合并后的公司年收入将达到280亿美元,市值将达到300亿美元。 最后, Tilray ( TLRY )股价在盘前下跌两位数,此前这家加拿大大麻公司公布第二季度净亏损超出预期。 然而, Piper Jaffray 的分析师认为,长期来看, Tilray 很有可能成为行业的标准载体。 “我们预计 Tilray 将继续保持投资模式,以推动增长,短期内不会出现正收益,”该公司的报告称。 特选:梅西的魔术魅力依然不足 问专家:大麻合法化的未来是什么? 华尔街解释: EPS 估计值是多少? 夏天的狗日:为什么投资者会看到夏天狗日的结束 C-Suite : AMD 首席执行官 Lisa Su 谈到新芯片,确认她留下来:我有很多事情要做。 准备退休:退休最大的威胁?检查您的基础 成功:顶尖女性领导者分享成功的关键 订阅 Youtube 频道以获取更多视频:收听我们最新的 SoundCloud 播放机 赶超:今天的热门新闻视频