The New Cannabis ETF Makes Some Additions

新的大麻 ETF 增加了一些

2019-08-14 19:37:24 Benzinga


The Cannabis ETF , one of several marijuana exchange traded funds that debuted last month, is already making some changes to its roster. THCX, which tracks the Innovation Labs Cannabis Index, added four companies to the portfolio: Valens GroWorks Inc. (TSXV: VGW), EnWave Corp. (TSXV: ENW), cbdMD Inc. (NYSE: YCBD) and and Fire & Flower Holdings (TSX: FAF). Three holdings that were in the original THCX portfolio when the fund debuted last month have been removed: Innovative Industrial Properties (NYSE: IIPR), Vivo Cannabis (TSXV: VIVO) and CannTrust Holdings (NYSE: CTST). Benzinga's Cannabis Capital Conference heads to Detroit on Aug. 15 — click here to learn more! Why It's Important Shares of CannTrust have plunged 15% this month and nearly 52% year to date as the company has been embroiled in regulatory controversy. Reports swirled that the company received notice from a Canadian regulator that one of its facilities is non-compliant. That after the stock was pounded earlier this year after the company got in hot water for allegedly illegal growing operations. “Health Canada seized five metric tons of the company’s cannabis from that facility in July, when it discovered the illegal grow rooms,” according to MarketWatch. “Shares have been hammered since then, after media reports found top management knew about the illegal growing and that some of that cannabis had been exported to Denmark, a breach of Canadian drug laws.” Though it rose nearly 8% on Monday, previously high-flying Innovative Industrial Properties has been tumbling following news of a dilutive secondary offering and second-quarter results that appeared to generate merely a tepid response among investors. What's Next THCX rebalances monthly, so it's possible that the new cannabis ETF will frequently alter its lineup. The $17.26 million fund currently has 38 holdings, according to issuer data. Charlotte's Web Holding, listed in Canada, is THCX's largest component at just over 8% of the ETF's weight. The new THCX holdings combine for about 3% of the fund's weight. “In particular, Valens, EnWave, and cbdMD all operate at the crossroads of science and technology which should appeal to investors who are looking for differentiated exposure outside of a traditional seed-to-sale story,” said Innovation Shares Managing Director Matt Markiewicz in a statement. THCX is the first New York-listed cannabis ETF to hold shares of Valens GroWorks, EnWave Corp. and Fire & Flower Holdings. Don’t miss out on the top cannabis stories of the day. Click here to sign up for our daily insider newsletter. See more from Benzinga
Cannabis ETF 是上月推出的几只大麻交易所交易基金之一,目前已对其名册进行了一些调整。 追踪创新实验室 Cannabis 指数的 THCX 在投资组合中增加了四家公司: Valens GroWorks Inc .( TSXV : VGW )、 EnWave Corp .( TSXV : ENW )、 cbdMD Inc .( NYSE : YCBD )和 Fire & Flower Holdings ( TSX : FAF )。 上月推出该基金时,最初的 THCX 投资组合中的三只股票已被移除:创新工业地产( NYSE : IIPR )、 Vivo Cannabis ( TSXV : VIVO )和 CannTrust Holdings ( NYSE : CTST )。 8月15日, Benzinga 的 Cannabis 资本会议将在底特律召开——点击这里了解更多信息! 为什么重要 佳能信托( CannTrust )股价本月暴跌15%,今年迄今已累计下跌近52%,原因是该公司卷入了监管争议。有报道称,该公司接到一家加拿大监管机构的通知,称其中一家设施不符合要求。今年早些时候,该公司因涉嫌非法增长业务而陷入困境,随后股价大跌。 市场观察( MarketWatch )表示:“加拿大卫生部在7月份发现了非法种植的大麻后,从该设施中检获了5吨大麻。”“自那以来,股价一直受到重创,此前媒体报道称,最高管理层知道大麻非法增长,其中一些大麻已出口到丹麦,违反了加拿大的禁毒法律。” 尽管周一该指数上涨了近8%,但此前表现强劲的创新产业地产( Innovative Industrial Properties )却一直在下挫,此前有消息称,第二季度的增发和第二季度业绩似乎只会给投资者带来些许反应。 接下来是什么 THCX 每月重新平衡,因此新的大麻 ETF 可能会频繁改变其阵容。据发行人数据显示,这只1,726万美元的基金目前持有38只股票。夏洛特的网络控股,在加拿大上市,是 THCX 的最大组成部分,略超过8%的 ETF 的重量。新的 THCX 持股合计占该基金权重的3%左右。 创新股票董事总经理马特•马克维奇茨( Matt Markiewicz )在一份声明中表示:“特别是,瓦伦斯( Valens )、恩韦波( EnWave )和 cbd MD 都在科技的十字路口运作,这应该会吸引那些寻求传统种子到销售故事以外差异化敞口的投资者。” THCX 是首家在纽约上市的大麻 ETF ,持有 Valens GroWorks 、 EnWave Corp .和 Fire & Flower Holdings 的股票。 不要错过当天最精彩的大麻故事。点击这里注册我们的每日内部通讯。 请参阅 Benzinga